Monday, March 31, 2014


Hi everyone! This is what I wore yesterday for my sister in law's birthday party which was a floral theme. The decorations were really spectacular and adorable; I wanted to make sure I fitted in with the theme as much as possible. Since the majority of my wardrobe involves floral print, this wasn't particularly difficult. I love flower crowns and this was certainly the perfect opportunity to wear one. I wish I had more opportunities to wear floral crowns. They are totally my style since they are girly and make such a statement. As for the dress it belonged to my other sister in law and it's been my absolute favourite piece in her wardrobe for so many years. But now it's mine! This makes me very happy. It's difficult to believe it's from Supre. I never buy from Supre and the girly, delicate and pretty nature just doesn't seem consistent with that store. This dress is a real find. The colour scheme is beautiful and the heart cut out is definitely my favourite aspect. Love this dress forever. These photos also provided the opportunity to display my unicorn bag in all it's glory! Best bag ever...  I've had a few questions recently about my college course. Well the good news is that I just passed the first exam! I truly can't believe it. I never thought I could do anything like this. I put off doing this course for over a year since I graduated university and was also considering never doing it because I didn't have the self confidence so it's pretty unbelievable. The course is a lot of work while trying to balance it with a full time job. I often find it frustrating that I just don't have the time to put in as much effort as I'd like to. But it's very well run and relevant to real life unlike a lot of university subjects. Even though most of the time college work is the last thing I feel like doing this is often outweighed by the the excitment and elation I feel from being able to do what I never dreamed possible. The same applies to work. Every day I can't believe I am here and have this opportunity. These feelings are often capable of overpowering the boringness often associated with study or work. In case anyone is wondering I'm doing a graduate diploma in legal practice to become admittted as a solicitor.  2014-03-30 15.16.14

2014-03-30 15.17.28

2014-03-30 15.23.28

2014-03-30 15.17.38

2014-03-30 15.19.02

2014-03-30 15.17.41

2014-03-30 15.22.28

Supre Heart Cut Out Dress
Wittner Floral Flats
Irregular Choice Unicorn Bag
Diva Flower Crown

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Item of the Week 036

Tonight I'm excited to show you the most incredibly amazing bag ever! I saw this on Modcloth a number of weeks ago and instantly fell in love. Unicorn pieces are so difficult to find; whenever I see unicorn printed clothes, accessories or homewares I snap them up immediately. The combination of unicorns and glitter is out of this world beautiful and fabulous. The unicorns are very pretty and have the most adorable eyes. This is my dream bag and I'm so pleased I found it. This treasure is by Irregular Choice via Modcloth (where else would I possibly find this?) A little on the pricey side, I was convinced by the unique nature. The combination of it being my birthday and the fact there was only one left on the Modcloth website, influenced my decision. It's now sold out on both the Modcloth and Irregular Choice website which makes me believe, even more, that I have such a creative unique piece. I will never see anyone with the same bag. I'm so happy I decided to buy it. It may be hard to tell from the photos but it is a very reasonably sized bag. My one issue is that the clutch style clasp on a larger style bag means it will not sit closed while I carry it with the shoulder strap. Whenever I carry the bag it unfortunately remains open. From a practical viewpoint this is extremely frustrating but who cares about practicality when I have a glitter unicorn bag, right? I'm looking forward to displaying this in outfit posts.

2014-03-27 21.32.32

2014-03-27 21.32.24

Irregular Choice Handbag

Sunday, March 23, 2014


As some of you know from Instagram and various other forms of social media, it was my birthday last Sunday. I turned 25 which I  absolutely cannot believe. I'm continually mistaken for a teenager still. This age feels like the next age group (maybe it's the stage where I'm no long supposed to be completely obsessed with unicorns!). I'm very young at heart and definitely not particularly mature so I'm not too sure how this has all happened. Where are all the years going? I had been dreading turning 25 for ages but instead of dwelling on overwhelming negative thoughts I realised a couple of things. If I was more than a couple of years younger I wouldn't have my current job, I wouldn't have graduated with a couple of degrees from university and I wouldn't be so close to becoming a solicitor. These aspects of my life are my main source of happiness and fulfilment at the moment. I'm so grateful for the opportunities I have now and to be where I am today. Here are a few pictures of my birthday. The unicorn cake is incredibly impressive and speaks for itself! Following on from my love of velvet as explained in the post here,I've been wearing this dress a lot recently. I learned from a few bloggers that this colour can be called claret; that just sounds so royal and sophisticated. A velvet claret skater dress. I like that. The hair bow is concidentally the perfect match. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw it in the shops knowing I had my claret velvet dress at home. I bought the Audrey Hepburn printed bag from a gift shop near where I work. I spent some money for my birthday and this is one of the new additions to my wardrobe. Since it's a box bag and doesn't close, I have to be extra careful to ensure the contents of my bag are neatly arranged. Also from my birthday is my new pandora necklace which I am wearing here but that deserves a post of its own.









