Wednesday, November 27, 2013


dd1e3770566c11e3acc80e17087b459f_7The good news is that, despite the crazy weather, we are able to attend my husband’s work Christmas party on Saturday night. It looked really uncertain all day; with constant periods of sunshine followed by showers so I sure was happy once the rain decided to hold off for the evening. We had the best night; the highlights were the spectacular views and the unlimited free alcohol! I had a lot of trouble deciding what to wear. Although I have a number of pretty dresses, I tend to use them more as my everyday/ work wear. I like to feel as though I’m dressing up beyond that level when I have a special night out and I don’t have many formal/cocktail dresses (just my logic of overdressing). In the end this logic completely went out the window and I chose yet another floral fit and flare Review dress. Oh well! I was happy with my choice (and for once I dressed sensibly 7281c5c0575311e3b7690abdc4c80629_7and wasn’t freezing cold all night on the boat) and I chose to maximise the accessories and sparkle in my outfit instead. Unfortunately the pictures don’t show them well but I decided to wear my wedding shoes. I’ve only worn them a few times but I just love getting additional use out of them beyond just their wedding purpose; it also adds a bit of glamour for a night time look. I also posted them here and here. While on the topic of sequins, I love to wear this cardigan and I think it adds so much to a look. I've had so much use out of it in the last year(I even couldn't resist the temptation to wear it to work today; since when has the prospect of looking a little out of place in a staff meeting bothered me?). It sparkles so much in real life. I adore how the three types of sequins form a beautiful arrangement. The buttons are equally lovely. I'm pretty obsessed with flower crowns right now too. 









Review Jardin Dress
Lovisa Flower Crown
Diva Earrings
Sigma Sequin Heels (my wedding shoes)
Alannah Hill 'I Told Them Nothing' Cardigan

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Today my look is all about tartan, and it’s a great time for it since tartan is such a massive trend at the moment (although I wish I’d had the opportunity to take these photos a week ago because I missed out on some super exciting and fun tartan link ups recently). I have always loved tartan and I think I always will. When I was a young girl, I owned a gorgeous tartan dress and it has been one of my favourite prints ever since; how I wish I still had that dress! When I saw the dress pictured below at Alannah Hill (and on sale) I knew I had to add it to my collection because it reminds me of my very first tartan dress all those years ago. Do you have memories like that? I adore the tight pencil style fit of this dress, the pink lining, the low cut neckline and the subtle pink detailing. These girly elements are the perfect contrast with the harsher tartan print.  I love the composition of this dress- the wool feels so beautiful to wear. For more of my opinion on tartan see my post here about my favourite tartan pieces.

I purchased my ‘Love’ necklace from Sportsgirl a few days ago during my lunch break at work. I’m finding this a frequent problem. Despite there being minimal clothes stores where I work (that’s probably a good thing given the absence of any self control on my part), there are a myriad of beauty, accessory, trinket and stationary stores in the area. I always fall into the trap of thinking- that’s only $10, it doesn’t matter if I buy it (of course not thinking how much it will all add up). So I am watching myself! Anyway, I love my 'Love' necklace. It reminds me of the key chain in the Sex and the City movie. Also, I've commented on many blogs recently saying that I'd like to own a necklace of such description. It's great that I now have one! 

It's that time of year again when everyone is crazy busy. In the coming week I have a number of work related social events which will provide a wonderful opportunity for dressing up. Since I'm not a very outgoing person, I'm a little nervous about this, but at the same time, it's very exciting. It's my first six months out in the workforce and the concept of going to a fancy restaurant with important colleagues is still very much a new novelty for me. Work has changed my life in ways I never thought possible. I've been at my current job for two months now and it's one of the best things that's ever happened to me. When I left my last job, it was the most devastating experience and my whole world fell apart. I can't believe I found a job which I like more and provides a healthier work/life balance. This experience made me believe, for the first time, that things happen for a reason. One of the reasons I like my current job is because I'm made three wonderful friends; I value them so much and we get on really well. I also reunited with an old school friend that I hadn't seen for ten years and it's like we'd never been apart. There aren't many people that, in person, I don't feel self conscious around, but it is the case with this one special friend. It means so much to me.




