Saturday, April 30, 2016

Photo an Hour

I've wanted to complete a photo an hour post for ages now but I've only just got around to it. This is a fairly typical Saturday for me.

7am: I woke up at 7am and got ready for the weekly Saturday morning Parkrun; if I'm free I'll always attend the Parkrun. As it was raining outside I went for my Nike Free Run shoes rather than my usual Nike Flyknit Lunar pair. Yay for colourful shoes!
8am: this is the start time for the run. This week I achieved a personal best time of 26 minutes and 36 seconds. It's the first time I've gone under 27 minutes for the 5km. I'm so happy as I wasn't expecting to reach this goal for a couple more months. 

9am: I went to the post office to collect a couple of packages which had been waiting for me for almost a week. Luckily the line wasn't out the door this time. One of the deliveries was my Finding Nemo jumper from JayJays. It's very appropriate given the amount of swimming I'm doing and my goal to reach one million metres. 
10am: involved a walk around the shops. Unfortunately no exciting spending as I am still feeling the impact of buying a car (TOTALLY worth it!!) The display at Peter Alexander was very pretty. I couldn't believe the staff were wearing pyjamas as their uniforms- let's all get a job there.

11am: since I'm very involved in sports these days, I love a good walk around Rebel Sport. In addition to my pre-existing addiction to clothes, bags and shoes, I now have to deal with my ever-present desire to buy sports related products. I love being in a sports store and especially like looking at all the pretty colourful Nike shoes. 
12am: time for an early lunch at Hog's Breath with the husband. We don't see much of each other during the week so it's good to catch up over a Saturday lunch. I usually have the Mexicana chicken wrap from Hog's Breath.

1pm: had some time at home browsing the Internet and catching up on the online world.  An exciting discovery is that B.A.I.T Footwear appear to have released the 'Robbie Heels' in Lavender and Purple shades. This is especially amazing since I often think purple is such an overlooked colour for clothes and shoes. I will wait until next pay day to see if I may be able to add them to my collection. 
2pm: decided I should use the afternoon to get in some swimming training. This of course, involves a drive in my pretty little Fiat Daisy.  
3pm: completed my swimming training and also used the spa and sauna (which is the reason for going to this particular pool a lot lately).  I just wish the sauna wasn't quiet so hot as I have trouble staying in there longer than 10 minutes. A spa, however, is enjoyable for a very long time. 
4pm: an afternoon drink seems like a good idea just now.
5pm: I'd better tidy the house a little after all the mess which has accumulated from a standard week. No motivation to do much but putting my clothes away is better than nothing. 
6pm: started this blog post and worked on a few others which are coming up in the next couple of weeks. I really need to get back into blogging and commenting more regularly.
7pm: as it's a night in after a busy week, it's time to bring out the heat up toys! On the right we have Gerald who is the original in my collection and a very good friend. Last week we bought unicorn Misty and giraffe Steve.  
8pm: just updating my facebook and messaging a couple of friends.

9pm: more time on the computer. As it's coming to the end of the day it's a good chance to examine my fitbit stats. I've had a fitbit for a week now and it's so interesting. I love how motivational it can be tracking all activities and having goals to reach. The sleep section has been the most interesting for me so far. 
10pm: packing my bags for a 7am swim in the morning with my friends. It'll also be a relatively early night because of this; hopefully I'll fall asleep in the next hour or so.  

What did you do today?