Saturday, September 28, 2013


While browsing my computer recently I noticed that I have not yet posted these photos (apart from the one in my blog header) which were taken a number of months ago. This is what I wore when I was photographed for the 'Street Style' section of Her Fashion Box it was a really exciting experience and it introduced me to their lovely website.I was surprised that the photographers from the above-mentioned website were even in my area; it was certainly not what I expected while merely walking up the road to buy groceries. It certainly added a lot to my day. Soon it will be too warm to wear this outfit. This is a similar cardigan to the one which I have in black that I posted here and here. I'd like to style it in a similar manner to the outfit I posted which included the black version of the cardigan  here. It's also a great opportunity to match with my leopard print flats. I love leopard print and I've had these shoes for many years but I often don't know what to wear them with.  My reliable black skirt and 'Paris' inspired bag seemed like an obvious and beneficial addition to the outfit. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.








Valleygirl Cardigan
Revival Skirt
Forever New Flats
Equip Earrings
Diva Hair Bow
Forever New 'From Paris With Love' Bag

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


994008_10151610473715950_1453252181_nThis has been one of my favourite and most reliable dresses over the years and one which I know a few other bloggers own too (including my beautiful friend Jamie from Petite Panoply). I first posted it here (and for those of you who've asked if I ever have a different hairstyle, here is proof that I did once upon a time). I just love the feeling of wearing a dress for the first time in a particular season; it's only recently been warm enough to wear this so it almost feels like a new dress. I call this my 'Annie dress' and these are my 'Minnie Mouse' shoes' as many of you pointed out in my post here; Annie and Minnie Mouse make an obvious combination, surely?! I have a number of red and white shoes so I've always been lucky with matching shoes to this dress. Isn't the peter pan collar on this dress the loveliest finish too? For some reason I always pair my union jacket handbags with this particular dress; I like to wear small amounts of different patterns in an outfit. As much as I adore this bag, I do wish it would actually fit my phone. In other news...I'm starting a new job tomorrow. I couldn't be happier to have an opportunity so soon as leaving my previous job; even though I was only unemployed for a week and a half between jobs I was so bored and felt rather negative about life again. I still miss my other job and it will always have a special place in my heart. The only downside to my new job is that I'll be spending about 15 hours a week on the bus (I used to think 10 hours a week at my last job was a lot) so I'm definitely relying on you to keep me entertained during that time. I'll use the time to catch up on your blogs and write my posts.







Modcloth 'Polite and Day' Dress
Kmart Hair Flower
Florsheim Rhoda Kitten Heels
Dangerfield Bag
Kitty Cat Earrings 

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Oscar de la Renta Collection

I'm a little behind the rest of the fashion world when it comes to posting about New York Fashion Week. I rarely post about such events or runway fashion because I generally find catwalk displays unwearable and somewhat irrelevant to my personal style. However, there are occassionally collections which capture my attention and this was most certainly the case with Oscar de la Renta Spring 2014. I'm particularly drawn to the ruffles, vibrant colours, bold patterns and beautiful silhouettes. I adore the embroidery work, the eyelet detailing, full skirts, contrasting heels, the colour scheme (including my recent favourite colour of duck egg blue), the bright coloured flowers and the lovely materials. The colour pallette makes me long to own a beautiful bright yellow dress with a 1950s silhouette; it would be perfect for the warmer weather we're having here at the moment. 

What is your opinion on the Oscar de la Renta collection? 











See Oscar de la Renta

Friday, September 20, 2013


Today I wanted to show you my pretty new dress which I received courtesy of OASAP. I adore the style of this dress; I'm sure it's rather obvious from my blog that I'm quite partial to beautiful dresses with bows and lace overlays. It is extremely pretty, romantic, exquisite and girly; everything I'd look for in a dress. I love the mint and white colour combination; I believe it provides an excellent basis to style this dress with other pastel colours which is what I did with my headband and flats. In my opinion, this dress was just asking to be paired with a statement floral headband. As you can see, the outfit I wore in my last post inspired me to wear more flower crowns. I received a number of comments on this look today with a myriad of comparisons to fairies and ballerinas. This look primarily reminds me of a fairy and, as I'm sure we all know, one is evidently never too old to dress in a fairy inspired outfit. I've found a number of lovely treasures on the OASAP website. I definitely recommend you check it out. 







