Friday, January 31, 2014


In recent times I’ve seen the ‘Wizard of Awesome Dress’ from Modcloth mentioned many times in the blog world. I know many of you are familiar with this piece. I am happy to tell you that I’m now the proud owner of the ‘Wizard of Awesome Dress.’ I’ve actually had it for a number of months now (purchased with this dress here) but I’m finally able to wear it. I have two Bernie Dexter dresses (I posted the other here) now and both have been excessively long. So, for some time, the ‘Wizard of Awesome Dress’ joined my ever growing pile of clothes requiring alterations. The good news is that it is finally hemmed and is ready to wear. How exciting! I love this dress. The pattern, colour scheme and unique neckline are adorable. The poppy floral print is seen much less often than other florals. I decided to style it with bright red accessories to accentuate those tones in the dress. However, one of my favourite parts of this dress is the amount of styling options available. I think it would look fabulous with green accessories such as my new green coat (yes! I finally found the right one!) The floral pattern also displays a slightly orange hue so I believe this would provide a myriad of options. I look forward to trying these combinations. My one issue with this dress is the winged shoulders. I think they look amazing and beautiful. However, they will not stay in position and are continually flopping down. It’s rather annoying. It would be great if they were structured with firmer material.  I’m happy with the ‘Wizard of Awesome Dress’ overall; it’s a fun and lovely vintage inspired piece. In terms of Bernie Dexter dresses, my hope is that one day I will own the ‘Amour and More Dress’ which is currently sold on Modcloth by Bernie Dexter. My OASAP bag, which I have in both red and white, is starting to become part of my signature look. I love this bag so much and it’s hard to find an outfit that doesn’t go with either the red or white version. I feel like I’m the advertisement for this bag at the moment. OASAP is currently using my images to sell the product. Check it out here.







Bernie Dexter ‘Wizard of Awesome Dress’ via Modcloth
Florsheim Red Velvet 'Peta' Heels

Retro Embroidered Pearl Diamond Lattice like Handbag c/o OASAP
Kmart Hair Flower

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Sunday, January 26, 2014


image(9)Navy blue is a colour I've come to love in recent times. I initially started to wear more navy blue when I started working full time because it was a fabulous substitute for black. As I've become very comfortable in my workplace environment my work outfits have become excessively colourful but my love for navy blue has remained. It's a very classy and sophisticated colour. I also adore the way it looks against brown hair. It's versatile and looks great combined with pretty much any colour. One of the aspects I love about this look is that it incorporates pattern mixing in a subtle way. This style of outfit paves the way to potentially bolder pattern mixing combinations in the future. Although abstract, the cardigan displays a floral pattern. By carrying on the navy blue theme through the outfit, a connection is established. The shoes are also floral (upon styling this outfit I realised that I should wear these flats much more often) so I like that the polka dots sit between two floral pieces. The colour mix coupled with the pearl buttons creates a lovely finish to the cardigan. It's great to wear this skirt for the first time. I've had it lying around the house for so many months now. It was missing a button and I finally got around to addressing this. I can't believe it took me so long to performe the extremely simple task of sewing a button on a skirt. I'm looking forward to creating many looks featuring this skirt which primarily feature red or pink.

It's been such a busy week! The good news is that I survived my on campus week at law college (the course now becomes online) and I've completed all the requirements for the first week. Small steps are the way to go. I'm much happier now it's over and I'm back at work. Thanks so much for all your support. 







Alannah Hill Love on the Rocks Cardigan
Dangerfield Polka Dot Skirt
Wittner Lover Heels in Floral
Sportsgirl Quilted Bag
Kmart Hair Flower
Pearl Earrings c/o Romwomen

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kate Spade Spring/ Summer 2014

I love the Kate Spade Spring/ Summer 2014 collection and these are my favourite looks. In recent times I've become really obsessed with all things Kate Spade; it's my dream to own a Kate Spade bag and a Kate Spade pair of shoes. I adore the fun and often quirky designs. The prints and colours are very happy. The silhouettes adds so much to the pieces. My favourites are the bright pink dress, the pink coat with the black trim and the white and yellow dress which is finished off with the overlaying yellow top. I'd happily wear each one of these pieces. It's so beautiful.I know I'm fairly late posting these pictures but I was looking at them again recently and just thought I had to show them. It reminded me of how much I adored this set.

What do you think of the Kate Spade Spring/Summer 2014 Collection?