This week I purchased the ‘HOPE’ keychain from the Butterfly Foundation. As many of you know, the Butterfly Foundation represents all people who are affected by negative body image and eating disorders; is all encompassing and recognises the impacts of people with the illness as well as family and friends. It operates a national support line to assist those effected by eating disorders and provides a wide range of recovery programs and support groups, while advocating for additional services from independent sources and the government in seeking treatment for recovery.I have a number of reasons for wishing to show my support to such an organisation; long story short- I've possessed unhealthy views surrounding body image ever since I was very young. However, in recent times it's anxiety and depression that I've struggled with and have completely consumed by life. Objectively I have a good life but underneath the surface (ie. behind the bright and sparkly clothes, excessive spending, pretty decorated apartment, kitty cats and unicorns etc.) I still very much fight 'the black dog' every day. While I'm doing much better these days (work helped me gain  sense of purpose and forcing myself to keep busy takes my mind off various troubles) I wouldn't describe any day as easy. I've learned a lot in recent times but I know I will be susceptible to the above-mentioned issues probably forever. What I'm trying to say is that I bought my 'HOPE' key chain with my own personal struggles in mind. I believe it can be interpreted in a wider context and can remind us all of the light no matter what we are going through. This is why I attach my 'HOPE' keychain to whatever bag I'm using for the day. I tell myself that I'm holding onto hope. While it doesn't fix things, I want it to serve as a constant reminder to maintain hope (no matter how small and even on the bad days when it seems impossible to dismiss my negative thoughts). It's for all of us really. Wow, that was very deep and personal...on a lighter note, it just screams Tiffany & Co. green!





I can't believe another working week is over; this week went so fast. This weekend I should be attending my husband's work Christmas party which is the annual cruise around Sydney harbour (if weather permits- what's with the weather at the moment, I heard it was the wettest November in over 25 years). It's looking like a 50/50 chance that we will attend at the moment. My sister is also moving in for five weeks. What are you doing this weekend? 

 Bowknot Shaped Earrings c/o Romwomen
Alannah Hill 'This Charming Girl' Dress
Kitty Cat Heels 
Kmart Hair Flower
Guess Bag
Sportsgirl 'Love' Necklace
'Hope' Keychain

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Instagram Photos 002

Today I thought I'd show you a collection of my Instagram photos. I know a lot of bloggers create this sort of post but the only other time I've done so is my post here displaying my Instagram wedding photos. I was browsing through my Instagram recently and released that I actually have some lovely photos on there which would make a great post for my blog; it's a snapshot of what I've been up to for the last few months. I think this will become a more regular feature of my blog.

L-R: 1. new earrings c/o Romwomen
2. Diwali celebration at work; I learned about Diwali for the first time, 
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats and Guess bag, 
4. The brightest Build a Bear ever; my sister got a job at Build a Bear and I went to support her, 
5. A few weeks ago it ws my kitty cat Juliette Miracle's 3rd birthday and we organised a birthday celebration, 
6. Unicorn night light which was a gift from family; it even changes colour! 
7. Juliette (quite literally) has excellent taste in shoes, 
8. Selfies and heart print, 
9. Florsheim shoes and Dangerfield bag; just a few of my favourite patterns, 
10. Was anyone else a fan of the Star Wars game on Nintendo 64 in the 1990s? I had all the laps records and was very proud of it at the time (although to be fair, I was only competing against my sister). I rediscovered this game at my parents house and it is still amazing, 
11. There's nothing quite like a brand new red lipstick, 
12. Macarons are my favourite and the packaging at Laduree is super sweet, 
13. Juliette looking out the window, 
14. I won the Melbourne Cup fashion competition at work and it was so exciting; I received movie tickets and the honour of having my name in the weekly newsletter. 
15. My collection of sheep; I used to hang out with them frequently when I was unemployed, 
16. I went shopping for some work appropriate earrings and came back with these; fortunately no one at work seems to mind, 
17. Unicorn hair pins which were also a gift from family, 
18. Juliette Princess Miracle and hello kitty love each other very much. 

