Monday, April 30, 2012


With the introduction of the colder weather lately, I have developed a love for patterned jumpers which I like to pair with my coloured jeans. I've purchased a few jumpers in this style lately and they are just so warm and cosy to wear. At the moment I wish I could wear them every day. This is a different style for me since I usually only wear dresses and skirts with cardigans and trench coats. I adore the pattern on this jumper and the little bows are so sweet. As soon as I saw it in the shops I knew it was the jumper for me.  This was also the first time I'd worn my red jeans. I'd been wanting red jeans for ages and I finally located a pair a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't sure what to wear with my red jeans at first but upon subsequently purchasing this jumper the two seemed to go perfectly together. 

I'm so busy at the moment; I wish I had more time. I have an assessment due on Tuesday and a take home exam this week on a topic I know nothing about! I'd do anything for it to be Friday evening already. I can't wait to have a break next weekend and catch up on some blogs too. 







Dotti Bow Jumper
Miss Shop Skinny Jeans
Diana Ferrari Ballet Flats
Diana Ferrari Bag
Equip Hair Bow

Monday, April 23, 2012


This is the first time I've used blogger since the new layout was introduced and I don't know about everyone else but I'm finding it incredibly confusing. I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually but today it took me ages just to work out how to compose a new post!

This weekend Rydog and I went away for a night to the Southern Highlands which is located about an hour and a half from Sydney. It is an area that I'm very familiar with because I used to visit these towns frequently with my parents when I was a child. The landscape and scenery is very beautiful and there are so many wonderful photo opportunities. I was planning to blog at least three outfits while in the Southern Highlands this weekend but in the end I could only photograph one since it started raining. We even decided to drive back much earlier than expected on Sunday afternoon because of the rain only to find almost an equal amount of rain in Sydney. At least I have one set of outfit posts.

Orange seems to be one of the most stylish colours to wear at the moment and is very popular when it comes to colour blocking. It is everywhere in the shops, I have noticed! However, I must admit that I have never liked orange and prior to a couple of weeks ago almost nothing in my wardrobe was orange. So I decided to introduce this skirt, with an orange stripe, to my collection. It allows me to wear a relatively small amount of orange without it completely taking over my outfit. I love wearing just this amount of orange and it allows me to combine it with pink for a colour blocking effect. This outfit actually reminds me of my colour blocking dress that I posted in the earlier days of my blog a couple of years ago here. I adore this pink coat at the moment and I will definitely be wearing it a lot this coming winter. Last week was the first time I've ever worn my pink coat. I bought it many months ago but only now has it been cold enough to wear it. I bought it in summer so it was a bargain!

Unfortunately it is back to university this week. I didn't complete much of the work I'd planned and I enjoyed a much more relaxing holiday than I should have.  This is mainly because I discovered the Crime Investigations Channel on tv and rediscovered my love for knitting. These interests have taken over and for weeks I've done not much else with my life.


I missed Juliette, so I decided to take my Snow Leopard instead!









Forever New Pink Trench Coat
Forever New Mara Glitter Ballet Flats
Forever New Joni Crini Skirt
Valleygirl Polka Dot Top
Antiques Cat Pin
CoCo Land Scarf
Sparkly Bow Headband (gift)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This is an outfit I wore on the weekend. I love this top, it is one of my favourite items at the moment because it has little cats printed all over it. I was so excited when I saw this top in the store because it represents me so well. I definitely believe there should be more cat printed clothes in the shops! I also like the bow and the combination of black and white. This top inspired me to start wearing my black and white quilted ballet flats again because they match so well. I haven't worn them for ages, I'm not really sure why because I still very much adore them. Before I left the house on Saturday, I asked my sister which bag would look best with my outfit. She came up with her orange bag that she let me borrow. I never would have thought of orange but it I think it works really well. I love the way it stands out against my outfit.

I can't wait until Wednesday afternoon when I've handed in my last assessment and it's Easter holidays.




Dotti Cat Print Bow Top
Portmans Skater Skirt
Dotti Bag (borrowed from my sister)
Mollini Quilted Ballet Flats
Kaboodle Designs Hair Bow