Wittner Jasper Heels
Pandora Sterling Silver Necklace
Velvet Dress
Home and Giftwares Audrey Hepburn Print Bag
 Diva Velvet Hair Bow

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

DIY Fashionista Cut Out and Keep Interview

This week I was featured on the DIY Fashionista of Cut Out and Keep. Check it out here:

 Imogen from Tia Cherie



How would you describe your style?
My style is feminine, dressy, colourful and vintage inspired. I love polka dots, rainbow stripes, pearls, bows, pretty dresses, sparkly cardigans, kitty cat print, unicorns and glitter so I try and incorporate these elements into my looks as much as possible. My signature look consists of a fit and flare dress in a bright colour or fun pattern, a hair flower and heels or ballet flats (with an embellished cardigan thrown in for good measure in the colder weather).

What's your favourite piece in your wardrobe?
This is a very difficult question because my wardrobe is my pride and joy! I’d have to say my genuine vintage dress from the 1940s. It’s pink with white polka dots and features an oversized collar, a purple velvet sash, a full skirt and ballerina length. It has a real princess feel. I wish I had more opportunities to wear it. It has so much history and character. I often think about the life my dress once had during the 1940s in the US; an interesting thought. 

Who are your style icons?
My style icons are definitely other bloggers much more than celebrities. See my answer below for the fashion blogs that I read and which inspire me. However, if I was to choose a celebrity I’d say Taylor Swift. . While she is very beautiful and clearly interested in fashion, she isn’t totally obsessed with herself like a lot of people in the public eye. I believe this is a form of inner beauty; her classiness, self-worth and professionalism shine through and inspire me. In terms of fashion, I adore many of her timeless and vintage inspired pieces; one of my absolute favourites was her 1950s style yellow dress paired with red heels which was rather reminiscent of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The time she wore white kitty cat shoes, made my already existing love for feline related fashion items, grow even more. I also love many of her sparkly pieces and she sure has worn a number of sparkly dresses over the years. I still adore her look all the way back from the 2009 Country Music Awards. I love how she often opts for timeless makeup, particularly the classic red lips. I love how she channels her curly hair but also experiments with straight hair (on occasion) and a myriad of stunning up styles. I was so inspired by her buns and cascading curls when choosing the hairstyles for my wedding party in 2012.

Do you have any favourite designers?
In terms of designers, I’m completely drawn to bags and shoes. My dream is to one day own a classic Chanel quilted bag. I also love Dior, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade and Charlotte Olympia. The collections of Oscar de la Renta often capture my attention. I love the Spring 2014 collection. The ruffles, vibrant colours, bold patterns, beautiful silhuttes, embroidery work, eyelet details, full skirts and wearability are true features.

Where are your favourite places to shop for new clothes clothes?
My favourite places to shop for new clothes are the Australian stores Alannah Hill and Review. I wish I could own every single piece from all of their collections; they are a true representation of my personal style. I also like visiting their factory outlets and websites (www.alannahhill.com.au and www.review-australia.com). Dangerfield (dangerfield.com.au) and Forever New (www.forevernew.com.au) also have some good pieces. In terms of online shopping undoubtedly Modcloth is the best (http://www.modcloth.com/). It is always so reliable when it comes to finding that unique, creative and genius piece! 

Do you make or customise your outfits?
I don’t make clothes because my sewing skills are very limited; I’ve made a couple of very basic skirts in the past but I wasn’t particularly happy with the quality of them. I wish I could make a dress. I see so many beautiful fabrics that I’d love to transform into dresses. This is my very long term goal. I’ve customised a number of pieces particularly cardigans. I often add sparkles, trim, embellishments and buttons. I love how it creates a personalised touch and adds so much to a look. 

Do you have any great tips for mixing up and personalising an outfit?    
In order to personalise an outfit it is important to develop your own sense of style. My number one tip would be to style yourself in a way which suits you and reflects your true personality as opposed to what the current trends dictate. For example, I have the same hairstyle and makeup most days. It’s become my signatory look and having a style which represents me provides a great sense of joy. That’s not to say your image should be entirely regimented; of course it’s fun to experiment with news trends as frequently as you desire. All I’m saying is if there’s a certain aspect of fashion which you love and which makes you, you, then go with it. In terms of mixing up an outfit, try and see your wardrobe as a set of interchangeable pieces. Some of the best outfits are created by pairing items which we wouldn’t normally expect to go together. A few of my favourite combinations- pink & red and stripes & florals would fall under this category. 

