Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I've been very busy lately and I haven't had much time for preparing new blog content so its lucky these photo were on my computer, from a few weeks ago, ready to post. It's another go to outfit and one in which I often wear to work (it's very reliable since I'm often too tired to think about clothes at 6.15am). I believe it accurately reflects my style while also being completely appropriate for the office. Although I'm pretty lucky with my workplace in that the dress code isn't at all strict and I'd feel comfortable wearing almost all of my clothes. It's very appropriate that my go to outfit (when I don't know what to wear) also becomes my go to post (when I have no idea what to post). This pink dress is from Review and it's one of the best bargains Ive ever purchased. I was lucky to find it at such a great sale and I've most definitely had so much use from it over the last couple of years. I first posted it here. For me, with an obsession for pink and fit and flare dresses, a dress of this description is certainly a wardrobe staple. I love it as a summer dress and also as a piece to layer with my cardigans in the cooler weather. I also adore the little floral detailing. I'd describe my black cardigan in a similar way; it is versatile but at the same time has lovely little detailing which makes it totally my style. I love the sparkle and I like the fit of it. I've worn this from partys to job interviews. I was lucky with the shoes; they are the exact match of both the cardigan and dress. I love this outfit because it combines so many of my favourite pieces that work well together.

Thanks for your comments on my last post. I will take your advice and wear more yellow!







Review Dress
Alannah Hill I'm a Little Fusspot Cardigan
Alannah Hill Walk Me Home Flats
Forever New 'From Paris with Love' Bag
Kmart Hair Flower

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Friday, October 25, 2013


1383629_10151664697710950_1817591658_nGood evening. I hope you've all had a wonderful week; I'm so pleased it's the weekend again and I have time to rest - so tired all the time! This outfit features a few pieces I've wanted to show you for awhile. This is my first outfit picture showing my Marc Jacobs mouse flats (featured here). I could seriously wear them with anything so expect to see a lot more of them on my blog. I love them so much! Following on from my recent love of yellow, this is my new dress I received courtesy of OASAP. I've wanted a yellow dress for awhile now; it's perfect for the warmer weather we're having and I know I'll get a lot of use out of it in the summertime. Yellow creates such a fun and happy look; I was extremely pleased to find this on the OASAP website. Not only do I love the colour, I absolutely adore the shape of this dress. Evidently, fit and flare dresses are my favourite and I also love the fit and length of this one. I was so happy when I received this dress and it was perfect in every way. I've been so satisfied with all my OASAP orders to date and the shipping is really fast too which is always a bonus. I love the pink version of this dress it's really lovely too. In fact it looks amazing in the wide variety of  colours that it comes in. It provides an excellent basis to showcast bold accessories.My bag is a very guilty purchase. When I left my last job, almost two months ago now, I felt so low that I bought it to try and feel better. I didn't know how else to deal with my feelings. Evidently it didn't fix the situation but it offered some comfort when I felt really depressed. I love the unique print and colour scheme. I truly blame my sister Sara from The Polished Edge for my recent obsession with Guess bags. They make me feel so classy, as though my outfit is complete; I can't get enough of them. 







Whole Colour A-Line Mini Dress c/o OASAP
Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats
Guess Bag
Gloss Hair Flower
Colourful Diamante Embellished Peacock Tail Necklace c/o Chicnova

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Modcloth Style Challenge: Uniquely You Campaign

Last week I was invited by Modcloth to participate in the Uniquely You Campaign Style Challenge. I, along with a number of other bloggers, was provided with an image of the lovely Sacremeto Style Skirt and were asked to create a set entirely based on items currently sold on the Modcloth website. The decision to participate was simple- Modcloth is my favourite ever site and I'd love an opportunity to participate with them. I was happy to find out that the item we were challenged to style was such a fun piece and one which I'd genuinely love to wear myself. I had a few different ideas in mind for my polyvore set. I was considering going all out in terms of embracing the vibrant colours featured in the skirt.But I also wanted to choose a less obvious option. I thought black and white was the perfect option because it is classy nd stylish while allowing the skirt to be the main feature of the outfit. I certainly didn't want to detract from the central feature of this style challenge. I hope I was also successful at incorporating both a vintage and quirky vibe. How sweet, adorable and perfect is this bag. I so want it.

