Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Last Friday a very crazy and revolutionary event happened- I decided to wear jeans. I couldn't believe the reaction I received at work, so many people commented on my different wardrobe choice, it really was one of the major topics of conversation in the office. The last time I wore jeans was probably at least a year ago and many of you have probably never seen it on my blog. I usually don't like to wear jeans because they're not particularly girly, they are obviously more casual which often doesn't fit with my dressy style and I actually find skirts/dresses much more comfortable. However, I think coloured jeans and the amount of pink in this look counteracts some of the issues I generally have with pants. This outfit is my attempt to making jeans as girly and in accordance with my personal style as possible. Another reason behind my outfit choice was my desire to wear this jacket. It's a piece I purchased last year from Dangerfield but I never have enough opportunities to wear it. I've tried many combinations but it simply doesn't suit dresses or skirts and can really only be worn with jeans. I love it; the colour mix is very unique and the boucle texture is extremely beautiful. A boucle design always reminds me of Chanel which then creates a classy and luxurious feel. I am always drawn to this type of material. Following on from the Chanel inspired and pink theme, I added my pink look alike Chanel handbag which y sister in law got me from overseas. I wrote about this bag here and how I think it's an excellent version of the original. I'm often surprised when people make comments about how there is only one Chanel and the look alike versions are no comparison to the real versions. I understand that's the case in theory and the real Chanel is definitely my dream bag but for most average people such as myself there is no way in the world I would have a spare few thousand dollars to spend on a bag. It isn't even an option so it's really a choice between a look alike version or nothing and I know which I'd prefer. I had a lot of trouble accurately reflecting the colours in these photos. When I view the pictures on some computers the jeans look very pale and on other computers they are much brighter. They are actually very bright and neon in person.








Dangerfield Jacket
Forever New Jeans
Chanel look a-like Handbag
Mimco Infinite Pi Pumps 

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

New In

Kitten D'Amour Hello Sailor Trench Coat 
A couple of weeks ago I made a trip to the Kitten D'Amour store in The Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. I was actually in search of the 'High Society Opera' dress which I've mention many times on my blog because it had sold out in my size online. I did in fact find that dress but I also instantly fell in love with this coat. When I saw it online previously, I liked it, but it certainly didn't stand out to me. The main negative, from the online photo, was the length; it's a shorter coat and slightly flared so the way the model wore it with a knee length pencil skirt made me unsure. I also thought that a coat so short would not be very versatile. However, I decided to try it on in the store because it was so beautiful in person and it became a different story. The model is obviously very tall because, while it's still one of my shorter coats, it's very workable with my wardrobe. I often find coats somewhat plain and it's rare to see a patterned rather than block colour coat. I like this piece for it's creative design and uniqueness. I have always loved nautical themed pieces and the detailing is very lovely. I didn't expect to buy this but I loved it so much that it just sort of happened...at least it was 50% off.

Modcloth Bea & Dot Pretty as a Purr-trait Skirt
What is there not to love about a skirt that is completely covered by cats? As a kitty cat lover, I've had my eye on this piece for awhile and it was inevitable that it would find it's way to my wardrobe eventually. The frame details add a lot to an already completely adorable design. I love how the white cat reminds me of my pretty kitty Juliette Princess Miracle and I adore how the tabby cat reminds me of my gorgeous Puss who was my kitty for most of my life growing up. It's nice when clothes have such lovely memories attached. This is from Modcloth's own range, Bea & Dot. I have a few pieces from there including my cupcake dress. The prints are so fun and very unique; they are designs which it would be rare to find elsewhere. I love everything about this skirt except that it was slightly too long. However, this was fixable; as I mentioned with my last post, I believe above knee are the only style of skirt that suit me. I look forward to showing this in an outfit post soon.

Kitten D'Amour High Society Dress
Finally I have tracked down this gorgeous dress and I am its proud owner. This is undoubtedly my favourite dress I have seen in an extremely long time. I admire the beautiful detailing such as the velvet ribbons and the lace, the classy and sophisticated colour scheme, the impressively structured 1950s silhouette, the excellent quality and the overall vintage element. I've mentioned this treasure on my blog many times before. I initially didn't purchase it because I couldn't justify spending the money since it started at $229 and Kitten D'Amour is an expensive store. It eventually came on sale but quickly sold out online in my size; at this point I thought I'd miss out forever. Fortunately I found one in the store and was able to secure this amazing dress. I can understand why it was selling so quickly; there is an adorable tag inside which states that this particular piece is number 84 of only 200 ever made in this design. I can't wait to wear it and will look out for any available opportunity. I have an important event in mind actually.

