Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Emmy Awards 2010

The Emmy Awards were on recently so I decided to select some of the outfits that I liked and disliked for the subject of this post. In my opinion, there were very few beautiful dresses and many looks that I did not like and were not in accordance with my taste. My absolute favourite look of the event was definitely Jewel! I always find these sorts of posts fun and I enjoy browsing through all the photos. I'm sure some people will disagree with my choices but thats ok, I have fairly specific taste when it comes to outfits for the Red Carpet. So let me know what you think.


-Kelly Osbourne presents a different image from what I usually see of her and I think that is a refreshing change. I haven't seen much of her for the last few years so maybe I am really out of it and I may have missed something but this is probably one of the best looks I have seen from her. I think she looks classy and I love the detailing and shape of the dress as something extra on a black dress.
-I love Jewel's dress and I think she looks very beautiful. The colour of her dress is pretty and the detailing and train make a statement. I love the decorative and fitted top and I think the bow and purse are just so sweet. I adore dresses in nude tones at the moment and Jewel's look was without a doubt my favourite of the event.
-Lea Michele often dresses well for red carpet events and I have seem a lot of popularity centred around some of her looks this year. The colour of her dress is classy but it is the style and fit that make a statement. I think the bottom of it is creative and something different. This look suits her so well.


- Lauren Graham. This dress is just so random and I have heard mixed opinions about it. I personally think it is totally wrong and very unflattering. I don't like the random white part against the black and I am not a fan of the shoes or the slit up the side.
-Lo Bosworth. This dress could have been ok for another occassion but I personally don't think it is appropriate for the red carpet. It seems too casual and like the sort of dress someone would wear to the office. I think the length of this dress is wrong and it should have either been longer or shorter. It this dress had some minor adjustments and was a little more glam then it might have been ok.
-Rutina Wesley. I strongly dislike the colours and pattern of this dress and the slit up the side is completely unflattering for her in my opinion. I dislike the shoes and there is just something about this whole look that makes me think that it is totally wrong.

I feel like I scared a lot of you away with my last post but I am very thankful for the people that did comment. I like to be able to share many aspect of my life not just the happiness and fashion related posts but if you are just here for the fashion etc then that is perfectly fine too. It is just unbelievable how many issues and difficult events have arisen in the past few weeks to both myself and some of the important people around me. I feel affected by my own issues and those of others. I know that I have problems with nerves and anxiety but I think that many people would be feeling stressed out and unsure of things if they were in the position that I am in now. Thats all I have to say about it for now and I'll make sure that my next few posts are much more positive.

Friday, August 27, 2010


On Monday I spent the day in Sydney City with my third cousin Charlotte who was visiting Australia from England. She was in Australia for three weeks but this was the only day that I saw her since she had a very tight schedule and many people to see while she was here. It was hard to decide where to take her because I saw her on the last day of her trip so she had already seen most of Sydney. In the end we walked across the Harbour Bridge, went on a ferry on the harbour and had lunch by the sea. It was a fun and interesting day except for the cold and rainy weather. I enjoyed Charlotte's company and even though this is only the second time I have met her (the first time was fourteen years ago), it felt like I knew her much better than that. Its a strange feeling in this respect and wondering whether it will be another ten years before we meet again. This whole experience made me think about how different things would have been if it was Charlotte's mum that came to Australia from England as a young girl rather than my mum.



I'm sorry to be so negative on my blog but again I need to express how I feel and I need you, as my friends, to be here for me. I haven't been feeling very good lately and some of my thoughts from the begining of the year have returned. I have tried to think more positively and turn my situation around but I simply cannot and I think it is more serious than that. Its difficult to explain everything just here but I feel very lost and quite depressed and tired a lot of the time. I am still struggling with basic tasks such as study and work which I used to do so easily before this year. Many people think that my life is good but thats no use unless I feel it myself and it doesn't make things easier for me because I am not happy within myself. I feel extremely nervous, anxious and overwhelmed and sometimes I can't even explain why. These feelings come and go after a few weeks at a time.

