Sunday, February 26, 2012


It feels like a very long time since I last posted an outfit, where has all the time gone? The last few weeks have just flown by and I feel like I haven't even had time to catch up. Summer holidays have come to an end and university is starting back this week. I am so scared of going back and I will miss the freedom of summer holidays so much. It is the worst feeling ever knowing that I had three months to do whatever I wanted and to make changes to my life but it is now over. I just have to remember that I cannot control how fast time passes by! I'm trying not to see going back to class as a big deal because that will just stress me out. In reality, it may not be completely full on right from the first week and I won't have to give up other parts of my life that I love.

I wore this outfit yesterday for my mum's birthday when I saw 'The Artist' at the cinema. I wasn't expecting much from that movie as I certainly had my doubts as to whether a black and white silent movie was capable of captivating an audience, but it was actually a very enjoyable movie. I thought it was interesting how words were not even needed to tell a story.

I've been trying to incorporate lots of colour into my outfits lately either in the form of colour blocking which I posted here or pops of colour against a black dress which I posted here. This outfit is no exception and these are my favorite types of outfits right now.

2012-02-25 14.09.47

2012-02-25 14.12.38

2012-02-25 14.14.06

2012-02-25 14.12.19

2012-02-25 14.09.50

2012-02-25 14.10.01

Forever New Jasmine Polka Dot Dress
Alannah Hill Lunacy Lover Hair Clip
Kenji Shoes
Diana Ferrari Bag

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Item of the Week 020

Today I am featuring this beautiful oversized polka dot hair bow from Alannah Hill that I received as a gift on Friday. At first I wondered whether making a post about just a hair bow would provide enough substance, but then I realised that this bow is absolutely incredible and much more amazing than an average bow. This hair bow excites me so much! I often write about the fact that I love to stand out because of my fashion because I find that my personality makes me fade into the background so I definitely believe that this massive bow will draw attention to me. I can't wait to wear this pretty accessory for the first time. I think this would have contributed to a fantastic Valentine's Day outfit.

I thought that five pictures of just the hair bow would be too repetitive so I asked little Juliette and my metre long bear to model the bow for me. They were very compliant. Thank you!





Today marks my blog's three year anniversary. I simply cannot believe I've had this blog for so long, the time has passed by so incredibly fast. I believe I've come a long way with my blog and I like the way that my style has evolved. The blog world has helped me gain inspiration and develop my own sense of style and creativity. I look back now and my initial posts were terrible. I'm so happy with all the improvements I've made. My blog isn't as popular as I'd like it to be but that is ok because its an interest that I greatly enjoy and I am very grateful for the friendships that I have made here and I have learned a lot. Thank you everyone!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today's outfit is also my entry into Bloggers Do It Better where Kristina has challenged us to wear red! I was very happy to find out that the latest Bloggers Do It Better features red because I have so many red clothes and it has always been one of my favourite colours to wear. I have a few red skirts such as this one and many red dresses including this one. Red clothes are one of my weaknesses that I cannot resist in the shops. However, despite my abundance of red clothes, I wish the current challenge was a couple of weeks ago because my red dress with the peter pan collar that I posted here would have been perfect. The dress I'm wearing in this post has been one of my favourite dresses over the last couple of weeks. I love the shape and fit of the dress and of course the best part of this dress is the big bow at the back. In my opinion, more clothes should have bows!

I was able to quickly fit in some outfit pictures today before a massive storm. It turns out that the overcast weather provided perfect lighting and the looming storm provided for some cool pictures.

Recently Rydog and I joined the gym, along with Rydog's family. When I was a child and a teenager, my whole life was sport. I trained and participated in competitive swimming, running, tennis and netball for many years. I loved sports and I achieved a great deal of success from them. But eventually it reached a point where I was over it and I decided to quit all sports and try something new in my life. I guess you could say it was around that time that I started to take an interest in fashion. I remember my past largely in stages, by my interest in sport and my interest in fashion. For the last few years I thought that there was no point exercising because I was happy with my body and I was thin without physical activity. So it is quite surprising and spontaneous that I decided to join the gym last week. I guess it is because I wanted to increase Rydog's motivation to go and everyone else in the family is going too. I've only been to the gym twice since I joined but so far I've found it fun. I think I still have a little bit of my interest in sports left in me. I felt a great deal of satisfaction from running on the treadmill again and realising that I haven't totally lost my abilities. I love the feeling afterwards knowing that I've achieved something. I'm wondering whether this is because I've only been a couple of times and going to the gym is a new novelty. I'm hoping my enthusiasm for it will last. So far it is positive.

Right now, more than anything, I am super obsessed with tenpin bowling. Rydog and I go bowling a couple of times a weeks (and I'd go more if it were less expensive). It is seriously the most fun activity in the whole world for me. Last night I scored 157, so close to my all time high score of 160. I totally wish I could become a professional tenpin bowler. But this is just one of the fantasies in my head along with my wild dreams of becoming a singer, a model, a professional tennis player and a fashion designer.

2012-02-12 15.16.05

2012-02-12 15.17.41

2012-02-12 15.15.52

2012-02-12 15.15.18

2012-02-12 15.17.31

2012-02-12 15.15.58

2012-02-12 15.17.47

2012-02-12 15.16.08

Forever New Stripe Bow Dress

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Alannah Hill Collection

This week I've been without my computer since it is being repaired so I've been unable to do very much blogging. I feel completely lost without my computer. I didn't realise the extent of my dependency on my computer until this week. I can't wait to get it back!

I absolutely love the latest collection at Alannah Hill. It is even more beautiful than the previous collections, in my opinion so I thought I would post the pictures here. I desperately wish I could afford these clothes so I could have this lovely wardrobe.













Photos from Alannah Hill

Sunday, February 5, 2012


This outfit is extremely different from my usual style since it is much more casual and it involves jeans. It is probably the most casual sort of outfit I would ever wear because I much prefer dressy looks involving skirts and dresses but I did try and dress up this t shirt and jeans combo as much as possible by wearing heels. My recent appreciation for coloured jeans coupled with my love of colour blocking, inspired me to wear this outfit. Also, pink, blue and green is one of my favourite colour combinations right now. The other day someone on Polyvore told me that green and blue do not work together since they are close on the colour wheel. I was really shocked. A number of my recent outfits such as this one feature blue and green together and I thought it looked good. Also, if blue and green didn't work together then why would so many stores such as Forever New, feature dresses in the two colours at the moment? For example, I believe that this blue and green dress looks amazing! I love to wear bright colours because I like standing out because of my clothes. I don't have the personality to stand out in a group and I feel so frustrated every single day that I just seem to fade into the background, so if my clothes make me stand out then at least that's something!

2012-02-04 17.25.47

2012-02-04 17.27.27

2012-02-04 17.28.24

2012-02-04 17.27.34

2012-02-04 14.15.58

Forever New Jordyn Colour Block Stripe Tee
JayJays Deep Blue Jeans
Seychelles Heels