Monday, July 25, 2016

Dita Cardigan Collection

I'm a bit late in posting this since the National Velvet Lilac Dita Cardigan from Wheels and Dollbaby was released a few weeks ago. However, it's one of my more recent purchases and is yet to make an appearance in an outfit post so that still counts as new. I love the Dita Cardigans as the embroidery is very beautiful and the tie collar is adorable. The buttons and trim are even velvet. I'm very pleased with this colourway, especially given I didn't like the last two colour releases (plain black and gold). It's very pretty in person and anything in the purple/pink range of shades is always a winner for me. 

I now have three colourways of the Dita Cardigan and I can't choose a favourite.  Lately I've been wearing the lilac version the most because it's new but overall I've had the most use from the Rouge Noir colourway so far. The green cardigan was my very first. I also purchased a red one and a coral one from ebay but ended up selling them both. 

This was because I didn't like the fit and the sleeves were very long and loose. The newer release cardigans are a much smaller tighter fit. They feel and look much better. 

I cannot believe the following these cardigans have; I've never seen anything like it before. Many people I've seen in the 'Buy, Swap and Sell Group' on Facebook have a collection of 20 +. As much as I love them I'd never own the same cardigan in that many different colours. It's unbelievable seeing some of the older colourways, in pre-owned condition, going for $400 on ebay when the RRP was $190. I was just following one on there today which ended up going for $375. I hope one day there will be a yellow version and a re-release of pink and also pale blue. The black with red embroidery is also a favourite too.

I only discovered these cardigans relatively recently so my collection just started about a year ago. As a result, I'm sure my collection will never become as large as my Alannah Hill Collection of cardigans!

I'm sure one of my next outfit posts will be of the lilac version. Until then, I've put together a few previous outfit pictures of the Emerald colourway and the Rouge Noir colourway. They are all very versatile and have proven to match with many different outfits. I prefer to wear these cardigans with dresses than skirts for some reason. 

Do you have any Dita Cardigans? What do you collect? 

Looks cool in black and white

Dita Cardigans from Wheels and Dollbaby

Friday, July 22, 2016

Fitness Goals Update- June

It's almost the end of July and I haven't even posted my swimming and running stats for June. 139km combined total for swimming and running which is the most I've ever done in a month. I really wanted to reach 60km for swimming rather than the usual 55km. I'm also enjoying running a lot lately because I don't get nervous or feel pressure competing the way I do with swimming. The training has been hard given the winter weather but I told myself I wouldn't miss a training session because of rain or cold. That makes it even more satisfying. It's paying off because I'm improving my personal best times. 

Here are my swimming stats for June:

and for running:

In terms of my goal to achieve the Million Metre award with Masters Swimming Australia, I'm now 37% of the way there (as at today, not sure end of June). 

Here's what else happened for the month:
-achieved a new personal best time at the Parkrun of 25 minutes and 2 seconds for 5km. I'm slightly disappointed to miss sub 25 minutes but can't complain given that my goal for this year was under 27. I know I'll get there.
-attended all four Parkruns for the month. 
-participated in another 4 swim club nights, very close to 25 consecutive weeks award. 
-continued working towards the million metres award with Masters Swimming Australia. I've completed almost 37% of the total distance required so far.
-kept up with the routine of training 10 times a week (5 swimming training, 1 racing swimming, 1 bootcamp, 3 runs)
-continued working on te Endurance Program with Masters Swimming Australia which involvces 62 long distance swims over the course of the year. By the end of June I'd completed 21/62. This is a tough program as the swims range from 400m to a continuous hour. 
-participated in a swim meet with Masters Swimming NSW with all personal best times- 100m breastroke 1.36.56, 50m backstroke 39.81 and 200m freestyle 2.48.06. 

What did you achieve last month? 