Sunday, January 19, 2014


image(8)Today I wanted to show you my Retro Embroidered Pearl Diamond Lattice like Bag in white which I received courtesy of OASAP. You may recall that I also have this bag in red which I posted here. I loved the red version so much that I decide to order it in an additional colour. I am just as impressed by my second bag. I adore the structure, shape, pattern, quality and pearl detailing. I've been searching for the perfect white bag for a long time; it was one of the few colours missing from my bag collection and I've certainly found what I was looking for here.  I love these bags so much. It's very rare to see me without either my red or white version of this bag at the moment. I totally want to order it in black too but maybe having the same bag in three colours would be taking it too far. My outfit also features my new Guess Neodan heels. Unfortunately the photos don't show them off particularly well because in reality the shoes makes such a statement. I love to wear them with all my pink dresses in particular and I think they'd look good with the yellow dress which I posted here too. Amazing shoes! My dress from Alannah Hill provides an excellent base to showcase a myriad of my patterned shoes and bags; for this reason it's a very reliable and frequently worn piece. I think it achieves the perfect balance. It's not too plain either as the lace and little bow are a lovely finish. It's a magenta pink; I'm not too sure why it's coming up so purple in these pictures. I wish I had better pictures of this outfit but it was a heatwave on the weekend, so incredibly uncomfortable to be outside even for a moment.







Retro Emboidered Pearl Diamond Lattice like Handbag c/o OASAP
Guess Neodan Heels in Floral
Alannah Hill Enchanted by You Frock
Guess Womens Divine Watch 

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Item of the Week: 035

Last night I purchased these amazing shoes from Guess! After work I went to Guess searching for a specific pair of heels which I couldn't find and came away with these instead. I love the sales at Guess, there is another 25% off already reduced items at the moment. I adore how much of a statement these shoes make; I love the pink heel, the vibrant colours and the oversized floral pattern. I've noticed in the shops that floral heels seem to be more popular in recent times. I wore them today to work with my pink dress and I was so happy with the look; my friends liked them too. I can tell already that I'll be getting a lot of use from these. I think it would be fun to try a pattern mixing combination with them too. 

On Monday I'll be attending my very first day at The College of Law. I'm completing an online course but for the first (and last) week of the course I actually need to attend in person. So I've had to take Monday to Thursday off work which is very sad because I love my job and I'm going to miss my friends. I am already scared; there seem to be lots of practical aspects to this course and so many readings. I actually don't know how I'll fit them all in with a full time job. Oh well, I'll deal with it when it happens. I read in the course materials today that "the courtroom is not a fashion show." (WHAT!?) and"it is not advisable to try out any jokes in court." LOL. 




Guess Neodan Heels in Floral

Monday, January 13, 2014


Back in 2009 when I first discovered both Modcloth and the concept of fashion blogging, I instantly fell in love with a Modcloth piece called the Keiko Lynn dress. I eventually purchased it in my first ever order from Modcloth and got an incredible amount of use from it. This was truly the best dress! I was so sad when, a couple of years later, the elasticated waist and sleeves became so loose that I couldn't wear it anymore. Last year I noticed The Blueberry Muffin dress on the Modcloth website and it was so very similar to the Keiko Lynn dress that I missed so dearly; the same lace detailing and trim, identical colour scheme, similar polka dot design and analogous shape. I knew I had to have it! I was very good and waited until the 50% off sale. When I finally received this dress it was amazing. It was everything I'd loved about the Keiko Lynn dress and better. The zip instead of elastic is much more practical and I like the material more than the silk. The polka dots are much bigger on this dress so it seems more like a white rather than navy blue piece which I don't mind. I'm so happy to have this dress and I expect to get just as much use from it as I did with the Keiko Lynn dress. My shoes are another item I'd had my eye on for ages. I've been obsessed with silver shoes for quite some time now but could never find the right pair. I loved this pair, the First Kiss Heels from Mimco but they were rather pricey. I considered buying them anyway but simply just couldn't justify it. So I waited and eventually they became mine for a wonderful 60% off. It's my first ever piece from Mimco, how exciting. It's so cool how the shoes are silver on the outside and gold on the inside. They are fantastic quality and I absolutely love wearing them.   I'm often surprised by how many comments, both in the blog and non blog world, I get about my hair and why I always have it in the same style. The photos from my last post with my hair down were quite awhile ago when my hair wasn't so thin and flat. I thought about cutting my hair back into that style but I realised it would just take too much time and stress me out each day. My hair is not naturally straight. I can only imagine how stressed I'd be at 6.30am rushing to straighten my hair. I love it how my current style takes less than 10 minutes and I don't have to fix it throughout the day.  I simply don't feel comfortable with my hair in any other way. I felt liberated when I discovered this hairstyle; no more stress!