Friday, April 24, 2015

Current Loves

Forever New Single Breasted Coat in Mulberry
Since the colder weather is coming the shops are instantly filed with mulberry, forest green and navy shades. I'm usually not one to wear 'winter colous' in the cold weather and 'summer colours' in the warm weather. I pretty much wear the same shades and pieces all year round. But this year I'm very attracted to all shades mulberry and burgundy. I'd definitely wear this colour all year but it only seems to be available in the shops during winter. This coat is actually less of a purple tone and more of a red tone in person. I've never owned anything in this shade before and it's completely gorgeous. It is actually the same coat which I have in light blue which I received for my birthday; I showed it in my youtube video here. I love the design, it's so flattering. Forever New keeps releasing this coat in more and more unique shades such as blonde, ballerina pink, forest green and lilac petal. I wish I could buy it in six colours! 

Peter Alexander Sesame Street Sweater and Character Face Classic Pant
It's not everyday that you see Sesame Street Pyjamas; I think I'm actually going to have to buy this set. There should be more fun character related pieces around; these are the ultimate and perfect pyjamas. They of course bring back many memories of the amazing shows we watched in the 90s and that crazy big bird. I've always loved Peter Alexander pyjamas but I don't have too many because they are rather expensive. I guess that makes the pairs I have more special. 

Review Elle Fluffy Cardigan 
I love the trend of fluffy jumpers/tops but the oversized jumpers that we usually see in the shops aren't really my style. As soon as I saw this I knew it was perfect and totally my style; It's much more delicate, feminine and pretty. As I mentioned in my Tiffany blue post here, I love this colour right now; it's one of my favourites. 

Guess Delaney Tote Bag in Stripe
Guess bags are my weakness, I can't resist a shiny beautiful new one. I especially like the 'Delaney' style as it's sturdy and classy and a good size. I have the 'Delaney design' in a couple of other patterns; namely black & white polka dots and pink logo. There are a few others which I have my eye on such as the leopard print version but my absolute favourite is the stripe version. I don't often see too many stripe bags around; in fact patterned bags in general can often be rare, so stripes would be an amazing addition to any wardrobe. 

Chalk of the Town Dress in Kittens
I've had my eye on this dress for awhile now and it's perfect for me since the little white cats very closelyresemble my Juliette Princess Miracle. A cat printed dress is amazing but a dress with fluffy white cats is even more amazing. Some of the kitty cats are playing and others are wearing crowns. The kitties are very pretty against the pale blue background. It's also the fit and flare silhouette that I love the most. It's Bea & Dot from Modcloth and I've always been happy with my fun and uniquely printed pieces from that brand. 

What's on your wishlist right now?

Sunday, April 19, 2015


It's been such a long time since I created a blog post; I've felt very uninspired and uncreative lately. In addition, it's been a difficult time for me on a personal level and I haven't been feeling great. But I think, for the first time in as long as I can remember, certain aspects of my life are looking up. Yesterday was the best day I've had in the past couple of years. I hope it can continue this way even if the progress towards creating a life that feels worth it, is slow. This is what I wore yesterday to spend time with the family. I haven't worn my polka dot dress from Kitten D'Amour for a long time and it was great to get it out again. This dress came in green and red, in addition to blue and I especially wish I'd picked up the red version too. I liked how this dress was more well priced than most dresses from Kitten D'Amour but for that reason it did sell out rather fast. Polka dots are my favourite print ever so this dress is completely representative of my style. I love the silhouette with a deep v at both the front and the back. The combination of orange and blue came to me rather quickly yesterday morning; I think it's inspired by one of my long term favourites of blue and bright pink.  I love this cardigan because of the colour, texture and eyelet detailing. I like how the dress and cardigan sit against each other at the neckline. I'm bringing out an old favourite in terms of my Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats. I've had them for a year and a half now and was so incredibly happy and excited when I received them as a gift all that time ago since it was very unexpected. I wrote a post about these amazing shoes here when I first received them.  Not only do they look completely adorable, they are very comfortable too. A pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats is definitely a wardrobe essential to me.