Flower Pattern High Waist Knee Length Dress c/o OASAP
Lovisa Flower Headband
Wittner Daisy Flats

Sunday, September 15, 2013


On Saturday I attended the races at Rosehill Gardens with family (including my sisters in law from The Polished Edge!). I'd been looking forward to this event for many weeks; it is always one of the highlights of the year and I just love the opportunity to dress up in an outfit that I wouldn't normally have the chance to wear to many other events. (Oh and of course the free champagne wasn't too bad either)... The last time I attend was two years ago, I posted about it here and wore my vintage dress from the 1940s. This time I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to completely cover myself in as many flowers as possible! I've wanted to wear my first ever Bernie Dexter dress for quite sometime but I'd been saving it for this special occassion. 

I know there are many bloggers who own this dress, (just look in the modcloth style gallery) so I felt like I'd joined the club when it became mine too. I think it's lovely to have such a beautiful dress which reminds me of all my friends from around the world. I feel so warm and happy, like I'm part of a fabulous community, when I wear this dress. To be honest there are a few aspects of this dress I'd change if I could in terms of the design. I believe it runs large, especially at the top so if I'd had more time, patience or money I probably would have had it adjusted to make it as fitted as I usually my dresses. It was also longer than I usually wear my dresses (it sat just below my knee) so I decided to have it hemmed. Obviously I had to be careful when choosing a new length because I didn't want to detract from the lovely pattern. I made it a little shorter than originally desired so I could wear a skirt underneath to make it appear as though the dress has netting. From the moment I saw this dress I had the idea that I wanted to add netting (especially pink!). In the absence of a sewing machine, or much free time, I decided that the most simplistic method would be to wear a skirt underneath and have the dress hemmed just short enough for the skirt to peek out. I'm happy with the way it turned out. 

Isn't the peter pan collar on this dress just so adorable? My accessories just came together once I had the dress as the basis. These shoes, which complement my dress and also feature floral detailing were a must, and the pink belt seemed like an obvious choice. I also had the chance to try out a flower crown for the first time. As you probably know, I adore flower crowns; I've admire the flower crowns on so many blogs in recent times. Where I live flower crowns have just started to hit the shops, so they are now very easily accessible and I hope to add more to my collection. I wasn't sure exactly which styles of flower crowns would suit me the best (since I always tie up my hair) but I believe this one achieves a balance. I also felt quite revolutionary yesterday; I have a different hairstyle for once (notice the low bun instead of the high bun!?) I've totally always been one to embrace change!

I don't expect to find this week easy. It's my first week without full time work in a number of months and I already miss it so much. My workplace threw me a leaving party on Friday morning. I received a beautiful card, flowers and little cupcakes. So many people were sad to watch me leave and despite the irony of the situation, I actually felt very valued and supported. I wish there would have been another outcome to this situation. I miss it there so much and tomorrow morning is going to hurt. If I must see the positives, I have a job interview on Monday morning. Objectively it's so positive to have a potential opportunity so soon and also to be forced to get back out there instead of feeling sorry for myself. However, this whole situation hit me hard and I'm finding it almost impossible to move on. Right I'm not sure if there is any way to fill this void in my life. 

Thank you for your continued support. Wishing you a wonderful week.










'Scene and Believed Dress' by Bernie Dexter via Modcloth
Ruche 'Fascination Embellishment Heels'
Review Belt 
Modcloth 'Atmospheric Ambience Skirt' (worn underneath)
Lovisa Flower Crown
Diva Earrings 

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Item of the Week 033

I'm very excited to show you my absolute new favourite shoes which are recently acquired from Florsheim. These are my absolute dream shoes; the kind of shoes I could only ever imagine and fantasise about. I couldn't believe it when I initially saw them in the shops and they eventually became mine. I've never seen shoes like this before and it combines all my favourite elements in a shoe; polka dots, red and white, bows, patent leather and a level of uniqueness. I like the fact that they are different from my other shoes; I've never actually had a pair of sling back shoes before. They actually seem pretty comfortable and relieve pressure from the area in which I usually get the most damage from shoes. There's something about this style of shoes, the slingback combined with the pointy toe and the lower heels, which seems very classy and sophisticated. It is also chic and timeless. I love how the pattern makes such a statement and I adore the vintage vibe. These shoes add so much to an outfit; I've had so many style ideas already, I just can't wait to wear them as much as possible. I feel happy when wearing these shoes and it brightens up the day.  




