Friday, November 28, 2014


Here they are- my new emerald glitter pumps styled in an outfit post. I wish they showed up better in the photos; you'll have to take my word for it that they are amazing statement shoes. I really wish I owned the matching emerald glitter clutch bag from Mimco but it is way too expensive. I am a firm believe that expensive/statement pieces should be used often rather than reserved for best so my sparkly shoes won't be sitting around in a box as I will create the occasions to wear them. In fact I even wore them to work yesterday. I would wear them with pretty much any colour combination or pattern and I especially can't wait to pair these lovely shoes with my Scarlet Tie Bow dress from Kitten D'Amour which I posted here.  For this outfit I wanted to combine green with the primary colours; I love how bright it looks with one piece in each colour. The Hello Sailor To from Kitten D'Amour must be one of my most worn items in the last few months; I posted an outfit with it here. Sailor/nautical theme has always been one of my favourites and there are so many looks that can be created with it. The velvet red skirt and yellow wool blend coat are two of the pieces which my friend had made for me in Hong Kong. I adore them both so much. I wish I could get the skirt made in every single colour; velvet is just the best material ever.  As for the coat (which I wrote about here), it's such a unique and quality piece. I also love coats that look like dresses. I'm sure you'll see much more of it on my blog.








Mimco Red Carpet 101 Pump in Peacock Green Glitter
Kitten D'Amour Hello Sailor Spot Top
Custom Made Yellow Wool Blend Coat
Custom Made Red Velvet Skirt 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

New In: Emerald Glitter Pumps

Hi everyone. Just a quick post today; it's been an extremely busy week for me so I haven't been as present in the online world as usual. I have been very naughty and purchased some rather expensive shoes which are the Red Carpet 100 Pumps from Mimco in  Peacock Green Glitter. I would never pay this amount for a pair of shoes but I absolutely could not resist. I never see shoes which make this much of a statement in the shops; I am often frustrated by the conservative range of shoes that are available. These shoes are absolutely stunning and perfect. The most beautiful shoes I have ever seen. I adore glitter and there are definitely not enough glitter products around. I tried to make my own glitter heels a few years ago but they didn't look as good as a store bought pair and I was scared about all the glitter falling off! But I think eventually I'll try DIY glitter shoes again because I'd love to have glitter shoes in every colour and especially in pink. The stand out feature of these heels is also the gorgeous emerald shade. Wow. I'll be wearing these shoes for the first time tonight for a Christmas party which is a cruise around Sydney Harbour. 




Mimco Red Carpet 101 Pump in Peacock Green Glitter

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Alice in Wonderland Inspired
My ace of hearts bag which I received courtesy of OASAP is currently my favorite bag. I've read on a number of blogs recently, to the frustration of many, about the tendency of bloggers to positively review items which they received for free often to the point where reviews can no longer be relied upon. However, I can assure you this is not the situation here. Even though I did receive this clutch bag from OASAP, it's so amazing that I'd definitely recommend purchasing it and I even want to get it in black. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures but it's slightly larger than most; when I opened the package I immediately commented on the more practical size. While all clutch bags are still relatively small, this one can at least fit my makeup, money and phone. It's very refreshing since there are way too many clutch bags around that can't even fit a phone. Also, how adorable is the design? It's so sweet and beautiful. 
It feels like I'm just carrying around one big playing card all day. 

Is it just me or is this outfit a little Alice in Wonderland inspired? Both the ace of hearts bag and the Picnic in Paris dress remind me Alice. This dress is the newest addition to my collection and is from Kitten D'Amour. As I mentioned in my post here I just love the silhouette of the Kitten D'Amour dresses; the full skirt and fully lined netted underlay is difficult to replicate elsewhere. But Kitten D'Amour dresses are so expensive and I can't afford more of them so I really want to think of alternatives. I wish I'd known about this design when I had the opportunity for clothes to be custom made in Hong Kong. Then I could have sent this dress over and had it replicated. I also love the combination of patterns in this dress; the touch of polka dots is perfect against the dominant cherry/daisy print. Also if you look carefully, the blue section in the bodice is a small check print. The one issue I worry about with Kitten D'Amour is seeing someone else in the same dress. It hasn't happened yet but a few people have recognised where it's from. Although each piece is made in limited quantity at Kitten D'Amour, the fact that it's an Australian brand with a very specific style, makes it an obvious choice if one is in the market for the particular dresses it offers. What is your favourite outfit to wear at the moment?

