Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Last Wednesday and Thursday we experienced some beautiful, incredible and amazing summer like weather in winter. I can't even begin to explain how much I love the warm weather; it can never be too hot in my opinion and it instantly makes me feel much happier about life. It was such a bonus to have this weather when I wasn't expecting it too and it's interesting to see the value that is placed on the first warm day of the season. I noticed how fast people were to bring out pretty summer dresses and even spend time at the beach. I decided to take advantage of the day by wearing my backless dress from Dotti for the first time. I posted it here. I wanted to wear my navy blue heels to match my dress but I had a lot of walking last Wednesday so I thought a simple pair of silver flats would be much more reasonable. I'm sure I'll have other opportunities to wear heels with this dress. The lace on the dress coupled with the backless feature meant that minimal accessorising was quite acceptable. 

The warm weather makes me want to buy some new summer dresses. I've got a very busy week but I want to make some time to look around the shops. Review and Dotti have the best dresses right now. 





I can't believe how red my hair looks in the sun!




Dotti Blue & Green Lace Skater Dress
Forever New Glitter Flats
Equip Hair Bow 

Monday, August 20, 2012


 As I'm sure you are aware, my presence in the blogsphere over the last few weeks has been rather minimal. It's been a difficult and challenging time for me lately; I've felt very uninspired and unhappy with both my life and myself so I haven't had the motivation for anything really.  One day I hope I will find the courage and the right words to write about my recent experiences. I'm  feeling a little better and I'm definitely trying to be more positive but lets just say I could do with some support right now. I'm ready to be here again; I've missed it.

The weather has been substantially sunnier and warmer lately. I can definitely tell that spring is on its way. I can't wait until I can wear my pretty summer dresses again. I've certainly worn this red Alannah Hill cardigan a lot this winter; it's definitely my most worn item of the season. This is good for my blog because I've wanted to start a series of remix posts for awhile where I show all the different ways I've styled an item.  Ive seen this idea on  a few other blogs and I've always thought it was a cool idea. Once I've accummulated enough photos, I'm sure this will be my first item.
I desperately want to curl my hair (preferably without heat) but I have no idea how to. Does anyone know how to do this (especially relevant to short hair). Please let me know.







Lumiere Necklace 
Alannah Hill Cardigan
Dangerfield Top
Revival Skirt
Wittner Kilton Flats
Equip Hair Bow

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Item of the Week 023

Hello everyone. I am back from my unexpected absence.  I made such an effort to post regularly during the holidays but somehow the last week and a half got away from me; it passed by so extremely quickly that I didn't have much time for posting. This was largely because of the Olympics. Keeping updated with both the tennis and swimming was very time consuming. I even got up at 4.30am every morning for a week to watch the swimming. The early mornings were challenging for a person who usually sleeps until the afternoon but it was completely worth it; I enjoyed it immensly.

Today I am featuring my 'I Told Them Nothing' cardigan from Alannah Hill which is my most recent purchase. I mentioned a number of weeks ago that I am on a spending ban in order to save money for the myriad of expenses that I will have to incur at the end of this year. I wrote rather extensively about my situation here.  I temporarily broke my spending ban to purchase this cardigan but only because I recently won $750. I saved the majority of the money and thought it was justifiable to purchase one item for myself. Overall being on a spending ban has changed my way of thinking. I actually don't have the temptation to buy clothes as often knowing that money is not as readible available as it used to be. Also, an item must be of an incredible or amazing standard now for me to justify purchasing it . In the past I'd buy pretty much anything that was reasonable or I liked just a little. I'm proud of the way I'm changing my spending habits. Also, unemployment has been difficult. In my experience there are few things more damaging to one's self esteem than the inability to get a job. But I've found a couple of alternative ways of making money which make me feel better. I believe some will run out in the near future (there are only so many items I can sell on ebay) but for now, I'm happy with the progress I've made. Anyway, onto the cardigan...

I couldn't decide whether to purchase this cardigan in dark blue or pink. I knew dark blue was a much more sensible option (it would have gone with so many of my clothes) but I can never resist a pink item since it's my favourite colour. I simply had to choose pink! I love how this is such a statement piece. It sparkles so much in real life. I adore how the three types of sequins form a beautiful arrangement. The buttons are equally lovely. I also like the shorter length. Crop cardigans are so hard to find that I generally snap them up immediately. I cannot wait to wear this cardigan. Unfortunately I don't have any upcoming events in the foreseeable future but hopefully I can make an opportunity arise. It is a very special piece to me. (I also got it for a heavily discounted price)

I've been back at university for a week now and it is as boring as ever. Fortunately it's my last semester and  I have one less subject than usual!



It's actually more pink than orange; I just have a very average camera.