Dangerfield Skirt
Mimco Heels
DIY Sequin Cardigan

Monday, March 17, 2014

Kendra's Night Out Challenge

Recently I was invited by Kendra Thornton to participate in Kendra's Night Out Challenge. This involves creating a style board for her night with a few girlfriends at the Palms Casino and Resort in Las Vegas. As an introduction to the challenge, Kendra has described it as follows:

"...in an attempt to get some help from the experts, I've consulted with Tia Cherie of Tia-Cherie.blogspot.com.au. For 2014 I'm thinking about giving Sin City a run for its money; more specifically, I'm interested in spending some time at the lavish Palms Casino and Resort. In 'Kendra's Fashion Challenge', I become more than just a mom. This is where I invite and challenge my blogging friends to compile chic outfits that I should wear while indulging in the endless array of activities available at The Palms Casino and Resort.

There are plenty of things that my friends and I plan to do at the Palms Casino and Resort, ranging from losing money on the Casino Floor to enjoying cocktails at The Scarlet Bar. And since I'll be with a number of my girlfriends, what I really want to try is the Moon Nightclub. At one time, we were the girls that partied and my friends and I are looking to capture some fun as we go to this fantastic club. After visiting the casino floor and the Moon Nightclub, I'd like for all us to attend the View, located on the top floor of The Fantasy Tower. The views in the View (no pun intended) are simply astounding. I am definitely taking my camera phone with me. There are plenty of reasons that we plan to visit this facility. The first is that there are great drinks that we can have. Although we plan on drinking sensibly, there is no harm having a fun drinks before bed. There are plenty of games throughout the area that people can play. Great games include billiards and shuffleboard. In addition to this, there are fun board games as well. The seating in the facility is comfortable, and we plan to chatting until the early morning hours.

It goes without saying that Las Vegas has a style that is unlike any other city in the United States or on earth. We had plenty of place that we could have visited, and we found great help when we listened to feedback from fellow travelers on Gogobot. The reviews made it easier than ever to pick out the perfect Las Vegas hotel amongst the endless options on the strip. We were even able to plan out our things to do while there. When we visit a show, have dinner or visit a hotel, having the right outfit can enhance the special experience."   

 While styling this look I become somewhat familiar with the destination; the Scarlet Bar, Moon Night Club and Fantasy Tower all sound wonderful. I can definitely see why Kendra would want to visit such location. I wish Kendra and her girlfriends all the very best and I hope Kendra finds the inspiration to choose the perfect look for the occasion.

For my style board I wanted to capture the essence of the Las Vegas style while also considering elements such as relative comfort and necessary modesty. I love sequins, glitter, fun clothes and dressing up but I definitely wanted to avoid some of the common pitfalls in terms of dress code that I often see on the nightclub scene. That's why I chose a sequin dress but at an appropriate length and glam high heels but without a platform. In accordance with my style, this added a personalised touch. I love the colour combination of this dress. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect with such a gorgeous colour combination. I adore silver shoes and accessories and believe they complement the dress. I'm drawn to silver, it's so glamorous.  I love the deep purple makeup. It's such a gorgeous shade and works well for the occasion. 

Kendra's Fashion Challenge- Vegas

I had fun participating in this challenge. Thank you for the opportunity Kendra. Check out Kendra Thornton on Twitter

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Hi everyone. Just a quick post today with some instagram pictures to show you a snapshot of my life recently. 

1. me with my hair down (it only looked this good for about the first 10 minutes) 2. Guess bag and velvet Florsheim heels 3. my desktop background at work 4. childhood memories with brum 5. my friend and I decorated our work folders (completely necessary to enhance motivation) 6. substitute necklace for the Tiffany & Co key I really want 7. Valentine's gift from mytrue love Juliette Princess Miracle 8. My beautiful perfect Juliette Princess Miracle 9. subway cookies, my friend  and I are such regular subway customers we usually get free cookies 10. selfie before work 11. solicitor's manual  which I received from The College of Law. It's in the display cabinet because it made me feel so important LOL 12.an outrageous statement from my law college readings 13. showing off my Madeline top 14. my tape dispenser at work 15. probably one of the most random dresses I've ever seen. It's a hen dress from OASAP 16. one of my favourite pairs of shoes from Aldo