I feel like it is partly a result of the relationships in my personal life which have become increasingly complex. Trying to fulfil people's expectations and coming to the realisation that my life choices will usually hurt at least some people in my life, has been very stressful. Sometimes it feels like trying to sort this out is a full time job and I simply cannot bring myself to think about study. So now I have some questions for you and any advice would be greatly appreciated. What do you do when you feel replaced and like you no longer fulfil the role in someone's life that you once did? What do you do when someone who is very important to you and you love very much is drifting apart? What if it is a direct result of someone else entering your life and is no fault of your own?

Thank you xxxxx

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Alannah Fashion

If you have been reading my blog for long enough then you may be aware that Alannah Hills is my absolute favourite designer. I adore the colours, femininity of the designs, detailing and all the bows, polka dots and florals and I think that her collections accurately represent my personal style more than other designs. I like to draw inspiration from Alannah Hill. I thought I would share this collection that currently appears on the website. I was very pleased to see a new collection when I was browsing the Internet today and I am so impressed. This is my favourite Alannah Hill collection and it is so incredibly beautiful. I like it even more than the last one that I posted here a few months ago.



Alannah Hill


Alannah Hilll




Photos from Alannah Hill.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


On Wednesday I received twelve beautiful red roses, some champagne and chocolates from Rydog to celebrate the three years that we have been going out (18/08/07-18/08/10). Its nice for me to reflect on the last few years about all the times we have enjoyed together and the events that have occured. I like to think about how far we have progressed from two school students to adults who are now working towards a life together in the foreseeable future. I still have many tasks to accomplish but I try and take some motivation by how far I have come already and how many changes I have made to my life in the past few years.





I loved receiving these flowers and I have decided that roses are now my definitely my flower. It was a wonderful suprise, they are very lovely and it made my day so much better especially since Wednesdays are extremely boring for me when I am busy completing my work for financial accounting theory and practice. My roses look so pretty in my room right now.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Clothes and Shoes

These are some clothes and accessories that I bought and received in the last month which I have been meaning to post for some time now. Most of them are from my shopping trip while on holidays at the Gold Coast about three weeks ago. I was very impressed by the shops up there in Queensland and as I described it really was the best holiday ever in so many possible ways. Some of these items you may already seen in my last outfit post.
1. Wittner Flats

Figure Shoes

2. Kitten D'Amour Cardigan
Sex Kitten Cardigan with polka dots and pink bows

3. Tie Rack Clutch Bag
Polka Dot Clutch Bag

4. Wittner Bow Heels
Bow Polka Dot Shoes

5. Kitten D'Amour Cardigan
Sex Kitten Cardigan Black and White

This is the back of my Kitten D'Amour cardigan (above) and my Forever New Skirt (below)
Back Detailing

6. Lace Heels

7. Forever New Skirt
Forever Old Skirt

...and another dress which I will show later because it deserves its own post!

I wish the quality of some of these pictures was better but my new camera just broke so I have reverted back to my old camera. I will have to get it fixed soon. I'm sorry that I am behind in commenting. I am very busy now that I have returned to university. But I will still be around and you will here from me soon.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Forever New

I love the current collection at Forever New and I have felt the same way about the last few that the store has displayed this year. I posted pictures of the La Dolce Vita Collection here and this is called La Vie En Rose Collection. I wish I could buy all of them! I may consider purchasing something but I am trying to save and buy a few less clothes at the moment so I can put money towards my future.





Tomorrow I am attend my first day of classes for the new semester but today I commenced some of the weekly work and readings. I have so much to complete already and I'm so out of practice after a substantial break that I keep becoming distracted. I think it will take me awhile to get back into it so I will take it slowly and try not to become too stressed out or nervous. I won't have time to post as much but stay with me because I will certainly still be around. I'll be replying to comments this week sometime.

Pictures from Forever New.