Kitten D'Amour Girl Crazy Polka Dot Dress
Alannah Hill Hold Me Down Bag
Alannah Hill The Dating Game Cardigan
Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats
Lovisa Hair Flower

Friday, April 3, 2015

My Birthday Presents

Hi everyone. Finally I've had the chance to film and edit my 'What I Got For My Birthday Video.' I've had so many problems finalising this one. It's the longest video I've ever made and it took the whole of last weekend and a couple of weeknights to edit. It didn't help that the video editing software failed to save my progress on a couple of occasions. I must admit that I was pretty close to giving up on this video completely. I haven't posted a video in awhile now; I can't believe it's been almost a month. I haven't had much time because I've been busy with work but I will make more effort from now on to keep up with my channel. This video will show you all the fashion and beauty pieces I received for my birthday. I love everything I received so thanks so much everyone! I will let the video speak for itself; well done if you get to the end as this video is half an hour long. 

- Marc by Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream (here
-Kitten D'Amour Minuet Dress (here
-Elite Jewellery Cleaner
-Forever New Tulip Mini Bag in Sky Breeze (here
-Garnier Express Eye Makeup Remover (here
-Forever New Tahlia High Low Prom Skirt (here)
-Cherry Blossom Bag Organiser (here
-Alannah Hill It's All Blue Skies Dress
-Dr Lewinns Face Wash
-Kitten D'Amour Umbrella
-Forever New Coat (here
-Kmart Unicorn Jumper
-Kmart Cat Tshirt 

Monday, March 30, 2015


Here it is- The Dolly Darling Collar Dress! This is my dream dress; out of all the many dresses I've ever owned this one is my absolute favourite. As I mentioned in my last post I've wanted this dress for so many months; Kitten D'Amour wasn't in Sydney when this dress was originally released so I didn't know about it until it had already sold out. I was so lucky to find someone, on the Kitten D'Amour Buy, Swap and Sell Facebook page, who was willing to sell it to me; I couldn't believe I was able to secure the dress given that everything sells so fast on the site. It's even more gorgeous in person and was everything I expected. It fits perfectly, is excellent quality and has layers of netting underneath to provide the 1950s silhouette. The print completely reflects my style; the combination of hot pink and polka dots is absolutely stunning. I definitely think pink is the best colour for the detailing; but it would also be amazing if this dress came in other bright colours such as yellow!

In a couple of days the much anticipated Yasmin collection from Kitten D'Amour will be arriving in stores and online. I've seen so many pictures of it from the previews and have never looked forward to the arrival of a collection as much as this before. I even put money aside for it when I knew I was going to be starting a spending ban soon. 

In other news, a few people have asked if I could provide an update on my work. Since it consumes most of my life, that seems fitting. Sometimes it is the best place in the world and at other times it is the worst. One week I'll have extreme motivation and want to work on the weekends but other times I can hardly bring myself to do anything. Those days of zero motivation are largely a result of my other issues such as being depressed, feeling anxiety on public transport and struggling to get a proper night's sleep. The routine can get very mundane of course, I often wish I was doing something more exciting than working five days of every week. But I quickly realise that I don't actually have anything better to do and I'd be much worse off without work anyway. Being unemployed, even for a short term, was incredibly depressing and I hated every second of being a university student. If you have to live in the real world then work is definitely the way to go. The work I do is not exactly hard and I like that. I've never been one who is particularly ambitious or out for a challenge so I like the familiarity and I feel proud that I've come to know a job so well. Even with it not being hard, I still never thought I'd be able to handle any form of full time job so the achievement I feel from that has been immense. I feel like I fit in there more than any of place over the course of my life. I don't have any friends outside of work and the lack of social life makes me lonely. My work has successfully filled part of that void for quite some time now. I've tried to involve myself in much more than I normally would have and it has paid off. As much as I dislike work sometimes, and the whole routine is a lot of effort, it is the best thing that's ever happened to me and I try to remind myself of that. That sums up my experience of the last year and a half; if there are any specific questions you'd like answered then please let me know.