Monday, July 18, 2016


Here are my latest pictures from Instagram. I've included pictures from the last couple of months minus my outfit pictures as they've already made an appearance on the blog. The first set are from the Sydney Harbour 10km last weekend, which I'll share a few words about first:

The Sydney Harbour 10km was my first ever running event. The Parkrun is the only organised run I've ever participated in and that's hardly the same. I'm sure I would have been capable of participating in running events before, but I always doubt my confidence and like to ensure I'm well and truly prepared before attempting anything. I've run a few 10kms in training before so I knew I'd be able to make the distance. The time felt right. I had the best time ever!! It was incredible being a part of an event of this nature. The environment and atmosphere was amazing to witness. I'll remember it for a long time to come. The best aspect was a personal best time of approximately three minutes. I completed the 10km in 54 minutes and 40 seconds. I never expected to be able to maintain 5 minutes 28 seconds per kilometre for the whole 10km. I felt a whole range of emotions at the end. I felt so proud because competing in running is so new for me. My background is in swimming and not running. It's the swimming training that got me to this level with running; I was very average at running before becoming serious about swimming this year. After such a positive experience, I've now signed up to the City 2 Surf in August which is 14km. 

This set were taken on a sunny Saturday morning at the Parkrun:

L-R: 1. Juliette Princess Miracle wearing my wedding dress (taken a few years ago but re-shared) 2. A good temporary fix for a missing button 3. Cupcakes at work to celebrate the launch of 'Facebook at Work' 4. The finish line for the Sydney Harbour 10km 5. New personal best for 5km at Parkrun of 25:02 (now desperate to get under 25 minutes) 6. Husband came to Parkrun 7. Selfie with the husband 8. Trying out the new Polaroid camera 9. Monday 5.30am swims are the hardest 10. Trying to fit in some hill runs and interval training

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Thursday, July 14, 2016


This is a change for me, wearing so much black in an outfit. The incorporation of pale pink, lace, polka dots and bows, made it very much my style despite the overall darker colour scheme. I love this jacket so much; it has to be one of the pieces I've had the most use from out of my entire wardrobe. I like how it's the structure of a jacket but made from light cardigan material. It's my first ever piece from Kitten D'Amour, back in the days before we had stores here in Sydney and I discovered it while on holidays at the Gold Coast. I've shown it a couple of times on my blog now including here. Today I decided to pair the jacket with one of my newer pieces from Kitten D'Amour. I missed out on the dress initially when it came into store but was able to purchase one from the 'Buy, Swap and Sell' group on Facebook recently. Even though the dress was released a number of years after the jacket, they go so well together being in the same style and colours. 

I haven't had much time for blogging lately. But now I've got a few posts lined up so check back soon. 









Kitten D'Amour Lace Bow Jacket
Kitten D'Amour Lace Dress
Wittner Reece Heels

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Saturday, June 25, 2016


Green and red is a colour combination which is almost never seen (other than Christmas time, of course) and I believe it's very underrated. I love these colours together and I adore trying combinations which are less conventional; there's way too much sameness out there when it comes to fashion. As with my last outfit post, I'm enjoying wearing my Dita Cardigans at the moment. My shoes are the most recent addition to my wardrobe, they arrived a couple of days ago despite purchasing them over a month ago (I blame DHL and not B.A.I.T Footwear). As I've mentioned many times, I'm a huge fan of B.A.I.T Footwear and the 'Robbie' range in particular given it's often released in new colours. See my post here on my B.A.I.T Footwear collection. I couldn't resist even more and purchased the 'Robbie' in sparkly green and sparkly purple! I was very excited when they arrived as I haven't done much shopping in the last couple of months. I shared them on my Facebook and received a very negative comment. It really got me thinking- why is it necessary to bring others down over such trivial things? I don't expect everyone to like my style all the time and I can handle a negative comment because it's not going to change what I do. However, I question what the writer of the comment gets out of it. When it's as trivial as a shoe purchase, it's surely just intended to be hurtful. If you don't like it then why not just take no action and refrain from commenting. There's already so much negativity in the world, let's all just be nice. 