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time out to read and support 'Step Up for Sisterhood Day' in my last post. It's very much appreciated.  

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Step Up for SISTERHOOD DAY - Friday 6th December

Good morning all. Today I wanted to introduce you to Step Up for SISTERHOOD DAY. I felt very honoured when I was contacted to promote the cause on my blog- there's so much more to my blog than fashion and it's a pleasure to draw awareness to such a worthwhile cause. I'm now a firm believer in early intervention to mitigate the flow on effects into adulthood. Child abuse and neglect is one of Australia's most significant social problems. Last year over 30 000 children in Australia were proven to have been abused or neglected. It's the young girls of Australa that are particularly vulnerable- girls are two to three times more likely to be abused than boys. 

On Friday 6th December Step Up for SISTERHOOD DAY will launch, inviting women across Australia to wear their favourite stilettos in exchnge for a gold coin donation.Step Up for Sisterhood Day will raise vital funding for the SISTER2SISTER program, Life Changing Experience Foundation's 12 month mentoring initiative that empowers vulnerable teenage girls to make positive life choices for a better future, Matched with 'Big Sister' role models for the year, the program takes the group of girls and their mentors on 'life changing' experiences monthly that help to build their confidence and show them a better path in life. 
Founder and chief executive officer of LCEF, Jessica Brown says, “There are thousands of young girls in Australia that need someone to fight for them. Step up for SISTERHOOD Day is about using the power of community to finally break the cycle of trauma, offering hope and support to the girls in this country who have fallen through the cracks or been left behind. It’s also a fabulous excuse to don your favourite pair of heels!” 

Workplaces are invited to register online at http://www.lifechangingexperiences.org/ and allocate a designated person from the workplace to collect the donations. Organisers will receive a Certificate of Appreciation and participants who register will also go into the draw to win fantastic prizes.

The SISTER2sister Program mentors girls ages between 12 and 18 who are ‘at risk’ due to extreme suffering as a direct result of trauma, bereavement, poverty, sexual abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse, neglect, homelessness, sickness/disability and destitution.  This includes girls from all nationalities, religions and socio economic groups. Girls are identified and nominated by school welfare systems, women’s refuges, ‘at risk’ youth programs such as ‘On Track’ and ‘Don Bosco House’, rape crisis centres and the general public, including parents.   

Individuals and workplaces re invited to register online at 
http://www.lifechangingexperiences.org/ and allocate a designated person from the workplace to collect the donations. Organisers will receive a Certificate of Appreciation and participants who register will also go into the draw to win fantastic prizes. 


Slip Into Your Stilettos and Step Up for Sisters In Need- Friday 6th December.    

Friday, November 15, 2013

Kitty Cat Print

I love kitty cats! The concept of cat inspired clothes and accessories is nothing new in fashion, especially with the existence of the strikingly beautiful Charlotte Olympia Cat Flats. However, I've definitely noticed the increasing presence of kitty cat pieces in recent times. At the shops I constantly noticed a myriad of cat inspired shoes and cat ear headbands seem to be the latest trend too II really want to get one). This is wonderful- as far as I'm concerned, there can never be too many kitty cat pieces. While my collection is increasing, the one item I can never find is the perfect cat dress. I'm very fussy when it comes to cat dresses- I analyse aspects such as the size, shape, colour and facial detailing of the kitty cats which present themselves on clothing. I am also looking for a fit and flare style dress. After detailed analysis of the online world of fashion, I've found what I would consider to be the perfect cat dress. It's hardly surprising that they are both from Modcloth- it's always the place to go for that creative, quirky and unique piece. The Hooked on a Feline Dress is everything I look for in a cat dress- I love it how beautiful detailed cat faces completely cover the dress. It's like an artwork. Unfortunately many sizes are currently sold out on the Modcloth website but I'll certainly keep an eye out for this one. The Start Spreading the Mews Dress is simply the most creative dress ever. Covered in newspaper print, the dress features newspaper articles entirely about cats. Wow. What an idea!