Kitten D'Amour Dolly Darling Collar Dress
Wittner Queen Heels
Prouds Pearls 
Guess Delaney Classic Tote in Polka Dot

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Item of the Week 039

So exciting- recently I scored my dream dress from Kitten D'Amour which I'd been attempting to track down for so many months. I found someone who was selling this piece in my size, via the Kitten D'Amour buy, swap and sell Facebook group that I joined. I couldn't believe it because it's always so rare to find exactly what you want and, on the rare chance it does appear, there's so much competition and the pieces sell so fast. This dress is such a stand out and definitely one of my absolute favourites that I have ever owned. I adore hot pink and polka dots so it is the perfect combination. The pink detailing is super stunning and I love the collar design. The dress is a beautiful silhouette as there is even netting underneath. Everything about this dress is perfect and I can't wait to wear it for the first time. I hope I'm not being hypocritical considering what I wrote in my last post but this time was different; I've been selling some clothes I don't wear anymore so I see this as more of a swap. I haven't been so happy about a particular piece of clothing in as long as I can remember.


image1 (4)

Kitten D'Amour Dolly Darling Dress

Monday, March 23, 2015


Today's outfit incorporates a number of new pieces which I received for my birthday. The dress is the newest addition to my wardrobe and I used the excuse of it being my birthday to buy it. I've had my eye on this dress from Alannah Hill ever since it came out at least six months ago but the retail price was $400. I would never pay that for a dress. I waited for it to come on sale and it still wasn't discounted enough. Then it appeared to sell out and eventually disappear from the stores. Recently, while in the Alannah Hill store in Chatswood, I noticed there were a couple left, one being in my size, and there was more than 50% off the retail price. Wow! That was pretty exciting. As you can tell, I adore this shade of pale blue at the moment and the whole colour scheme is different from the myriad of floral pieces in my wardrobe. The cut of the dress is also different from what I usually wear. It's also a lovely soft flowing material too. The umbrella is a birthday gift which I received last weekend from my parents. It's from Kitten D'Amour; I think they wanted to buy me something from my favourite store which wasn't clothes (which is totally understandable!) I am amazed by this umbrella; it is so classy and adds a new dimension to the concept of umbrellas. It looks more like a parasol and part of an outfit. I actually thought all the umbrellas in Kitten D'Amour were paper parasols; I was surprised to see that a number of them are proper functioning umbrellas. I actually want it to rain at the moment so I can use it.  

My spending is really out of control at the moment, it seems like every time I make plans to save money the spending becomes worse, and I am so sick of it. I spend to fill a significant void in my life, to deal with the problems of life and to feel relief from how depressed I feel every single day. There's nothing else which makes me feel better and my problems never seem to go away, year after year. But it has come to the point where even the spending will not make me feel better. In the last year, where I have spent the most, I've actually been the most miserable. A new dress no longer seems to make up for everything else I'm missing in my life. The spending is going to stop. 







Alannah Hill  'Is It All Blue Skies' Dress
Forever New Tulip Mini Bag
Mimco Glitter Heels
Kitten D'Amour Umbrella 

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Monday, March 16, 2015


Today is my birthday. I cannot believe how old I am; it truly blows my mind to think where all the years went. It makes me sad if I think about it too much so I will try not to. Since I am 10 weeks older than my husband, I refuse to believe that I've turned the next age until he has in May. Unfortunately today hasn't been too exciting yet; all I've done so far is wake up at an incredibly early time and deal with Sydney's crazy peak hour transport. I've actually never been to work on my birthday before since last year my birthday was on a Sunday and prior to that I was a student...so this will be interesting. It's also nice to wake up to birthday messages on social media. 

I always like to wear a new dress for my birthday. This is one of my birthday presents. It's technically from my husband although I did buy it myself; we usually choose our own gifts to make it easier but the thought is still there. Since I buy so many clothes I like to ensure that any clothes I purchase for my birthday are special or different so they don't just become one of many in my wardrobe. This is a piece which is much more of a formal/dressy/occasion dress and I wear it to all of my of my birthday celebrations. It is of course another dress from Kitten D'Amour. I've had my eye on it for so many months, even when it was a preview prior to it being released. The colour, lace, silhouette and detailing is so pretty. I love the delicate and beautiful nature. To me, it's a princess dress. I resisted buying this for months because it was so expensive, almost $300. But when it came on sale for almost 50% I thought it would be perfect for my birthday. The bag is also a birthday present, I adore these pastel shades together, but more on that later. I hope to film a what I got for my birthday video eventually too. 







Kitten D'Amour Minuet Dress
Forever New Bag (gifted...for my birthday!)
Wittner Heels

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