The most frequent question I get asked on my blog (and the question often arises outside the blogging world too) is about my hair. I feel like I'm always needing to justify the fact that I have it in the same style every single day. The reason is because my hair is extremely thin and I don't have a lot of it. It's also the most awful texture; not straight and not curly, it's so random it just does it's own thing. My current hairstyle makes it look like I have much more hair than I actually do and makes me feel much better about myself. Before I discovered my current hairstyle I always felt my hair was letting down the rest of my appearance. The previous style in had (you may remember I had my hair cut into a bob in the earlier days of my blog) required too much maintenance since I had to straighten it every single day. In the end my hair couldn't take it and became so destroyed from the heat. It also took too long- there is no way I have time to straighten my hair every morning before work as I am always in such a rush. The stress of wearing my hair down isn't worth it and it makes me feel really self conscious. On average I'd probably wear my hair down once or twice a year (this is often for Melbourne Cup or if I go to the races and I'm wearing a flower crown and feel like there's already too much sticking off the top of my head to also justify a high bun). But no you probably will never see me with my hair down. To be honest I can't understand the judgement I get around my hair. If having the same hairstyle each day makes me feel better about myself then I believe it's worth it. For all of you who want to know how to do this style, I will hopefully write a post about it soon. I hope that answers your questions








Kitten D'Amour Picnic in Paris Dress
Poker Heart Clutch Bag c/o OASAP
Wittner Layne Heels

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Current Loves

Review 'Gelati Check Dress' 
I walked past the Review store a couple of weeks ago and absolutely fell in love with this beautiful dress. I desperately wanted to buy it then and there but I simply didn't have the money. For now I will admire it from afar but one day I hope to add it to my collection. I love the combination of pink and blue. I have always liked tartan and, although I adore the more traditional colour combinations, it is often lovely to see more unique tartan combinations too. I'm sure it goes without saying that I love the vintage style silhouette, the timeless nature of the impressive quality of Review dresses; a potentially very justifiable purchase given all these factors. 
Marc by Marc Jabobs Mouse Flats 
I love Marc by Marc Jacobs flats; not only do they look amazing but they are extremely comfortable too. I wish I could own hundred of pairs of these shoes. I have the mouse flats in silver and now I want them in this beautifully vibrant shade of blue; they would add so much to an outfit. Mouse flats, kitty  cats flats and all adorable shoes like that are just the best. 

Pinup Girl Clothing Disney Princess Tote Bags
My favourite here is the Ariel version but I was very sad to see that it's been sold out for some time now. I have joined the wait list but who knows if it will ever come back into stock. The Belle version is a pretty great alternative. At the moment I love fashion items that are Disney Princess related; I am continually searching the Internet but frequently feel frustrated that there's never much out there for adults. I truly regret not getting an Ariel printed dress when I had the opportunity to have clothes made in Hong Kong; I intended to but ran out of time to find the material. Ariel brings back the most special childhood memories for me; my mum made me the most amazing Ariel costume with the red hair included. 

The Little Mermaid Pencil Case
As above. This would satisfy my desire for Disney Princess merchandise at a very affordable price; at only $10 there is no reason why this shouldn't join my collection.  It would like to use this as a makeup bag. 

Review Cardigans
At the moment one of my favourite activities in my free time is to customise cardigans with beads, embellishment and sequins etc. I have written about this many times before. I am very fussy about the types of cardigans I buy; they must be good quality, of a certain material and are preferably of the cropped variety (the last point being particularly difficult to accommodate). So I have taken to using Review cardigans for my sewing projects. Even though they retail at $99.99 there is always a sale. I bought one for $38 the other week. They are also half to a third cheaper than Alannah Hill which are the only other cardigans I generally buy. I have so many ideas for these cardigans at the moment. 

Kitten D'Amour Lace Peekaboo Dress
This dress is from the same collection, The Scarlet Collection, as the dress from my last outfit post. It's so elegant, classy and beautiful. A number of months ago I was browsing the Kitten D'Amour instagram page and saw a very similar dress to this; I absolutely fell in love with the red lace combination. Shortly after I read that Kitten D'Amour decided to bring out a very similar range due to the popularity of that previous collection; within a couple of weeks of admiring the one instagram picture, pretty scarlet dresses kept showing up in store and online. It was amazing. I thought I'd obviously better limit myself to one dress from the new beautiful red collection. It was a difficult decision but I went for the piece in my previous outfit post because it is much more versatile and wearable. I feared that if I bought this dress it would far too often be sitting in my wardrobe reserved for only special occasions. But I will continue to admire and wish for it. 