How is your weekend going? I will be racing at a swimming meet tomorrow which is actually held at one of the schools where I used to be a student. It will feel weird being back given it's been 13 years since I left and absolutely hated it. I left and went to another school because I had some of the most negative experiences of my life there. On the other hand, some of my more positive experiences at that location were actually at the pool. I skipped swimming training today so I am rested for tomorrow so, after this morning's Parkrun, I had the whole day off. It was so rare and enjoyable to have a relaxing day. Also this week I signed up to the Sydney Harbour 10km run which is held on Sunday 10 July. I'm really looking forward to it because I've never entered a running event before. While I've competed in swimming on countless ocassions, competing in running is much newer. The Parkrun is the most serious race I've been in and that's certainly not serious. I did a practice 10km run the other day and it went quite well! 









Wheels and Dollbaby Dita Cardigan in Emerald
Kitten D'Amour Castaway Handbag
Kitten D'Amour Bicycle Print Dress
Kitten D'Amour Love Me Tender Hair Comb
B.A.I.T Robbie Heels in Green Starlet  

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Current Loves

Kitten D'Amour Tiffany Coat in Mint and Cream
It's been awhile now since I've liked anything from Kitten D'Amour and almost three months since I've made a purchase. These coats were released a few days ago and finally I can say I love them. I was beginning to think Kitten D'Amour wasn't going to release any coats this year since it's already winter and they are still selling last year's stock. I adore both colours but slightly favour the blue/mint version. However, I already have two pale blue coats so not sure which one I'd go for. Of course it's the collar which draws me to these coats- it's absolutely gorgeous and adds so much to the look. I also like how to buttons are all different. The general vibe reminds me of the movie 'Frozen.' 

Alannah Hill The Wild Heart Cardigan
There are quite a few cardigans I love in Alannah Hill (it's completely unrivaled when it comes to cardigans, in my opinion), but this one is definitely my favourite. It's such a unique and pretty shade of blue. I love the collar design which is made up of little pearls. I'm keeping an eye out and hoping this lovely cardigan will come on sale very soon. 

Wheels and Dollbaby Dita Cardigan in Lavender
I'm a huge fan of the Dita Cardigans from Wheels and Dollbaby but only have two in my collection so far (some of the crazy fans out there have all 22 colourways!) The last two colourways released didn't appeal to me. However, last week it was announced a lavender version of this cardigan will be coming out shortly. I am so excited because I wasn't expecting it, and purple is one of my favourite colours. The shade is absolutely beautiful and I adore the way the black embroidery stands out. I've already pre ordered it. 

B.A.I.T Footwear Robbie Heels in Green Starlet and Purple Starlet
As I've mentioned a few times now, I'm totally in love with B.A.I.T Footwear and the Robbie Heels are one of my favourites. See post on my collection here. I now have this exact shoe in four different colours  which is rather excessive but I'm sure I'll think of an excuse as to why I need it in six different colours! I was very happy to see it's now also come out in sparkly green and sparkly purple. These shoes would add so much to any outfit; I don't see sparkly shoes too often. I love the vintage design and they are very comfortable too- a perfect shoe!

HydrateM8 Water Bottle 
I recently discovered the UK brand HydrateM8 and this range of water bottles. This bottle shows the required level of water consumption in hourly intervals throughout the day. It's such a simple concept yet I think it would be very effective and add a little fun to the day. I'm going to buy one of these.  

Alannah Hill Last Day of Magic Cardigan
Once again, Alannah Hill does not fail to disappoint when it comes to cardigans. I want so many from there right now. This is a new release so unfortunately I don't think it will be coming on sale any time soon. I am completely drawn to snowflake. It's so adorable and not something you see on clothes all the time. I have a slight preference for the navy blue version but love them both. 

What's on your wishlist?