Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It feels like a long time since I last posted and I have missed that. Last week I bought this red coat from Target in the 50% off sale for the incredible price of $35. I still can't believe it. Even though I already have a red trench coat which I posted here, this coat I just bought is very warm and actually has some level of practicality in contrast with many other pieces in my wardrobes. I always love a red coat for winter. I borrowed the cardigan from one of my sisters and I love it so much because it is from Alannah Hill and has a kitten design. I wish it was actually my cardigan but I certainly loved wearing it for the day. I will show the shoes which I recently bought from modcloth in more detail in a later post.





As my friends, I would like to share something personal with you. In the last week I have felt very unhappy and the reasons for this and the motivation behind what I wrote two posts ago is that I have just wasted a lifetime opportunity in relation to travel. I won't go into the details because my decision will seem like the wrong one and I have already faced widespread judgement about my choices. For the past couple of months I was convinced that I had made the right decision to stay in Sydney and I constantly told people not to dictate what I wanted from my life but if I am truly honest with myself, I do have more of a desire to travel than I ever thought I did and I do want to see the world. I wouldn't say I fully regret my decision not to take up this opportunity because my main view on life is that choices should be made based on present circumstances rather than what may objectively be seen as correct. However, I feel a deep sense of sadness surrounding this situation because the reason I didn't go was once again based on my fears and anxieties. I couldn't face an extremely long plane trip, I was scared to leave my comfort zone, I would miss Juliette too much and I was insecure about certain relationships that I felt like I couldn't leave here at the present time. It is once again an indication of the extent to which anxiety rules my life and that concerns me deeply. I know I will still enjoy the holidays while still in Sydney because I have many tasks to entertain myself but there are many mixed feelings and an inital sense of sadness that I need to get past.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Elle Fanning for Marie Claire

I absolutely love the Elle Fanning for Marie Claire photoshoot. I believe that Elle is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen with her gorgeous blonde hair, blue eyes, pale complextion and her pretty face. This photoshoot showcases her beauty and I love the wardrobe choices. The girly and vintage vibe of the outfits coupled with the soft pastel colours are just perfection, in my opinion. My favourite shots are definitely the first and last pictures that I posted. I have heard some crticism about this photoshoot relating to the pictures not being age appropriate for Elle. I agree that Elle looks much older than thirteen here but I personally don't see the problem with these pictures and I think the photoshoot was very tasteful.





Photos from here

What do you think?

Thank you so much for your comments on my last blog post. I was so impacted by many of the comments and the way I have connected with you. I have the best readers ever.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Item of the Week 008

I have always been obsessed with shoes but in the past few weeks I have become even more obsessed with shoes than ever before. I have been selecting outfits based on the shoes that I desire to wear and my expenditure on shoes has substantially increased, evidenced by purchases such as this. I bought these shoes in the 50% sale at Wittner recently. They are very versatile and will be perfect to wear with my dresses that have light coloured backgrounds such as this beautiful Alannah Hill dress that I received for Christmas last year. They also go well with my recent Modcloth purchases that were posted here. I also love the fact that these shoes are patent and the overall girly nature.





This week I've had a few different issues on my mind which I would like to write about briefly. Since my blog has taken on a more personal dimension over the last year in addition to the fashion aspect, I find it extremely helpful to
document how I have been feeling here. I love to have my own space where I can explain my views and feelings because one of my greatest frustrations in life is that I rarely have the chance to do so. My main issue this week is uncertainty. While I have made progress this year in defining personal boundaries, understanding and appreciating who I am and trying to minimise nerves and anxiety, I'm not so sure if I am in as favourable position as I thought I was. I still feel nervous most of the time, I am still unable to make the right decisions, I still waste opportunities, I still feel generally unappreciated, I still wish I had more confidence and I am still dissatisfied with many circumstances in my life. I believe that people rarely listen to me or truly like me for who I am. I have been listening to "Change" by Taylor Swift lately the lyrics "somebody else gets what you wanted again, you know it's all the same, another time and place , repeating history and you're getting sick of it,"and "it's hard to fight when the fight ain't fair" basically describe how I feel at the moment. Behind all of the dressing up, the pretty clothes and makeup which makes me so happy on a daily basis, I'm not who I want to be. I hope this uncertain feeling is temporary and that I can find the strength to continue to implement positive changes in my life somehow.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Modcloth Purchases

My Modcloth order arrived on Tuesday and I am very pleased with all of my purchases. It is always a risk buying clothes online and I haven't always had positive experiences but it worked out well for me this time. All of the items were described and photographed very accurately and are beautifully designed and true to size. My favourite is definitely the Atmospheric Ambiance skirt because I have been looking for a tutu skirt that is not too short or to puffy for ages and now I have found the perfect one. It was such a wonderful surprise finding a box of new clothes waiting for me when returning from work. I thought I would treat myself to new clothes from Modcloth especially since it has been over a year and a half since my last order.