Modcloth When the Planets A-Dine Plates
I've mentioned these planet themed plates a number of times so I'm very pleased they've now made their way into my apartment. Ive never seen anything like this before; they are such a fun and exciting idea. The colours are vibrant and the plates are durable (and even dishwasher safe!) My favourite designs are definitely the earth plate that the saturn plate. As it says on the packaging, "make every meal out of this world" and "put a new spin on dinner!" My husband loves these plates as much as I do so it's great this was a purchase we can both enjoy.

Modcloth Bea & Dot High Socie-tea Dress in Macaron
I know a number of bloggers who own this dress and I just love it when I own the same dress as one of my online friends; it makes me love being a part of this community. A special shout out to Bristol of Colour Me Bristol who styled this dress here, and Ashley of Southern (California) Belle who styled the dress here.  I'd had my eye on this dress for an extremely long time but it was rather expensive and for months and months, I felt bad about spending so much on the dress. Eventually it came on sale and I didn't want it to sell out so I bought it. I'm so pleased that I did. The fit is perfect, the pattern and colours are even more beautiful in person, and it's excellent quality being fully lined. I can't wait to style it with my collection of colourful cardigans. The only issue I had with this dress was the length. It's the same as my sunflower skirt from my previous post. The dress is supposed to be more of a midi length. While that design looks fabulous on others, it swamps me and the extra material just doesn't suit me. It seems like I'm getting pretty much everything I buy online hemmed at the moment. 

Those are my latest purchases and I look forward to styling them in future outfit posts. Let me know what you've purchased recently.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Hi everyone. Today I wanted to show you my sunflower skirt from my recent Modcloth haul. I’ve done a lot of shopping lately so I’m hoping to put together a post to collectively show you all my new pieces. My spending is a little out of control at the moment because I’ve been feeling sad and bored with life and shopping is the only way I know how to deal with my feelings. I really need to sort out my spending but for now I will just enjoy the clothes. Modcloth has some great sales lately and this skirt was a bargain. I’ve had it for awhile now but I still consider it new since this weekend was my first time wearing it because it needed to be hemmed. Fortunately my mum was generous and kind enough to hem the skirt for me. It was a bigger job than most- the full circle design of this skirt means there was a mass of material! This skirt is actually supposed to be a midi skirt design- in the Modcloth Style Gallery so many people have styled the midi length skirt beautifully. However, that length just does not suit me. It’s too much material and I think it swamps me. So, to make it more consistent with my personal style, I got it hemmed to above the knee. I thought that was a good balance since it’s still long enough to maintain the shape and the pattern. This skirt is just asking to be paired with yellow so the obvious choice was my Alannah Hill cardigan. This has been a good cardigan over the years but I’m sad that it’s started to lose its shape; it’s no longer fitted and I wouldn’t wear it with all the buttons closed because it would look really baggy. While I’d never say Alannah Hill cardigans are ever bad quality, there is certainly a huge variation with the quality. Some are made from gorgeous material that would last pretty much forever and others are fairly average. Unfortunately this one probably won’t last much longer. The weather is extremely cold at the moment, I cannot even deal with it. It was absolutely freezing taking these photos. These are my inside clothes at the moment. If you were to see me at the bus stop in the mornings I’d definitely be sporting a different look- coat, scarf, gloves and even tracksuit pants.




Crazy stuff!



Hell Bunny Sunflower Sunset Skirt from Modcloth
Alannah Hill Til it Shines Cardigan 
Alannah Hill 'Hold Me Down' Bag
Florsheim Heels

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Makeup Review: Savvy High Shine and Ultra Matte Lipglosses

Hi everyone. Today I have a different style of post which is a makeup review. I don't often post about makeup because 1. I'm not particularly proficient at makeup and 2. I have the same makeup every single day. However I thought it could be interesting to show a different dimension to my blog and also I found an amazing new product which I really wanted to share...that is the Savvy High Shine and Ultra Matte lipglosses. 

I found these at Priceline. I wasn't familiar with the brand but I believe it is an Australian brand. I was impressed by the colour range and the affordability of only $7.99. (I was able to purchase three or four lip glosses for the price I'd normally pay for one). For this product, some of the colours are a high shine version and others are a matte version. I like both so much that I now own four different shades. I often feel extremely frustrated when buying lipglosses and lipcolours. This is mainly because it is so difficult to find products that actually stay on the lips and are intense enough in their shade. I often find colour ranges generic and boring so the variety of Savvy colours immediately stood out.  Both the high shine and matte appear glossy when applied but soon after the matte version loses its wetness and sets. It stays on slightly better than the gloss version and is more smudge proof but both generally perform well in this area. I sometimes add clear gloss over the top of the matte version because I prefer the shiny look.  I like to be brave when it comes to lip colours. I hope I can build up the courage to try the bright orange version. I'm very pleased to discover this product and can't speak highly enough of it. For me, there are no negatives. (I apologise these photos aren't the best- Expect to see more of these lipglosses, incorporated into my outfits, on my blog. 

