Friday, March 29, 2013

Item of the Week 029

I have so many new items I want to post on my blog at the moment since my birthday was less than two weeks ago. All in good time, I say! Today I am featuring my new bag from Forever New. I fell in love with this sweet adorable bag the moment I saw it; I knew I had to have it because it was totally my style. It is also very unique and gorgeous with a vintage element; not what I'd expect to see in a regular high street store. You may have noticed that I don't often display bags in  my outfit posts. That's because I usually don't take one; my husband's pockets generally act as my handbag. So instead of owning a high volume of bags, like I do clothes and shoes, I just have a few very good bags which I love. I believe this bag, in addition to my Alannah Hill handbag which I received for Christmas a few years ago and posted here, will be my most frequently used bags in the near future. One of the most special aspects of this bag is the beautiful boucle material. It's so similar to my boucle jacket that I received for my birthday a couple of years and posted here. It is so classy and timeless and reminds me of Chanel!  I also adore the little badges, especially the cute bicycle. This bag improves any outfit immediately. I love the gold detailing and the structure. Everything about it is perfect. I love it! I took some outfit pictures with my new bag the other day which I will post soon.




Forever New 'From Paris with Love' Bag 

Monday, March 25, 2013


I wore this dress yesterday for a quick trip to the park and then dinner with family. I can't believe how warm it is for this time of year; it was like a summer's day. Actually I've been wearing this dress frequently over the last week because I received it for my birthday and it's always fun to wear new clothes. My sister bought me this dress from Topshop. It's my second ever Topshop item and the first one from Topshop in Sydney. Some people in my family believe I have too many clothes and shoes , totally avoiding buying me any more for presents. But it's great that I can always rely on my sister for new clothes. She usually buys me a new dress for birthdays and Christmas (or occassionally shoes) and I always end up loving what she chooses (like these yellow shoes from last year).  I look forward to it each time. I love the shape and fit of the dress, the classy colour scheme and the pretty pattern. It's great for accessorising; I've found so many belts and shoes I can style with this dress. Oh and this is my absolute favourite nail polish at the moment (also a birthday present from my sister from Topshop). It is the most gorgeous shade of pink I've ever seen.








Topshop Floral Jaquard Tunic
Portmans Belt
Kmart Hair Flower
Wittner Bow Flats
Prouds Pearls

Friday, March 22, 2013

Item of the Week 028

I bought these purple glitter and suede Guess shoes with money from my birthday and not only are they my favourite flats at the moment, they are probably my favourite flats I have ever owned in my whole life. I am always attracted to glitter and purple so it combines two of the best aspects. It wasn't until I actually bought the shoes and wore them that I realised just how much of a statement the glitter makes; it really stands out and is a feature. I also love the vibrant purple and of course the Guess label. These are very special shoes for me so I hope I can get a lot of use out of them. It's been extremely exciting buying a couple of pairs of shoes for my birthday. I'd really missed it while I was on a spending ban.




Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Thank you for the birthday wishes. I had a lovely weekend celebrating with family and I received some fabulous gifts which I will show you later in the week. Since I've been on a spending ban recently, receiving clothes and shoes was even more meaningful than usual. It's so great to feel that rush of excitment over having new items again. My birthday celebrations started on Friday night as I went to Opera Bar with my sister (I wore the outfit I posted here). I'd never been to Opera Bar before but it turned out to be one of the best places I've been to for drinks; the scenic location by the harbour and the Opera House was so beautiful.  The next day (my actual birthday) I had lunch and played tennis with my parents, followed by a lovely dinner out with Rydog. Then on Sunday night I had dinner with the in laws and my mother in law made me a pretty pink cake with chocolate hearts (I wore the outfit I posted here). It was a wonderful feeling know that people went to so much effort and really do care about me... Now onto the outfit. I've worn this a lot lately. I love the lace detailing in such a soft pretty shade of purple. The neckline in particular reminds me of the bridesmaids dresses for my wedding which I posted here and the dress I wore to another wedding only a month later which I posted here.  I guess this must be one of my favourite necklines. As soon as I bought the dress the idea came to me of making it stand out with bright accessories. I've always loved lavender, mint and pink so from that, the outfit came together. 


I'm glowing!





Paper Heart Dress
RMK Kitten Flats
Lovisa Earrings
Kmart Hair Flower

Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Birthday

It's my birthday!


Friday, March 15, 2013

Ruche Collection

I discovered the website Ruche this week and I absolutely love it. The clothes, shoes and accessories are so beautiful and very consistent with my style. I adore the current lookbook "Tea for Two." The styling is just incredible; how sweet are the bunnies, macaroons and heart shaped tea cups? I am amazed. 

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Photos from Ruche

Saturday, March 9, 2013


This is one of my favourite outfits at the moment and I am looking forward to wearing it again. It seems to be one of my more popular looks too because when I was out at the shops the other day, I received the most compliments I've ever had on an outfit before. That made me feel great for a short time. But I do wish I was good at something other than overdressing for no reason and spending excessive amounts of money on clothes! I like the colour of this dress; it's a little different from most of my other clothes and I like how it works well with the polka dots. I guess you could say I broke my spending ban because I bought this collar necklace. But I like to tell myself that this purchase doesn't count because it was only a few dollars from Kmart (oh and it's my birthday next week...does that count as another reason?!)... I've seen a lot of these collar necklaces around the blogsphere and always admired them; I wondered why I could never find any in the shops so I'm happy to finally have one. I've got lots of ideas in mind for this necklace. Of course, it was great to wear my kitty shoes again too. As a few of you have noted, this has certainly become my signature hairstyle now. It just solves so many hair problems that I keep going back to it. I was even out in heavy rain and wind recently and I didn't even care; it's a water proof hairstyle as I like to say. I wish I had something more exciting to tell you  about my life but I really don't. Have a good weekend.










Dangerfield Dress
Kmart Collar Necklace
Kmart Hair Flower
Chalotte Olympia Kitty Heels 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


This is what I wore to lunch on Monday afternoon. Although I've had this dress for a little while,it was the first time I'd ever worn it; it certainly makes my spending ban easier if I have a few items which are still "new." I was told that I look like the sort of doll you'd see on the top of a cake. I'm not exactly sure what to make of that comment but I'm ok with it. I like to interpret it as a little princess doll with a pretty pink and purple dress! I love the colour of this dress; I particularly like how it graduates from purple to pink and then back to purple; this is highlighted by the thin pink belt which also allows me to accessorise in pink. The pattern is hard to see but it's a small paisley print. Since it's subtle I thought I could get away with wearing patterned shoes; the pink really stands out against the floral patchwork design. I also like the shape of this dress. Although many of my outfits have a similar shape, I particularly like the tighter fit of this one. Oh and how great are these hair flowers? They are only $2 from Kmart so I have quite a few now. There's not much else to say right now. I'm still working out what to do with my life and feeling very bored most days. But Rydog has this week off work so it is great to finally spend some time together. Also, it's my birthday next week so that will involve some dressing up!







Forever New Dress
Wittner Lover Flats
Kmart Hair Flower
Prouds Pearls 
Lovisa Earrings
Forever New Ruffle Bag