Kate Spade Handbag
I really want to save up for a designer item and I definitely believe a bag would be the best choice. This all started when I borrowed a real Chanel bag (well documented here, here and here) and I wondered whether it would be at all possible for me to buy one of my own. My spending is out of control at the moment and I'm soon to implement a budget for clothes spending which has failed countless times in the past. Based on that calculation I worked out it would take about three or four years to save up for a Chanel bag. I felt sad about that length of time and the possibility that I wouldn't buy any other clothes, shoes or bags during the time I was saving. So I thought a Kate Spade bag would be a great alternative. Although it's not quite as exciting, in many ways it will have the same impact on me.   

Forever New Brianna Prom Skirt
Although I own a number floral skirts I am particularly drawn to this one. The colour scheme is very pretty and reminds me of a water colour painting. I tried it on in Forever New a couple of weeks ago but just didn't have the money to buy it. I liked it a lot more on than in comparison with just the pictures. Skirts from Forever New are often ridiculously short to the point where I'm turned off buying them and, even outside FN, it can be difficult to find skirts which elegantly sit just above the knee. The classy length was the main selling point of this skirt for me. I, like many other people, love them with crop tops; I am still looking out for the perfect crop tops to buy. 
What are your current loves?

Also I just started using Lookbook (yes, just a bit behind the rest of the world). It would mean so much if you showed me some love on there; I'm so unpopular right now.. It has been lovely to randomly come across a few of you on Lookbook. My link is in the sidebar.

Friday, November 7, 2014


This is most definitely my favourite dress at the moment and I wish it came in every single colour. Kitten D'Amour, in the last few months, has become the shop which I love the most. I discovered it while on holidays in Queensland back in 2009 (first Kitten D'Amour piece here) and this year when two stores opened in Sydney it's come back into my life. This is somewhat concerning given that the clothes are not exactly cheap but if you have the money it's worth it given the impressive quality and the lovely vintage silhouettes.  They appear to often use the same shaped dresses in each collection; the classic pencil style, the peekaboo dress and a beautiful fit and flare dress just to name a few. I like this idea because, so often I find  a dress style which I love and feel disappointed that it only comes in one colour or pattern. My favourite is obviously the 1950s style silhouette; the dress I wore for my admission as a lawyer which I posted here, was one such dress.  While the fit and flare dress is a relatively common design, it's hard to find one which is so full and has a generous layer of netting underneath. The dress I'm wearing in this post is from the Scarlet Collection and is a clear stand out piece to me; one can never have too many red dresses and the detailing and bow design are so pretty. I also have so many red shoes and accessories which I can pair with this dress.  I love this dress so much, it'll come on all sorts of adventures with me! 







Lovisa Tartan Hair Bow
Kitten D'Amour Scarlet Tie Dress
Wittner Kilton Flats  
Retro Embroidered Pearl Diamond Lattice like Handbag c/o OASAP 
Prouds Pearls 

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Style Icon: Taylor Swift

With the release of the album 1989, it's that Taylor Swift time of year again. She's everywhere I look. I have been one of her biggest fans right since the start (loved seeing her in concert two times with my sisters in law). If there was anyone in the world I could be then it'd undoubtedly be Taylor Swift. Even though the target audience for her music is generally girls younger than me, I always believe that Taylor Swift and I have a special connection since we were born in the same yearl she's where I could be in life had I been fortunate enough to be a celebrity. (Yes, I'm sure Taylor sees it that way too!) In terms of the music, I believe this album is not as good as her previous music. There are many songs that I like but overall I am not a huge fan of pop music. However, I'm really obsessed with the songs 'Clean' and 'This Love' (and a few of the more traditional pop songs such as Blank Space and How You Get The Girl are pretty catchy). It's ridiculous how much I've listened to Clean and This Love in the past week. Anyway, the point of this post is to discuss Taylor Swift fashion. When it comes to celebrities, I believe the hype around their fashion is generally extremely overrated. To be perfectly honest I think that the fact they have so much money should mean they look good all the time. It's us bloggers that inspire me and have the best style. However, Taylor Swift is pretty much the only celebrity whose fashion excites me. and I look forward to seeing her looks. It's so much more classy and elegant than others and I adore the often present vintage element. I have put together a number of my favourite looks of Taylor Swift. I initially intended to just choose a few but that approach lead to the rather large collection which you see here. There's quite a variety in terms of red carpet/everyday looks and recent/earlier in time.

What are your favourites? Did I miss any of the best Taylor Swift looks?