Kitty Cat Dresses
Photos from Modcloth

Here are a few of my favourite kitty cat pieces. I thought it was rather fitting that I'm wearing my cat flats as I write this post about cats- I've worn them to work for the last two days and it's certainly brightened the day a little. The Charlotte Olympia cat flats are a genius creation and perfect in every way. I especially love the gold detailing and the golden heel. I also adore the white tapestry version of the Charlotte Olympia cat flats. I saw them in David Jones in Sydney CBD earlier in the year and I was completely amazed by their incredibleness. They are my dream shoes. For awhile now, I've regarded kitty cat flats as an essential piece for fashionistas! I'm not suggesting we all own a genuine Charlotte Olympia pair- not exactly affordable for most of us. I think it's fabulous how many alternative cat shoes are excellent takes on the original pair and how others have their own unique twist. For example, I love it how the pair below from Tuk via Modcloth are completely their own style- a fun take on a cat shoe. 

Another dress which I love at the moment is the white cat faced one, displayed below. It's beautiful and fun and reminds me of my little white cat Juliette Princess Miracle. My sister Tori from the Polished Edge has this dress and it looks amazing on her. The perfect kitty cat cardigan is also somewhat difficult to find. My absolute favourite ever is the one pictured below which Alannah Hill produced a few seasons ago- I wish something like this would be released again. My sister Sara from The Polished Edge has this cardigan in black and white and I love borrowing it; I hope I can again soon. In terms of cat themed bags, there are so many options. My favourite is the combination of detailed bold cat print (much the same as the first Modcloth dress I wrote about) with a tapestry effect. If anyone knows where I can buy a cat print bag of said description, then let me know! What a treasure that would be. I love cat accessories in all forms- jewellery, bags, brooches, hair accessories, umbrellas...I just love the juxtaposition between the cats and the rain! Are you a fan of cat print?

Kitty Cats

Photos from: Forever 21, Charlotte Olympia, Tuk, Macys, Charlotte Russe, Dangerfield, Alannah Hill, ACJade

Sunday, November 10, 2013


In recent times, one of my favourite colour combinations has been red and pink. I love pairing vibrant pink and red together since it creates such a feminine, romantic, fun and sweet look. I've worn red and pink together on numerous occassions but I felt especially happy when I spotted both this top and this pair of heels; what can be better than pink and red in the same piece? I regard my two tone red and pink heels as one of the best bargains I've ever found. I purchased them a number of months ago from Florsheim. They are unique, beautiful and wonderful quality. They were discounted from $170 to $30; I simply could not believe it. Florsheim, a store which I previously paid little attention to, has serviced me exceptionally well this year.My polka dot heels, featured here, and worn in my last post, are also from Florsheim. I've also admired a pair of duck egg blue heels in the store for most of the year; I'm still waiting for them to come on sale. I love this top. In addition to the beautiful colour scheme, I adore the pretty sparkles. It adds so much to an outfit and it's really warm to wear. My red skirt is another fabulous find. It's from the Alannah Hill factory outlet. Red skirts, along with black skirts, are one of the basic versatile items that I can never seem to find. I've spent years looking for the perfect red skirt. There are so many different ways I can style a red skirt. It's a little different from most of my other skirts; I don't have too many pencil skirts and I sure love that. Now all I need to complete the look is a red and pink bag; that would make it just right. I like the versatility of this outfit. I also like to wear it with my Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats and my wedding shoes (which are both covered in sparkles). I don't know why sequins are so often reserved for a limited array of occasions, sequins should be for all the time; they are for me anyway. 








Alannah Hill 'Everybody Knows Her' Sequin Top
Alannah Hill Red Pencil Skirt
Florsheim Two Tone Heels
Kmart Hair Flower

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