Thursday, April 30, 2009

I wish Topshop was in Australia

As the title says, I wish there was a Topshop in Australia. While viewing other blogs I am always amazed by the beautiful and stylish clothes that I've seen from Topshop. So I decided to go on the website and have a look, just out of interest. These are my favourite items that I found. Typically, half of them are skirts because I love high waisted skirts and they seem to be my signature piece.


I think these clothes are all so gorgeous and I'd love to have them. I see that they ship to Australia, but in all honesty, it probably wouldn't be worth it. It would take so long, the postage would cost a lot and the clothes already cost a little more than I would normally pay. I guess I'll have to wait until I visit the UK (although I don't have any plans for that in the near future).

I've been feeling extremely low and depressed this week. Its because my boyfriend Rydog is away until Monday night. I miss him and I feeling really lonely. Its going to be strange not going out this Friday and Saturday night. I know its only a week that he is away for and I shouldn't be making a big deal out of it. I know that many people have to go much longer than I do without seeing their boyfriend. But I'm not used to it and I really can't help the way I feel. I just wish this week was over.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today at the Park

Today was the last day of holidays. I can't believe I'm returning to university tomorrow, it has come around so fast. I haven't completed nearly as much work as I planned to, so I really need to get into it tomorrow. Today I went to a park with my boyfriend, Rydog. I wanted to do something fun for the last day of the holidays and it also presented a good opportunity to take photographs. I can't explain how windy it was at the park so it was a little difficult to take photos. I have just started to improve my photoshop skills and the header that Rydog recently made me has inspired me to become better. So I thought my blog pictures would be a good place to practice. Here are some pictures from today:






I'm really dreading tomorrow and its late so I'm going to be extremely tired. Also, Rydog is away in Queensland this week with his family. I wish they had invited me to come. I normally go everywhere with them. I'd much rather spend a week on the beach where the weather is still warm than be at home studying. I'm not going to have anyone to go out with on the weekend. I'm really not looking forward to this week, but at least he won't be away for too long.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today is my cat's birthday so I thought I'd use this post as an opportunity to show some pictures of her. We've had her for thirteen years so she's fairly old now and sleeps most of the time. Her name was originally Puss in Boots, but now she just gets called Puss. I love my cat. ♥




Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Questions

I have decided to complete a random series of questions. I've never been tagged by anyone and random questions seem fun so I found some on the internet. That probably sounds really pathetic lol.

Age: 20
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

Height: 5"4
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Work Place: Currently, I don't have a work place but I really need to get a job. I am a full time student so studying is my work for the moment.
Pets: I have a cat and we have had her for thirteen years. Originall
y she was called Puss in Boots, but now she is just called Puss.
Goals for this year: To pass second year university (although I'm not going about it the right way, I don't study enough). Also to get my hair in better condition.
Goals for life: To become a lawyer, earn a real income, get married and have some children. Although I don't think about the future very often, I think about the past too much.
Favourite colour? Purple? I'm not really sure if I have a favo
urite colour and I change my mind a lot.
Do you watch sports: Yes. I love watching swimming and tennis. I will also watch basketball, netball, cycling and winter sports.
Are you in a relationship? Yes. I have been for about
a year and a half
Do you want to get married? Yes.
Whats your best feature? My nails
Whats your worst feature? My hair
Whats one thing you want to change about yourse
lf? I would like to be less shy so I could make more friends and say what I really think. Also I wish I had better hair.
Is it possible? I really don't know.

Here is a random picture I found on the internet from Craftscope. Hopefully that will make this post a little more interesting.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This is what I wore on Sunday to the shops and out for lunch. I went with my boyfriend and his family and I had a really good time. For once, I resisted the urge to buy new clothes. This week the weather has been a lot colder, so I think Sunday was one of the last days I can go out with a short sleeved top and a skirt on. Also, day light saving finished on Sunday so its dark by about 6.00pm here. Its so depressing and the nights seem to drag on. But I shouldn't complaint. Its been a beautiful, long summer this year. The picture I used as my outfit post was actually taken a few months ago. Since I wore the same outfit on Sunday and its a good picture, I thought there wasn't much point taking a new one.

This is my last week of university before the easter break. I am on holidays for two weeks but its hardly a holiday since I have study and assessments to do. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to it. This university term seems to have dragged on forever and I'm ready for a break. I'm finding it hard to be motivate for the last week of term and I need to be because I have a financial management exam on Thursday. That subject is so hard, I don't understand it at all and its terribly boring. So after I post this I will hopefully motivate myself to study financial management for most of the day.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I haven't done a wishlist in a little while so I thought it was time for another one. It also gives me something fun to do while I search the websites and find pictures. Sometimes when I find an item on the Valleygirl website it looks totally different in real life, sometimes not even good in some cases. But a lot of these things I have actually seen in the shops so I know I like them. I ended up buying a few things from my last wishlist but I've spent a lot of money lately so I probably shouldn't this time. Anyway, here it is:
1. Valleygirl Cardigan $24.95
2. Valleygirl Skirt $29.95
3. Valleygirl 3/4 Sleeve Jacket $49.95
4. Valleygirl Cardigan $24.95
5. Valleygirl Jacket $59.95