Monday, March 10, 2014


Hi all! Since it is now autumn and the warmer weather will soon be drawing to a close I'm trying to make the most out of my summer dresses and minimise the wearing of cardigans and jackets to the greatest extent possible. This year it feels like I didn't have much of a summer because I worked the whole time in an office with excessively cold air conditioning. It was quite a change from other years in many ways since it was my first summer of having a full time job. While I definitely preferred to be at work, my summer dresses haven't had as much exposure as in previous years and it was a very strange concept wearing coats in the middle of summer in Australia while inside the cold air conditioning. Consequently, yesterday seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring out this dress. I love it because it is velvet which is undoubtedly my all time favourite material.  I always wish there was more velvet around. It's very frustrating how velvet only ever seems to come in such a restricted range of colours. As much as I love my burgundy and navy velvet, I long to see the full spectrum of colours showcased in velvet. If I was a fashion designers this would surely happen. I found his little dress in Dotti last year. I wanted to wait until it came on sale and I almost missed out on it. I remember travelling to about four different Dotti store locations to finally locate this dress in my size for a bargain $20.   I was so happy when I found it. I adore the unique shade of pink. The main feature is the lace collar and detailing. Lace collars are my favourite. I also picked up the apple shaped clutch bag from Forever New which I posted in my wishlist here. Unfortunately it doesn't photograph very well; it's an extremely sparkly bag and that doesn't show up at all. Oh well, trust me, it is a rather exciting bag.








Dotti Lace Velvet Dress
Forever New Sparkly Apple Shaped Clutch 
Wittner Queen Heels

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


This is the outfit I wore to work today, it is probably one of my favourite all time looks because it features some of my most loved pieces from over the years. I love the memories that are attached to clothes; the skirt and jacket remind me of a happy time in my life. My mother in law bought me the jacket when we were on holidays a number of years ago in Queensland. I loved discovering the little boutique Kitten D'Amour with so many girly treasures featuring bows, pearls and polka dots. I heard there's a store opening in Sydney soon which would be amazing. The skirt here seems to be a perfect match. When I say it is self made, my mum helped me and probably did majority of the work. I definitely wish I was better at sewing. Just need to find the time. I love this little bag I bought around this time last year. Tweed is one of my favourites too and I often wish there was more of it around. It's like a sweet little parisien suit case especially since it's called the 'From Paris with Love Bag.' That reminds me. I've been really interested in looking up various locations in other countries on google maps at the moment. I've never left Australia so I like to see the rest of the world from my computer. It's a very interesting use of time. Other cities look so different from Australia; they seem to have so much character. Very beautiful. My friend from work says that so many of the European cities would provide would provide the perfect backdrop for outfits. One day...if I can get past my fear of planes that dream can happen.








Kitten D'Amour Lace Bow Jacket
Self Made Skirt
Sportsgirl Heels
Forever New 'From Paris With Love' Bag
Isa Design Earrings 

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Item of the Week 036

photo(5)photo(2)Hi all. Today I wanted to feature the latest addition to my wardrobe which is my Madeline t shirt from Out of Print via Modcloth. I saw this piece on the Modcloth website a few weeks ago and it was instant love, not to mention the overwhelming number of memories that flooded back to me within moments. I adored Madeline during my childhood. I remember there were times where my life was entirely consumed by Madeline; my sister and I frequently watched it on tv and made up random games to do with the show. I remember being quite obsessed with drawing all twelve of the little girls in their uniforms. Lord Cuckoo Face and Miss Clavell...it's all too good! However, I do remember being frustrated by the fact that Madeline was always the centre of attention. Just because she might have been that little bit smaller than the other girls, I'm sure those other eleven girls were just as amazing in their own ways. Ok, that's just me and my negativity. Plus I was always a huge fan of Chloe...and Danielle and Nicole. Regardless, it is so fantastic to have a Madeline shirt which brings back so much nostaglia. I'm pretty sure I'll end up watching it again soon now I have the tshirt. I can't wait to style it. I've decided I can wear it with my pink jeans (yes me in jeans, it is rare). The little girls come too far down the shirt for any of my high waisted skirts to work which is unfortunate. Speaking of fashion I always loved the uniforms the girls wore on Madeline. One of these days I'm sure I'll create an outfit centered around that concept. Another fun aspects of this top is that I know two other people who have the same one. I posted about this Madeline tshirt on Facebook. Then an old friend from school said she'd bought it a couple of days earlier. Then I influenced yet another old friend to visit the Modcloth website and she bought it too. Matching tshirt buddies! It's also cool to discover new brands. I noticed that Out of Print has some pretty fun pieces on their website from The Hungry Caterpilla to The Great Gatsby. The long sleeve Madeline jumper looks so warm and cosy too. I heard they have the Madeline clothes for men too! I need to get my husband to agree with that!! Wouldn't matching outfit pictures just be the best?


Madeline Out of Print

Novel Tee in Madeline via Modcloth

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