Modcloth Style Challenge

I styled the skirt with the following pieces from Modcloth:
Gallery Opener Heel in Black
Fine and Sandy Blazer in Grass
Collect Calls Bag
Practice Your Scales Belt
Wednesday I'm in Love Top
RSVPerfect Earrings in Black  
Real Bow-Getter Headband

Saturday, October 19, 2013


For the last few years this has been one of my go to outfits when I don't know what to wear. It features a few of my most reliable and favourite pieces. This dress truly represents my style: I adore polka dots, they are the absolute best ever. The dress is from Bardot, which used to be one of my favourite stores. Now I never shop there because the style has changed so much. It used to be far more girly and classic. It's still a good shop; I know so many people that love Bardot but it's just not me anymore. I treasure all my older clothes from Bardot. I love to pair this dress with a myriad of different coloured shoes and accessories; it is very versatile. One day when I'm feeling brave I think I'll try some pattern mixing; my dress would provide an excellent basis for that. For me, red is the most obvious choice to pair with this dress. I wear this cardigan with anything and everything (see my remix post here). I thought it would be fun to style the look with double polka dots. As soon as I purchased these amazing shoes from Florsheim (featured here), I thought it would be cool to style them with this particular dress and my almost matching polka dot hair bow. I believe little ideas and detailing such as this can add so much to an outfit to take it to the next level. Now the warmer weather is arriving, I can resume wearing my vintage style cat eye sunglasses I love them so much. As I was thinking about the individual pieces to this outfit, I realised that my mother in law bought me so many of them- the dress, hair bow and amazing unique sunglasses. How lovely! My lip bag which I received courtesy of OASAP is making yet another appearance; I'm getting so much use out of it. It's so wonderful to receive a products which genuinely reflects my style. I haven't hadd the chance to take outfit pictures for a little while so these pictures are from a couple of weeks ago. Next outfit post will be with my new Marc Jacobs mouse flats which I featured here

I'm so relieved it is the weekend. I've never needed a weekend more in my entire working life (although my full time working life has only been four months). Although my new job is going well and is relatively easy and stress free in comparison to my previous position, the hours are killing me. This week has been particularly bad; no matte how much sleep I've had I can't get used to leaving the house at 7am. I'm exhausted for the entire day. Ive felt extremely unwell too; I don't know ehat' wrong with me. There are random pains everywhere and I feel so weak. It has been a struggle to be at work spend so much time travelling on buses feeling like way. I wished I could have had some days offbut I currently have a contract role, I get paid by the hour, so I did my very best to put on a brave face and stick it out. I'm pleased with  myself for getting through the week. I hope it makes me stronger. I think I just need a good rest. That's enough of my complaining. Here's to a relaxing and restful weekend. 

At first I thought I wouldn't have much to write about this outfit but it's turned out to be one of my longer posts. My phone cover is almost identical in pattern to my shoes; I always forgot to include it as an accessory in my posts!



P1110990 copy


P1110999 copy


Alannah Hill You Gossip Cardigan
Florsheim Rhoda Kitten Heels
Bardot Polka Dot Dress
Alannah Hill Hair Bow
Vintage Style Sunglasses
Lip Shape Bag c/o OASAP

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Remix 003

Since these have been  one of my favourite and most popular pair of shoes this year,I thought it was only fair to dedicate an entire post to them! I've worn these shoes six times on my blog and probably about a million times in total so it's about time they become the subject of a remix post. I even wore them to work today. My sister bought me these shoes last Christmas. Last year I admired, and often borrowed, a  pair of my sister's yellow heels so she bought me my very own pair. It was so thoughtful and exciting. They add so much to a look; they have such a summery feel and really make the colours to an outfit pop. I adore pairing them with yellow accessories such as my hair flower and clutch bag. I like to highlight the yellow in my dresses and cardigans. I'd wear these with almost any of my outfit. There isn't much more to say about my shoes other than I LOVE them and they are perfect.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats

My exciting news for the week is that I'm now the proud owner of a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats! I've loved the iconic, sweet and popular shoe for an extremely long time but I never imagined I would ever own a pair. The detailing is adorable; the little whiskers coupled with the velvet nose are ears are simply perfection. I love the metallic silver because its both fun and versatile at the same time. I've worn them non stop since I received them earlier in the week; it sure brightens up the day wearing them to work. It feels like I'm with friends because of the cute little faces staring up at me. Now I want to name my shoes (Yes, I'm crazy!) They are the most comfortable shoes ever, it is incredible. This is the first time I've ever owned any clothes or shoes in the calibre of Marc Jacobs. It's so special and makes me feel very happy.  These beautiful mouse flats were a gift from my family and they come all the way from Melbourne. They are my early Christmas present (I'm that impatient). It's so wonderful to receive such a generous and meaningful gift; I truly treasure these shoes forever. It serves as a constant reminder of how much I value the people in my life.




Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats

Monday, October 7, 2013


This is definitely my all time favourite outfit; I dreamed of owning a rainbow dress for so many years and it was a miracle when I actually found one! The colour scheme and geometric print reminds me of the 1960s. This dress has always reminded me of my friend Alyssa from Butterflies on Mars. I love the fun and happy vibe to this dress, I adore the ruffle detailing and the silk crepe de chine material makes it so comfortable for summer. I also like how the shape  is different from my usual fit and flare dresses; it inspires me to wear straight slim lined dresses more often. The possibilities for styling are endless - to think that I could emphasise any one of the myriad of colours present in this dress is rather exciting. Next time I want to style this dress with blue accessories such as my Ruche heels which I posted here. I undoubtedly thought yellow accessories would be the most striking and I absolutely adore yellow these days (despite having a love-hate relationship with it for so many years). These yellow heels that my sister bought me last Christmas have been one of the most amazing, popular and most utilised pieces I've ever owned. I love them so much and these shoes have the ability to add so much to any outfit. I was lucky to find the yellow clutch in the shops (I always find it so difficult to acquire yellow bags) and it was the last one left. I wore this outfit to a 21st birthday party on Saturday night. I can't wait until I wear it again.

1376764_10151623486845950_1270968818_nIt's a long weekend here which I greatly appreciate; given the early hours of my job I need to catch up on sleep. As I'm sure you all know I left my last job which was absolutely heartbreaking at the time but as it turns out you were all right - there was something better just around the corner for me. I truly can't believe it because I never possibly thought another job could take the place of my last one.  I am satisfied with my current job and there are a myriad of benefits with my last job did not possess. Life sure is random - the way the situation cut me so deeply at the time but was overall positive in the long run. I've been at my new job for a week and a half. It is a legal job and therefore more relevant to what I studied at university. It's also a much healthier environment in terms of work life balance; I'm no longer completely married to my job an the workplace is more relaxed. The only downside is that it's a contract job and very much tied to the current political environment so I know it's not forever. I'll definitely enjoy it for the time being and make the most of the opportunity .Thank you for your support and kind words which, in the end, proved to be true...the views from my new office aren't too bad either! See above.









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Alannah Hill Stung By A Bee Dress
Zu Heels 
Collette Clutch Bag
Lovisa Earrings
Glosss Hair Flower

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Guest Post at My Modern Vintage

Today I'm blogging for my friend Ilana at My Modern Vintage. Check out my post on Jackie Kennedy fashion here


Photos from John. F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Latest Trend: Tartan

As we all know, tartan has made an impact as a trend in recent times. Tartan, in contrast with the floral and polka dot prints that I wear most frequently, isn't exactly the softest or girliest print to wear. However, I have always liked tartan and I've found a few ways to align the print with my personal style. Tartan reminds me of my childhood. Remember those tartan pencil cases we used to take to school in the 1990s? I also owned the most beautiful tartan dress when I was a young girl and it will forever be one of my favourite pieces. I wish I could find a picture of it right now. The tartan dress pictured below from Alannah Hill is the latest item I am totally in love with. I tried it on the other day. I adore it because the tight pencil style fit, the low cut neckline and the pink lining are the perfect contrast with the tartan print. I like the way these elements balance out; it's the same with my blue tartan coat which I wore here. I've always loved tartan shoes especially tartan flats (there are so many beautiful tartan colour combinations that look adorable for shoes). But let's be honest, I'm never going to be wearing a pair of tartan boots because that just doesn't suit my personal style. I like to wear tartan shoes with a classy and feminine cut, often combined with a bow or jewel. I love tartan accessories particularly tartan scarves. I have a couple which I've had for years. If it was winter here right now I'd love to pair a tartan scarf and gloves with a camel coloured coat. In terms of this Vivienne Westwood tartan bag, what more do I need to say? It speaks for itself surely!?

Latest Trend: Tartan

Photos from: Alannah Hill, Vivienne Westwood, Topshop, Dsquared2, Fausto Puglisi, JCrew, Chelsea Doll