Saturday, September 26, 2015


Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be wearing the new Rouge Noir Dita Cardigan today (and yesterday and probably tomorrow). Last week, when Wheels and Dollbaby announced that a new colour Dita would be released, I was very surprised as it hadn't been long since the Emerald version was released. I only discovered these beautiful cardigans relatively recently so my collection has increased from zero to three in a fairly short period of time. The day the new colour was announced was so exciting. I loved talking to other fans on the Wheels and Dollbaby discussion group guessing what the colour would be and continually refreshing the page to see if it had been announced yet. It seemed like the most important thing in the world for that short period of time. I was very surprised to see that Rouge Noir was the new colour. Initially I was actually very disappointed as I had been hoping for a pastel colour (I can't believe Wheels and Dollbaby haven't realised a yellow or a pale purple Dita Cardigan!). Also, the Rouge Noir looked extremely dark on the website and there appeared to be not enough contrast between the main colour and the embroidery. I wasn't even sure if I was going to buy it (and that's saying something!) However, as I saw more pictures it definitely appeared lighter so I decided I'd buy it. 

I received my new Rouge Noir Dita Cardian a couple of days ago and it is so beautiful in person. I actually think Wheels and Dollbaby were doing themselves a disservice by posting only a very dark stock photo on their website (although I'm sure they'll have no trouble selling them!) I was surprised to see that it's the same burgundy shade that's been my favourite colour for the whole of this winter- I've worn my coat that's this colour most days for months. I'm so pleased I added this one to my Dita collection. I have so many ideas on how I will style this cardigan but I thought I'd start off with a floral dress which picks up the burgundy shade. I also went for my pink/purple tights which I've been wearing a lot lately (so warm too!). It's not the same shade as the cardigan so I wasn't sure of the combination at first. But I believe it's close enough so I like how it looks together now. I've never been a fan of the popular keyhole look with the Dita Cardigan until now- I never liked how the stock photos showed so much bust. However, I've changed my mind and am a fan of the look in some circumstances now. Depending on the number of buttons that are left undone, it definitely doesn't have to be too low cut. It'll be a good way to show some of my dress underneath too. I can't believe the popularity of these cardigans- I've never seen anything like it. It's crazy that some of the more popular colours, which are no longer available, can be sold on ebay for $400. I doubt there would be any other piece of clothing which had such a following. 

Today we were finally able to go for our first bike ride. It was so much harder than I'd expected. I know that cycling can be hard but, as this was intended to be a leisurely non-competitive activity, I foolishly thought it'd be a simple matter of wearing pretty vintage clothes to match my bike and sitting there comfortable the whole time. I could not have been more wrong. There were so many hills and it was absolutely exhausting. For my first 3km cycle, I could have run the distance in a faster time! I wish it wasn't so hard. However, it'll get easier and it's going to be a fun activity we can do together once we get into it more. 


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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Outfit & Bikes

Today I decided to incorporate white tights into an outfit for the first time. I think they can be a difficult piece to style with shoes and the general colour scheme of an outfit but I love coloured tights so much at the moment so I definitely wanted to make it work. My mum told me that white tights with a pastel coloured outfit is a very 1960s look. I wouldn't have thought of that before but it's so true- I love all the pictures I'm finding on the Internet of 1960s mod dresses and white tights. I have a few pastel pink dresses I'd love to try this look with but for this weekend, my pastel green dress from the new Kitten D'Amour collection was the obvious look. I tried on all the new dresses from the 'Day Dress' collection last week and it's such a pretty range. There was one particular from the collection that I've had my eye on for a long time after seeing the previews. However, I was so disappointed when I tried it on and it didn't fit properly- it was too big in the bust (a common issue with Kitten D'Amour dresses) and the bodice was way too low down my body. I wanted to make it work so much but I just couldn't. However, I came away with this beautiful green dress which I liked a lot more when seeing it in the store compared with the preview pictures. It's a sleeveless dress which will be perfect for spring/summer but I also like how I can make it work for the colder weather too. I find the most difficult aspect of styling coloured tights is the shoes but I think I found a good match for this white pair- I haven't worn these pastel heels for ages but now I've brought them to the front of my wardrobe again, I'll be wearing them a lot more in the near future. I'm really happy with the way this outfit came together. It's interesting that so many of you commented previously and said that coloured tights were not uncommon where you live- I absolutely never see anyone else wear them here.






