Tuesday, April 15, 2014


 Today I wanted to show you my new pocket watch necklace which I received courtesy of Born Pretty Store. I'm really happy with it; the design is adorable, the quality is great and it's even functional too. I'll definitely get a lot of use from it. I definitely recommend checking out the website. You can find the Classical Bronze Pocket Watch Chain Link Heart Shaped Watch here. They have a great variety of products such as wrist watches, bracelet watches and iPhone 5 cases. Thanks Born Pretty. To receive 10% off enter the code IMONC10.

I've seen a myriad of discussion by bloggers in recent times about enjoying the small aspects of life; it seems that so many people are attempting to focus on appreciating the little things. That's great. For me, one of the greatest small pleasures in life is rediscovering an outfit which I haven't worn in a long time. It's almost as exciting as purchasing a new outfit and it's a small highlight to a day. I'd like to become better at utilising and appreciating my current wardrobe rather than purchasing new things I don't need all the time. However, I have said that millions of times and failed on every occassion. I posted this outfit a few years ago in the earlier days of my blog but I'm not too sure how many of you would remember it. I love the tulle style skirt and, given the recent popularity of tulle skirts, it's an even more appropriate time to start wearing it again. It reminds me of a ballerina or a princess. I like to think the top adds a dimension to the girly nature of this look. I was lucky with the shoes since they are such a perfect match; these have been one of my favourite pairs of shoes for many years now. I can't get enough of my unicorn bag. I love how it's sparkly and glittery. It's pretty much the most amazing bag ever and I'm so happy it's mine! Contrary to what I wrote previously about making the most out of existing clothes, my green coat is fairly new. It's the 'Her Tower Crumbled Coat' from Alannah Hill and I couldn't resist the amazing sale on coats earlier in the year. The polka dot lining is a real feature and I just love how I can turn out the sleeves to show that detailing. I love green lately and I was drawn to this beautiful jewel tone. The collarless design is different from my other coats too.











Classical Bronze Pocket Watch Chain Link Heart Shaped Watch
Forever New Frill Bodysuit
Modcloth Tulle Skirt
Wittner Queen Heels
Diva Houndstooth Hair Bow
Diva Earrings
Irregular Choice Unicorn Bag
Alannah Hill Her Tower Crumbled Coat 

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

RED Valentino 2014 Spring/Summer Pre Collection

The RED Valentino 2014 Spring/Summer Pre Collection is my absolute favourite at the moment. It is incredibly beautiful, elegant, classic and romantic, and I adore the youthful fun vibe. The patterns are super stunning as is the embroidery and detailing. The tulle skirts and fit and flare dresses remind me of beautiful ballerinas. or a romantic fairtytale The headbands and flats are adorable additions to the incredible outfits. The combination of pretty peplum tops layered over the cropped pants is not my usual style but here I believe they are completely stunning. I'm especially in love with the sweetly patterned dresses and coats and the tulle skirts. I can't speak highly enough of this collection. It is perfect.

Photos from: Red Valentino

Monday, April 7, 2014


Hi everyone! I can't believe how often it's been raining over the last few weeks. It's very uncharacteristic; I cannot remember too many other times like it. I usually hate the rain more than words can describe but this time I actually don't mind it. It's so warm and cosy to be at home, especially after a long day at work (I just bought unicorn print PJs too). The main downside is that it's pretty hard to take outfit pictures at the moment. I wonder how the rest of the world does it. In saying that, I came to realise that umbrellas make amazing props for outfit photos. I bought this dress recently in a $10 sale on the weekend while shopping with a friend. It's an Angel Biba dress; a brand which I only discovered a year ago but I'm becoming more impressed by. They have some unique designs and at $10 it was an absolute bargain. The only downside is that it's slightly large at the front so I prefer to wear it with a cardigan. The bright pink is fun and versatile and it provides a great basis as a skirt. I like the detailing at the top of the dress and it makes for an interesting look when layered with a cardigan. I decided to wear my green cardigan because I adore the combination of green and pink. I think it's a real stand out colour combination. Also I like the deep v neckline on this cardigan. It's great to pair with my dresses. Sometimes a higher neckline will clash with the neckline of a dress. I also decidesd to wear my Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats for the first time in awhile. I'm in the habit of wearing heels to work because it feels more dressed up so I haven't worn flats in ages. I must make more time for my adorable little mouse flats







Alannah Hill Having Said That Cardigan
Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats
Angel Biba Dress
Diva Houndstooth Hair Bow
Guess Bag