Wrapped Around Your Finger Dress

Merci Bow-coup Cardigan


Sweet Prophecies Cardigan

I wore the dress to work on Wednesday with a black crop cardigan, love it so much. I can't wait to wear the other items and take some outfit pictures. I wish it would stop raining so I could spend some time outside. There has been constant rain for the last week. I haven't had a chance to photograph the skirt that came with this order so I will add it to this post as soon as possible. This is unfortunate because the skirt was my favourite of all the items but my skirt and I are not in the same house tonight and I really wanted to have this posted today.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Item of the Week 007

I purchased this bag at Forever New a few days ago on my first day of holidays. The combination of having endless amounts of free time and the fabulous mid year sales mean that shopping was the perfect way to spend the day. I bought this bag in the buy one get one free sale, along with a floral jumper, and I have been in love ever since. After my Alannah Hill handbag it is definitely my favourite that I own. As much as I like handbags I am much more obsessed with clothes and shoes so I rarely purchase bags but this was an exception. I definitely think Forever New is one of the best stores to buy handbags with the most beautiful collection. I adore the colour, the frills and the detailing.


I have decided to make Item of the Week a more regular feature of my blog now I have time.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I have finished all of my take home exams and final assessments and I am now on holidays for the next seven and a half weeks. I was supposed to finish on Friday but I completed my last assessment a couple of days early. This is the earliest I have ever finished exams and the first time in my entire life as a student that I won't have any work to do over this coming long weekend. I feel very lucky about this given that many other university students such as my fiance and my sister still have another two weeks until holidays. I have many tasks I would like to complete during the break which are mainly centred around fashion, my blog and DIY projects.

This has been one of my most worn outfits over the past few weeks and I finally had a chance to take pictures today. It is inspired by my recent love of the colour blocking trend and my desire to move away from the traditional blacks and greys this winter. I know a lot of my outfits involve my self made blue skirt at the moment. It is my favourite skirt and is very versatile. This will certainly be the last of it for awhile as I probably need more variety in my outfits. All credit to one of my sisters for the bag since I am borrowing it from her. I didn't get the best set of pictures today. It was so windy and cold, my legs were especially cold. I really need a hair cut now I have the time.







I received the Versatile Blogger award from Strout at Midnight Pie. Thank you. The recipient must list ten facts about themselves and then pass the award on.

1. I never know what to write about with these tags. It takes me ages to think of ten facts.
2. I wish society would dress up more. An ideal situation for me would be where it was seen as normal to wear formal makeup, pretty dresses and high heels every day.
3. I am getting married in December 2012 and I recently booked a venue and chose my dress (it is everything I wanted, so perfect).
4. I have completed three and a half years of my five year law degree. I never thought I would get this far so I feel a huge sense of achievement. I have exceeded any expectations I ever had for myself.
5. I hate travelling on planes and the longest plane trip I have ever undertaken is one hour and a half. I really need to work on this so it doesn't prevent me from travelling for my whole life.
6. I love making and customising my own clothes. It is a new interest that I have only started to enjoy this year.
7. I have always wanted to have three children someday. I desperately want them all to be girls called Chelsea, Claudia and Charlotte.
8. If I could be anyone in the world I would choose Taylor Swift.
9. My signature look for winter has become red lips, a self made skirt and a coloured trench coat.
10. I am practically nocturnal- staying up in the middle of the night and sleeping until the afternoon.

I am passing this award on to all my followers

Monday, June 6, 2011


I cannot explain how much I have missed blogging over the last couple of weeks while completing my final assessments for the semester. I am so incredibly looking forward to returning to it properly next week. I have one more assessment to complete which is due on Friday but I have already started it so I finally feel that the holidays are close. I can't believe I have come this far and I have learned so much in just the last few weeks. I will write about this more when I have time.

For now I will leave you will some recent pictures of my kitten Juliette. I haven't posted pictures of her for a few months now and she has definitely grown a lot since then.

Juliette with her brother Kalvin and sister Tiffany


Juliette and I have matching hair flowers



Juliette helps me with my law assessments
Juliette with her brother Kalvin

Juliette with her brother Kalvin and her sister Tiffany


Yes, I edited her eyes but they were yellow before from the flash


Juliette is amazing at Singstar!




I will post again on the weekend.