In other news, we decided to buy bikes this weekend! I'm so excited! Unfortunately they took awhile to construct this afternoon so we missed out on going for a ride while it was still light but I can't wait until the first ride. It will be a fun activity to do as a couple- I'm thinking, in addition to weekends, when we get home from work once summer arrives and it's light until after 8pm. I decided to go for this pretty red vintage style bike because it looks so cool. I adore the colour and the tan accessories. The vintage shape is just perfect- I never expected to find it. It's from Kmart- where all the bargains are located! Since it's such a lovely looking bike, it'll be great to take pictures with on our bike rides for my blog. 

Here she is:


First picture together

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Instagram Pictures

Hi everyone. Today I thought I'd share with you some of my recent instagram photos. A lot of my instagram pictures are just the outfit posts which also appear here so there's obviously not much point in reposting them, but I will share with you the other pictures. 

1. out with the husband for my dad's birthday (warmest day we've had this season). 2. walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 3. the latest background on my phone. My mum took this picture- incredible how she captured this exact right moment. 4. with the husband again at Father's Day lunch. 5. an amazing sale on coloured tights at H&M. 6. selfie at the gym (I love the gym clothes from Kmart). 7. my outfit matched a Sydney train. 8. in August my husband and I reached the 8 years mark in our relationship (married for almost 3. I can't believe how much younger I looked 8 years ago).  9. my two ragdolls 10. comparison of my natural hair colour and current hair colour. 11. cookie monster cupcake from work. 12. another gym selfie. 

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Monday, September 7, 2015


image1This set of photos are from the weekend before last when I was out with my husband. We also took Gerald who is my giraffe. I love him so much, he's heatable and very warm and cosy especially for a cold day! He makes a valuable contribution to the photos.

The dress I'm wearing here, in addition to the bicycle print dress from my previous post, are my favourite dresses at the moment; I seem to wear them almost on rotation. This dress is from Kitten D'Amour's latest collection called Serendipity. The collar is just gorgeous; I love big collars but they can be difficult to find on clothes. The floral print is completely my style and I love the touch of the velvet with the bow. I adore the shape of this dress, it's the perfect fit and flare for everyday. It's also very comfortable. I'm always posting about how much I love the clothes at Kitten D'Amour on my blog but I'm not a total advocate for the store. There's actually so much which annoys me about the brand. The main issue is the pushy staff. I know a number of stores like this, however Kitten D'Amour is the extreme. There are certain staff members which are worse than others. A few of the girls are fine. I like them a lot and I'll definitely visit the store when they are working. But there are a few that I have to avoid now. It's mainly the issues while attempting to try on the clothes. I don't like being asked every minute if I can come out and show the staff what I look like in the clothes, it' s even before I've had the chance to put on the first outfit. I've had times where the staff will actually open the curtains of the change room and just come in if I'm taking too long or haven't shown them what I look like yet. I really really object to this! I've often had to shop online if I really want something and know that the pushy staff members are the only ones working at the time. But that's my other point- the postage takes about a week and a half to come. It's only domestic postage and I live in a centralised location; it even takes four days for the order to be packaged and sent to the post office. I think we, as bloggers (and also customers) should be honest about our experiences with a store. I give Kitten D'Amour a lot of time on my blog (not to mention all the free advertising!) so if there are aspects of the brand which don't impress me I'd like to share them also so I'm providing a complete view. 

P1170768Now onto another brand which I have even more of an issue with and that is Guess. The Guess bag which appears in my photos below is extremely sub-standard quality. I was so happy when I found this bag as it's a good size and a beautiful colour (marigold yellow bags can be difficult to find). However, within the first week of use the handle snapped. I then obtained a replacement bag. However, I absolutely could not believe it when the exact same thing happened, this time within only four days. I was extra extra careful with the second bag and it broke even more quickly. These are expensive bags. My was bought at a discount but for the retail price of $169.95 this is terrible. I'm very disappointed as I've always loved Guess and most of my bags are by this brand. However, experiences like this change my opinion and I don't want to buy any more Guess bags for now. 

Now onto a more positive fashion experience. I absolutely love coloured tights at the moment and I can't believe I've only just introduced them into my wardrobe. I had thought about it many times before but never felt like I could make it work. I started off with the pair I'm wearing in this post and then last week become more daring when I purchased a number of coloured tights in the end of winter sale at H&M. I now have purple, red, blue, green, mustard and white. In addition to the pair in this post, my favourites are the red and the blue. I love wearing them because they are so warm and cosy. I like to think they often add to my outfits. I've seen coloured tights worn frequently on other blogs but almost never 'in real life,' so I like that unique aspect too.






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