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Monday, March 31, 2014


Hi everyone! This is what I wore yesterday for my sister in law's birthday party which was a floral theme. The decorations were really spectacular and adorable; I wanted to make sure I fitted in with the theme as much as possible. Since the majority of my wardrobe involves floral print, this wasn't particularly difficult. I love flower crowns and this was certainly the perfect opportunity to wear one. I wish I had more opportunities to wear floral crowns. They are totally my style since they are girly and make such a statement. As for the dress it belonged to my other sister in law and it's been my absolute favourite piece in her wardrobe for so many years. But now it's mine! This makes me very happy. It's difficult to believe it's from Supre. I never buy from Supre and the girly, delicate and pretty nature just doesn't seem consistent with that store. This dress is a real find. The colour scheme is beautiful and the heart cut out is definitely my favourite aspect. Love this dress forever. These photos also provided the opportunity to display my unicorn bag in all it's glory! Best bag ever...  I've had a few questions recently about my college course. Well the good news is that I just passed the first exam! I truly can't believe it. I never thought I could do anything like this. I put off doing this course for over a year since I graduated university and was also considering never doing it because I didn't have the self confidence so it's pretty unbelievable. The course is a lot of work while trying to balance it with a full time job. I often find it frustrating that I just don't have the time to put in as much effort as I'd like to. But it's very well run and relevant to real life unlike a lot of university subjects. Even though most of the time college work is the last thing I feel like doing this is often outweighed by the the excitment and elation I feel from being able to do what I never dreamed possible. The same applies to work. Every day I can't believe I am here and have this opportunity. These feelings are often capable of overpowering the boringness often associated with study or work. In case anyone is wondering I'm doing a graduate diploma in legal practice to become admittted as a solicitor.  2014-03-30 15.16.14

2014-03-30 15.17.28

2014-03-30 15.23.28

2014-03-30 15.17.38

2014-03-30 15.19.02

2014-03-30 15.17.41

2014-03-30 15.22.28

Supre Heart Cut Out Dress
Wittner Floral Flats
Irregular Choice Unicorn Bag
Diva Flower Crown

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Item of the Week 036

Tonight I'm excited to show you the most incredibly amazing bag ever! I saw this on Modcloth a number of weeks ago and instantly fell in love. Unicorn pieces are so difficult to find; whenever I see unicorn printed clothes, accessories or homewares I snap them up immediately. The combination of unicorns and glitter is out of this world beautiful and fabulous. The unicorns are very pretty and have the most adorable eyes. This is my dream bag and I'm so pleased I found it. This treasure is by Irregular Choice via Modcloth (where else would I possibly find this?) A little on the pricey side, I was convinced by the unique nature. The combination of it being my birthday and the fact there was only one left on the Modcloth website, influenced my decision. It's now sold out on both the Modcloth and Irregular Choice website which makes me believe, even more, that I have such a creative unique piece. I will never see anyone with the same bag. I'm so happy I decided to buy it. It may be hard to tell from the photos but it is a very reasonably sized bag. My one issue is that the clutch style clasp on a larger style bag means it will not sit closed while I carry it with the shoulder strap. Whenever I carry the bag it unfortunately remains open. From a practical viewpoint this is extremely frustrating but who cares about practicality when I have a glitter unicorn bag, right? I'm looking forward to displaying this in outfit posts.

2014-03-27 21.32.32

2014-03-27 21.32.24

Irregular Choice Handbag

Sunday, March 23, 2014


As some of you know from Instagram and various other forms of social media, it was my birthday last Sunday. I turned 25 which I  absolutely cannot believe. I'm continually mistaken for a teenager still. This age feels like the next age group (maybe it's the stage where I'm no long supposed to be completely obsessed with unicorns!). I'm very young at heart and definitely not particularly mature so I'm not too sure how this has all happened. Where are all the years going? I had been dreading turning 25 for ages but instead of dwelling on overwhelming negative thoughts I realised a couple of things. If I was more than a couple of years younger I wouldn't have my current job, I wouldn't have graduated with a couple of degrees from university and I wouldn't be so close to becoming a solicitor. These aspects of my life are my main source of happiness and fulfilment at the moment. I'm so grateful for the opportunities I have now and to be where I am today. Here are a few pictures of my birthday. The unicorn cake is incredibly impressive and speaks for itself! Following on from my love of velvet as explained in the post here,I've been wearing this dress a lot recently. I learned from a few bloggers that this colour can be called claret; that just sounds so royal and sophisticated. A velvet claret skater dress. I like that. The hair bow is concidentally the perfect match. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw it in the shops knowing I had my claret velvet dress at home. I bought the Audrey Hepburn printed bag from a gift shop near where I work. I spent some money for my birthday and this is one of the new additions to my wardrobe. Since it's a box bag and doesn't close, I have to be extra careful to ensure the contents of my bag are neatly arranged. Also from my birthday is my new pandora necklace which I am wearing here but that deserves a post of its own.









Wittner Jasper Heels
Pandora Sterling Silver Necklace
Velvet Dress
Home and Giftwares Audrey Hepburn Print Bag
 Diva Velvet Hair Bow

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