Saturday, September 20, 2014


This week I was excited to wear my comic print dress, which I showed you in my last post, for the first time. I love everything about this dress; not only is the print unique but I adore the collar, the mix of patterns, the attention to detail (buttons on the collar and polka or velvet ribbon trim) and the cut of the dress. I wish more of my dresses were cut like this; I'd buy it in so many different patterns and will definitely keep an eye for if Kitten D'Amour brings it out in future collections. I wore this to work for an offsite meeting so I definitely feel like I stood out. I even found myself reading the speech bubbles on the comic strips during the day. I didn't realise how much of a perfect match these shoes would be to the dress. The colour combination of the heels and the little buttons along the t-bar closely mirror the polka dots on the dress.  I wish I could wear this outfit almost every single day; it's definitely one of my favourites.

2014-09-17 06.56.07

2014-09-17 06.58.16

2014-09-17 06.57.09


2014-09-17 06.54.26

2014-09-17 06.57.19-1

Kitten D'Amour Kiss Me Darling Collar Dress
Pinup Couture via Kitten D'Amour 'The Countess Kitten Shoe in Black and White

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Hi everyone. Recently I've been tagged by a couple of my friends for some blog awards. Thank you Monika and Elsie Bee.

Questions from Elsie Bee at Tips You'll Never Forget

1. Have you ever tried karaoke and, if you did, did you succeed? Yes I have tried karaoke and I find it very fun. I'd like to go there more often. I wouldn't say I'm terrible at it; I'm definitely never the worst in a group. But obviously I'm not exactly great either since I have zero experience with singing.  

2. Have you ever taken truth or dare too far? No. I've only played it a couple of times and nothing particularly eventful happened. I usually choose the truth option.

 3. What's your best and worst memory? Without being too personal and going into excessive detail, one of the worst times of my life was the entire five years I spent at university. There were a number of negatives and I felt depressed for a lot of it. Another bad memory has been getting bullied over and over again throughout my life. Also, frequently battling feeling depressed and anxious. In terms of best memories I have a number from my childhood, basically just feeling happy and carefree the whole time and my parents going to a lot of effort. As an adult I'd say getting married, finishing university two years ago and completing my graduate diploma of legal practice just a few weeks ago. 

4. Do you have siblings  and, if so, how many? Yes I have a sister and she is three years younger than me. 

5. Can you juggle? Definitely not. I have tried but I was terrible at it. I have always thought it was an amazing skill to have, it's so cool and would make a great party trick.

6. Do you do acro, dance or gymnastics? No. But I did dance for many years as a child and enjoyed it very much. I tried ballet and tap dance but particularly liked jazz ballet. I also tried gymnastics for a short time. But things have changed and I don't think I'd like them now.  

7. Who is your bff? My husband, awww how cute. 

8. Do you have any idol , who is it? No I don't. I like different aspects of different people; no one is perfect. 

9. Are you a Belieber? No- I'm too old. Although I did see Justin Bieber in concert once many years ago and there are a couple of songs I like.

10. What is your favourite perfume brand? My favourite is most definitely Marc Jacobs. I have Lola, Oh Lola, Dot, Honey and Daisy and would like to add to my collection. My parents have bought me a number of these for Christmas and my birthdays because they are my thing. I adore the scents but of course the bottles play a large part in my love for Marc Jacobs perfumes. A couple of my other favourites are Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue and Prada Candy. 

11. Have you done the ALS ice bucket challenge? Absolutely not. I think I would die. 

Questions from Monika at Dreamland

1. What is your best characteristic? This sure is starting off with the most difficult question because it's always hard for me to find positive aspects about myself. I usually say things like "good clothes' 'not bad looking' or 'has law degree' but apparently clothes are not really a characteristic of myself. Well that's all I've got for this question. 

2. What is your worst characteristic? Too shy and sensitive, I feel sad frequently and get hurt easily. 

3. What is your favourite clothing item? This is the most difficult question ever. Can I say my wedding dress?! It's a shame I can't wear it more frequently. Other than that I'd say my Kitten D'Amour dresses or my genuine vintage dress from the 1940s. 

4. What is your worst habit? There are many answers I could have given for this question but I'm going to say procrastination. I know many people say this but for me it is extra terrible. From assignments to calling people on the phone to housework to having a healthier diet, it impacts all aspects of my life. 

5. If you could choose one super power what would it be? Invisibility- this would be the best by far. 

6. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? That's a difficult question for me because of my fear of planes which has also developed into panic on any form of transport which travels fast and doesn't stop frequently. It's hard to imagine my life without it. However, if this wasn't a problem I would definitely say the UK. I have wanted to go there for as long as I can remember. I also want to go to New Zealand because, in addition to a number of benefits, it's only a relatively short plane trip from Australia.