Main Benefits:
-affordability (only $7.99)
-colour range

It may not appear so from the photos but this is definitely the colour which is most out of my comfort zone. It's extremely unique and stands out so much once applied. I look really different in this colour. However I like that and it's the shade which made me go back to Priceline to purchase subsequent colours. It reminds me of Barbie pink. This colour comes in the high gloss version and is perfectly suits my existing girly look.

Rodeo Drive
This is more of a fluro shade than it appears in this photo and makes such a statement. It;s extremely bright and fun and I rarely see a makeup product in this hue. This is the colour I've been utilising the most lately and is quite possibly my favourite in the range. This colour comes in the matte version.

Fame and Glory
As a lover of the classic red lip, I'm very fussy when it comes to finding the right red lipgloss but this one meets my standards. Since it's a safe choice for me and has formed part of my everyday makeup routine for awhile now, it was definitely a must buy. It's a lighter shade of red (I note a deeper shade of red is available in this range and is called "Miss Monroe which I prefer. This colour comes in the high gloss version and is perfectly suits my existing look.  

This is a purple hue so I wasn't sure of exactly what to expect from the shade. However, I am very impressed and it makes a fun alternate to the generic reds and pinks that we so often see. I am surprised by the wearability of this colour; it comes out much more purple on the swatch but really fits in with the rest of my makeup once applied. It' reminds me of a mulberry pink/purple shade. This colour comes in the matte version.

Savvy High Shine and Ultra Matte lipglosses are available from Priceline here. There are several other shades. The next one I want to try is 'Bright Lights.'

Has anyone tried this product before? 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Daisy Print

Just a quick post today to show you a few pieces in one of my current favourite designs, which is daisy print. I know I'm not the only one to love all things daisy; it's a print which has made quite an impact in the blog world. It's also been popular for a little while now but, for me, it's not a passing trend because I think I'll like it forever. It follows on from my recent love of yellow; it's a very fun and happy design. I don't have too many daisy items myself but I would like to collect more. It has inspired me to wear my daisy print dress again which I posted here. I've had it for a couple of years and it's still the best. I also have my daisy embellished flats which I posted here. Of course I have my Marc by Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance and  a daisy collage wouldn't be complete without that. At the top of my daisy wishlist is the beautiful bag in the collage which I also showed you here.

Daisy Print

Friday, July 11, 2014


Finally, after a lengthy search, I have found myself a galaxy dress. I’m very late in catching on to the galaxy trend; I have always loved the concept of galaxy but it was a matter of finding the right piece. This dress is from Modcloth and I purchased it in the recent sale along with a few other dresses and skirts which I look forward to showing you. There are many different variations on the galaxy theme but it is the colour mix I like about this particular dress. It’s also very versatile and well suited to my wardrobe. I have lots of pink and in the last year I’ve acquired a number of turquoise and duck egg blue pieces from Alannah Hill. After wearing the dress a couple of times with my pink cardigan I thought it would be fun to pick up the darker background colour and switch to a navy blue cardigan. I liked the way it turned out. My turquoise ‘Hold Me Down’ bag from Alannah Hill was too much of a perfect match not to pair with my galaxy dress. I went for silver heels since metallic/silver reminds me of outer space! Speaking of galaxy print, I ended up purchasing the ‘When the Planets A-Dine’ Plate Set from Modcloth which I posted in my wishlist here. I’m so happy with my galaxy plates and love the way they look in the house. As it says on the box “put a new spin on dinner” and “make every meal out of this world.”







Modcloth 'Day off the Grid Dress in Galaxy'
Alannah Hill 'My Crushing Crush' Cardigan
Mimco Kiss Heels
Alannah Hill 'Hold Me Down' Bag