I'm on my way to my last day of work right now. I'm leaving a significant part of my life behind today. I can't believe what an impact such a relatively short period of time had on every part of me. I even turned into a morning person! I made some of the best friends of my life. For once I feel like I made a positive impact on others and gained a great deal of respect. The whole experience was such a personal journey; I proved to myself that I'm capable of more than I ever imagined. I hope that when I leave this evening, I can start to move on. I feel sad so I'm going to try and enjoy my shoes and look forward to the fact that I'm going to the races tomorrow!

Monday, September 9, 2013


1289943_10151576598345950_1140290319_nOn the weekend I wanted to showcase some of my recently acquired accessories and I thought this dress would provide the perfect platform. I usually have a pretty strict criteria when it comes to black dresses; I prefer as much detailing as possible so it doesn't look too plain (since wearing black is a little different from my usual colourful and patterned outfits). Im very happy with the black dress collection I've acquired over the years. My favourites are here, here and here.. I love the black dress I'm wearing in this post because of the lace, the low back and the netting (nettting on dresses and skirts is actually one of my favourite elements of fashion, I just wish there was more of it around). I also have this dress in light blue because I love it so much which I'm sure I'll post eventually...1174272_10151576589955950_820886468_nNow onto the accessories. I received this stunning Colourful Diamante Embellished Peacock Tail Necklace courtesy of Chicnova. The moment I received my package of lovely unique treasures, I was instantly drawn to this particular piece. I don't have a great deal of statement necklaces so this is definitely a special addition too my jewellery collection. I definitely recommend you check out the Chicnova website. Another accessory I love is this daisy bun ring which I purchased from Gloss. It seems like such a logical hair accessory for the ballerina bun; I'm quiet surprised these haven't existed in the shops before now. An extremely inexpensive accessory, I believe it adds so much to an outfit. The daisy is also one of my favourite flowers (probably second only to the rose) and I adore the vibrant purple shade. In addition, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to match my purple glitter flats and incorporate my rainbow beaded clutch bag. Yay for accessories!

Thank you for your continue support my friends. It's officially my last week at work so I'm feeling a whole range of emotions right now. I'm trying to remain positive but to be honest every day is a struggle; the whole experience still impacts me to a great extent. I would have given the world to have been given a fair chance, in fact I basically did give up my whole life for it. That was my dream job so it's hard to let go. I have a few potential interviews lined up at other organisations but, as I know from this experience, nothing is ever certain until it actually happens. To think that this time next week I could be unemployed is rather frightening since it reminds me of such a dark time in my life. I do, however, have a lot more motivation for search for jobs and apply for graduate programs; the two contract jobs I performed this year also look good on my resume. The workforce has given me confidence. I can honestly say there isn't much in life these days that scares me these days. 

I've learned a lot over the last few months, both positive and negative. Unfortunately I've realised that workplace experience and postgraduate qualifications are paramount in order to get a professional job; having a law degree and a commerce degree just doesn't seem to be enough these days (as difficult as I still find that to believe). I used to think that the world would be mine once I had a law degree but that is simply not the case. As a result, I'm going to have a deep think about my long term plans and my career direction. I have no ideas right now, I just need to keep options open. As much as my recent experience has made me question whether or not hard work actually pays off, I do feel somewhat motivated to better myself and not entirely give up. My goals for life are widespread; I'd love to have qualifications in company secretarial and psychology and my ultimate goal remains making a meaningful impact in the fashion world.

I arrived home from work a few hours ago and I've been enjoying the spring weather while sitting on the balcony ever since. I just love it here, it's the place where I reflect on my life. I like to view the pretty pink cherry blossom trees, while typing on my pink laptop, while wearing a beautiful pink dress while enjoying delicious pink wine. It was a hard day for me. It's was my manager's last day (she is going overseas tomorrow) and when she returns in a month's time I will obviously no longer be working there. We were a wonderful team and I will miss spending every day with such a warm, friendly and positive woman. I truly believe I have made a friend for life and I hope we keep in touch as much as possible. I definitely see her as a role model and she's helped me a lot. I admit I did come home and shed  tear tonight. As devastated as I feel about this chapter of my life ending, I will never forget those few months of my life where I left truly happy and that one special person who helped me to start to believe in myself. It was incredible to find a wonderful friend who I was able to connect with. I just wish it didn't have to end so soon. 

Wow, my blog is turning into a diary. 






Colourful Diamante Embellished Peacock Tail Necklace c/o Chicnova
Dotti Vintage High Tea Dress
Guess Flats
Forever New Clutch Bag
Gloss Bun Ring

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