7. If you could travel through time, where or when would you go? I'm really not sure, I don't have any particular desire to travel to another time. I'd probably say to a time in the past where it was really different from my current life just to make the most of the opportunity. 

8. What is your favourite animal? Cats! This is a very easy question because I adore kitty cats more than words can explain. Puss, who was my cat growing up, was my whole world and I loved her more than words could ever explain. I never thought another cat could meet her standard but my beautiful Juliette Princess Miracle certainly has. 

9. How many languages can you speak fluently? 1- just English! I must say I really admire anyone who can speak multiple languages because it seems so hard to me. 

10. What inspired the name for your blog? Tia Cherie has always been the name I used online for so many years even since I was about twelve years old. I've used it increasingly widely over the years especially whenever I don't know what other name to use. This was the case with my blog. Even if I were to name my blog now I would probably still choose Tia Cherie for that very reason. Tia Cherie came together simply because it was a combination of my favourite names at the time. By the way Cherie, in this case, is pronounced more like Sheree rather than Sherie. 

11. Who is your favourite celebrity? This is also a difficult question because I'm not particularly interested in many celebrities. My favourite was always Taylor Swift because of her fashion/sense of style, I like her music and she is better behaved than a number of other celebrities. Just look at that perfect hair (why did she ever cut it?!) But I am even losing some interest her because celebrities are just  not that relevant to my life. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

New In

Recently I've had a little spending spree in Kitten D'Amour. This is very bad for the bank balance (the clothes aren't exactly cheap) but the clothes are just so adorably perfect. I need to exert some self control; it's very hard given the new store that's just opened! Here are a few of my new pieces (with one more to show you later.)

Kitten D'Amour God Save the Kitten Flip Skirt
I've always loved tartan; I think it takes me back to my childhood of when I owned the most beautiful tartan party dress with a pretty collar and lace details.  Since tartan is often not the most feminine print I like to counter balance that. This skirt achieves that perfectly; I love the pink colour scheme and the ruffle design. I was really happy to get my hands on the skirt. It is now sold out and Kitten D'Amour make such a limited quantity of each piece. I'd also been searching for a tartan skirt for a long time and they can be difficult to find.  This skirt reminds me of Clueless.

Pinup Couture Heels
I love vintage inspired shoes and I don't have very many so it's great to add these to my collection. I adore the bow, the t-bar design and the little buttons. The leopard print lining is really cool too. I think the heel height will make them comfortable; much lower than my other heels. My one issue is that they look slightly plastic like and definitely cheaper than they actually were. That's ok- the black and white design will make them very versatile.

Kitten D'Amour Kiss Me Darling Collar Dress
I am always on the lookout for unique prints so this is the ultimate dress for me which I just could not pass up. The comic strip is a vintage and romantic scene; the speech bubbles say things such as "what time does Kitten D'Amour open?", "I can't believe I'm kissing the man of my dreams" and "I'll love him forever." I love the combination of this unique print with polka dots and the ribbon trim. I adore how Kitten D'Amour uses velvet ribbon trim on so many of their products. This is the most incredible dress ever and I can't wait to wear it. 2014-09-13 22.45.47

What are your newest pieces? 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I’m very used to receiving comments on my outfits but with these shoes I was incredibly surprised by the overwhelming number of attention they attracted. I know they are amazing and very bold but they literally sparked a conversation with everyone I came into contact with.  I love wearing them to work- I take it these aren’t exactly standard for an office? I received these exciting shoes courtesy of Tidebuy. I’ve had my eye on these butterfly shoes for many weeks now and felt extremely lucky when I was offered a collaboration with a site which had these exact shoes. They are so perfect and I can definitely say they are my favourite shoes I’ve ever owned in my whole life. The butterfly design and the colour scheme are very unique; I was even asked if they were custom made. These shoes also come in white, yellow and black which I also liked but I simply could not resist the statement colour scheme of purple, yellow and blue. The butterfly is so beautiful and bold; I absolutely adore these shoes in every possible way. I took these outfit pictures this morning before work which was a new experience for me. It’s a good way to fit it in since I usually have to get especially dressed up for it on Sunday and that requires effort. In the rush this morning I randomly paired two green lace pieces together and I like the effect. On another note I have officially finished my course- a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice at The College of Law. I’ve mentioned it in a few posts previously but I didn’t want to say too much until I had confirmation of passing all subjects. I was so convinced that I would fail something and it wouldn’t all be real. Now I am in the process of applying for admission as a lawyer. Wow. This is crazy. How is someone like me, who has always felt like a complete failure, able to achieve this.