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Sunday, July 6, 2014


Today I have my new dress, which I received courtesy of OASAP, to show you. I also own this dress in purple which I posted here . Often, when I find a piece I love from OASAP, I order it in multiple colours; I can have true confidence in my order. Also I've wanted a white dress for so long. A white dress is so clean, fresh, classy and beautiful. From what I've observed, the little white dress is starting to take on the properties of the little black dress or the little red dress; it's a must have piece. I look forward to spring when I can wear this little white dress in all its glory. Today I had to make it more appropriate for winter. I like the way this combination came together; it's one of the rare occasions where I didn't give it much thought but it seemed to work. I knew I wanted to wear a piece which had been under utilised in recent times; the cardigan (and bag actually) fit that criteria as it's been sitting around in my wardrobe for far too long. I adore heart print and rainbow hearts are even better! The star fish earrings pictured above are from the same OASAP order. They are one of my favourite pairs since they are super adorable and incorporate two of my favourite aspects- rainbow colours and pearls. The same goes for my USA flag print bag. It's so unique and the beaded detailing is really beautiful. I've had this bag since I was about 14 or 15 years old. At that time, and for many years, I was super obsessed with the USA. I loved American accents especially, knew a lot about the country and desperately wanted to visit. So my aunt bought me this bag for Christmas one year. It was really thoughtful and is special to me today since it brings back so many memories. I still haven't been to the USA but I would very much like to (if I can ever get past my fear of plans and my inability to save money). We can also see this bag as a contribution to all the Independence Day inspired looks I have been seeing on blogs lately. I did wear green on St Patrick's Day so that's only fair! On another note, my blog seems to give an unrealistic view of the weather in Sydney. It appears from my pictures that it's pretty warm here.  While it's a warmer winter than usual and we probably don't know the true meaning of the season in Australia, I sure think it's freezing walking to the bus stop at 7.15 in the mornings for work. I'm mostly seen in my pink coat and a scarf these days. even at the office I even had to resort to taking an electric blanket in to work it's so cold; it increases the motivation to go to work a little. 

Thank you so much for your comments on my last post. It was so incredibly lovely and I am very grateful. I didn't expect so many of you to take the time to actually read my whole post and to go to the effort of leave me a reassuring comment and speaking about a topic other than fashion. I expected maybe a few people would do that but definitely not in the quantity I received. Your support doesn't go unnoticed and it helps a little given that I feel so alone most of the time. I hope that one day I can write about how I came through the other side but for now that will have to remain a very distant hope.









Lush Lace Short Sleeve Chiffon Dress c/o OASAP
Alannah Hill Queen of Hearts Cardigan
Mimco First Kiss Pumps
USA Flag Print Beaded Handbag 
Beaded Star Fish Earrings c/o OASAP 

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Firstly I wanted to share my happy and bright outfit with you. In recent times I've come to love yellow despite many years of not wearing it previously. I was really missing out because I absolutely adore yellow and now I'm slowly building up a collection of yellow pieces. I've had this cardigan for awhile and it instantly adds so much to a look. I love the beads, detailing and sequin buttons. Also following on from the yellow theme is this coat I received courtesy of Sheinside. This is a website I've come across recently; they have some lovely pieces and are definitely worth checking out. A yellow coat is an item I've wanted from ages so it was an obvious choice for me. I love the little bow and the collarless design seems very modern. I like the length of it against my floral skirt. This skirt has been one of my favourites for so many years. Not only do I adore the colourful floral design, I think the embroidered detailing is a special feature. It's another treasure which my mother in law bought me back in the days I miss so much. My shoes deserve a mention since they are my latest bargain. Can you believe I purchased these from Kmart for only $15. I love them so much that I'm tempted to buy many pairs and stock them up so I can wear these shoes for ever. I actually like the shoes in Kmart and Target, if you're there at the right time you can undoubtedly find bargains.

My blog makes me feel like I'm living a lie. The life I present here with the endless supply of clothes, bright colours, pretty pieces, kitty cats and unicorns is so different to how I feel in reality. I am the most depressed, miserable, unhappy and worthless person in the world. I try not to make my blog about that my hopelessness but occasionally I just can't stand being so fake. You are all so nice to me by complimenting my outfits and saying I'm sweet and kind (your friendship has saved me many times) but I doubt you'd like me in real life. I've always found it hard to make friends and initiate conversations but now it's becoming worse. My depression has ruined all my relationships; I'm hard to be around because I'm always sad, I feel like a burden no one understands me and I'm taken my anger out on others more times than I like to remember. I feel alone and unwanted. I feel like a shadow of my former self and powerless to change. I am so horrendously unhappy. It's a struggle to get out of bed on the weekend to take these pictures. In the past I've written about some of my experiences with depression and anxiety; I even mentioned how work gave me a purpose and changed my life immensely. All of that means nothing now and I feel stupid for saying it. My depression returned this year and to an absolutely unprecedented level; the pain and anger I feel towards the world is indescribable. Each day is a struggle and I feel so hopeless. I'd be here forever if I were to explain it all. I've tried so many times to make changes and have a fresh start but it never works. I'm exhausted and don't have the strength. I guarantee that tomorrow I'll feel just the same, eternal suffering, forever in pain. People ask me if I've tried certain things to improve my situation or get help. I assure you I've tried everything imaginable. There's no happy ending for me but when others believe in me more than I do myself, it provides a little hope.  










Forever New Floral Embroidery Skirt
Forever New 'From Paris with Love Bag'
Alannah Hill Til It Shines Cardigan
Girl Xpress Floral Top
Girl Xpress Flats 
Yellow Bowknot Front H-Line Simple Wool Blend Coat c/o Sheinside

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