Stiletto Butterfly Heels c/o Tidebuy
Portmans Lace Dress
Alannah Hill Having Said That Cardigan

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Polka Dot Outfits

Hi everyone. Just a quick post to show you my polka dot outfits. Polka dots, in addition to florals, are most definitely my favourite print and have been for as long as I can remember. I love the vintage element and am always drawn to this print. I even wore it for my university graduation last year. It can be fun to go through the archives of a blog every once in a while and create these posts.  

What are your most loved prints?

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Hi everyone. Isn't it interesting where life takes us sometimes. Thanks to the support and kindness of family, I find myself on a weekend away in the city. This is very different from my usual Saturdays which are very boring, I generally stay in bed all day resting from the week at work. Today we went for a walk around Darling Harbour, went to lunch and visited the markets. At the markets I bought this amazing 'Frozen' umbrella. Surprisingly I like Frozen, especially Princess Elsa because she is very pretty and I can relate to her a lot. Frozen merchandise is just about everywhere at the moment and I've wanted something for ages. What better than an umbrella, I cant wait to take it to work. The weather isn't great at the moment as it's rained for most of this month but with my panda umbrella and now my Frozen umbrella I don't actually mind. Darling Harbour is an excellent location for photos but the rain has made it very difficult. We walked around for ages just to get these few but any chance I have to do something different is great. In terms of my outfit this is a new dress I bought from Review. I more than ever need to cut back my spending but I'm using the end of college as an excuse to buy it at the moment. My new found love for yellow, combined with my long term love for polka dots makes this dress perfect. I also like how it's a darker shade of yellow; I've liked mustard yellow for awhile now having seen in on so many blogs but don't like it too dark so this is the ideal colour. I thought of my friend Mary from work when I bought this dress; it turns out she was the first to compliment my outfit when I wore it to work on Friday. I hope she buys the same dress and we can be matching! 

This week I've been feeling much more positive about life. It all started when I returned to work on Tuesday having been away at college for the week. The time away made me realise just how much I love the place I work, how grateful I am for the opportunity given the competitive job market for university graduates, and how I surprise myself each day with my capabilities. My job certainly isn't hard but I've had such low self confidence for my whole life that I still never expected I could do anything like this. It makes me very emotional sometimes when I think about how much I've exceeded any expectation I ever had for myself. After almost a year at my current job, going to work each day is still having this impact on me. I know it won't feel so positive forever, it comes and goes, but I'll try to enjoy it while I can. Also, the reality is starting to set in that I've actually finished college of law and its only the release of results and an admission ceremony needed for me to officially be a lawyer. I've basically done it. There is no better feeling in the whole world than achieving something beyond all your expectations.







Review Shayla Dress
Florsheim Heels
Alannah Hill 'The Kinky Cat' Cardigan 
Frozen Umbrella! 
Collette Clutch Bag 

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Sunday, August 24, 2014


As a fan of all things rainbow I am very pleased with my new dress which I received courtesy of OASAP. Inspired by the Chanel Spring/ Summer 2014 Collection, I've been waiting for a dress this colourful. At first, when I last had credits from OASAP, I wasn't completely sure about this dress. While I liked the design, sometimes you just don't know about quality and sizing when buying dresses online. I was expecting the material to be more like cotton but it is actually extremely shiny in texture, will probably be rather warm to wear in summer. I am definitely pleased I chose this dress. My bag also arrived from OASAP and, deciding to combine both pieces in the same outfit, that's where the purple theme came from. It can be fun to match different shades of the same colour. 

On a personal note, I finished the coursework component of The College of Law on Friday. I still have to officially submit my work experience and a lot of paperwork before I can graduate but the difficult part is over. There are no words to explain how big this is for me and I still can't even believe it is real. I've written so many times about how I always expected to fail at studying law so six years later I still can't believe I was ever capable of anything like this. I am actually going to be admitted as a lawyer very soon. I never planned to enroll in this  graduate law course; after finishing university two years ago I was convinced I'd done enough study to last a life time. However, in a small window of opportunity of about a month when I actually felt surprisingly positive about life, I made the decision to enroll. I'm lucky because shortly after I resorted to my usual negative way of thinking; if I hadn't made the decision when I did I never would have gone to The College of Law. The most difficult aspect of the course, in addition to studying while having a full time job, was dealing with the fact that my depression returned to an unprecedented level. Without saying too much, I did write in detail about this topic a couple of months ago, the sadness and exhaustion destroys me so much I spend every moment I'm not at work lying in bed. Trying to cope with the demands of study was beyond what I can explain. My life feels like it's been put on hold and now college is over I hope I can concentrate on other aspects of my life. I can't believe all my time outside work will now be free time. WOW!








Colorful Geo A-line Dress c/o OASAP
Stylish Shoulder Bag in Lavender c/o OASAP
Guess Flats
Alannah Hill Baby, Baby Chips and Gravy Cardigan

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