Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sugar Plum Aprons

Today I have another two beautiful designs to show you from Sugar Plum Aprons. After the fun of creating last week's post it was great to get the chance to do it all again. Both designs are as adorable and stunning as the last two; it's impossible to choose a favourite. It was lucky I had a cupcake dress to pair under the Cupcake Cutie apron as matching is always fun! Sugar Plum Aprons are having a sale at the moment with 25-50% off so there's no better time to head over to the online store and choose out a beauty for yourself.

Sugar Plum Aprons- Party Animal!







Sugar Plum Aprons- Cupcake Cutie!





Check out Sugar Plum Aprons here.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sugar Plum Aprons

Today I'd like to introduce you all to Sugar Plum Aprons, the prettiest and most incredible aprons ever. I love the adorable and vintage inspired designs, the detailing of bows, frills and ruffles, the excellent quality and the flattering silhouette. The designs add a whole new dimension to the concept of aprons; I just love how each piece resembles a beautiful dress and can easily form part of an outfit. My favourite is the Snow White inspired apron; such a sweet and creative idea. It reminds me of the Snow White inspired outfit I posted on my blog a couple of years ago here. There are so many uses for these lovely aprons including events such as dinner parties, birthday parties, kitchen teas and engagement parties. It makes me wish I'd had a Super Plum Apron when I had my kitchen tea a few years ago. There is also a children's range so women and children can buy matching sets, how adorable is that! This weekend I had so much fun getting out some kitchen equipment and taking these pictures. 

Check out the online store for Sugar Plum Aprons here. 

Sugar Plums Aprons- Snow White!







Sugar Plum Aprons- So Frenchy, So Chic!







Check back here later in the week to see my pictures of two more amazing designs.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Current Loves

Sportsgirl Fairisle Adventure Jumper
I usually don't shop at Sportsgirl. While I certainly do like the accessories, I've only ever owned a couple of clothing items/shoes from the store. Sportsgirl is not really consistent with my style, the sizing often runs large and the clothes seem rather overpriced in general. So this piece is somewhat different from what you’d usually expect to find on my wishlist. However, I absolutely love it. I tried it on this week at lunch time and it was so warm and cosy. I adore the printed design and it’s good quality. These types of jumpers are so tempting during the cold weather we are experiencing at the moment. I'm always drawn to a sweet 'winter' print such as this; I love my snowflake jumper, bow jumper and red, white & blue jumpers from Dotti which I purchased in previous years. I totally didn't know that this print has a name- apparently it is called fairisle. 

Kitten D'Amour Bella Senora Dress
I've been waiting for the release of this dress after seeing it initially many month ago. It's so perfect..and so pink! The detailing, black & pink contrast, floral inspiration and fit & flare design is all totally my style. I tried it on the other day. It was much longer than I anticipated. I don't usually wear anything below knee length. However, this is so long that it is pretty much ballerina length and I actually think that is very pretty and vintage looking. It's way more expensive that I expected but I do have store credit with Kitten D'Amour so maybe I'll end up acquiring it. It wouldn't be particularly versatile as, despite me being overly dressed up for all occasions, this one would have to be reserved for special events. 

Bella Senora Lace Top (Fuschia)
After having not purchased anything from the last couple of Kitten D'Amour collections, the store is now back on my radar. I'm sure that's partially to do with the fact that the current collection is centered around hot pink. I adore the lace detailing and the bow design. I also love the quality and very fitted structure of tops from Kitten D'Amour. It's very similar to the lace tops from the 'Girl Cray' collection which I purchased late last year and have been my favourite tops ever (green here and red here).

B.A.I.T Footwear Gloria Lace Flats
I have these shoes in red (pictured here and here) and they are my favourite shoes I have ever owned. They are perfect and I can't speak highly enough of them. I adore the lace up inspiration, the vintage vibe and the classy dual colour combination. They go with absolutely everything. I know I'll get so much use from the black pair, as I have with the red pair, that I believe it's worth owning both versions. 

I love Review cardigans; I have them in a couple of different colours but would be so happy to own more colours of the rainbow. I'm very fussy about the quality of cardigans so I usually buy only Review and Alannah Hill; these particular ones are good quality. I often like to customise these cardigans with sparkles, embellishment, buttons and sequins. They are a great basis for a DIY. I especially want the mustard shaded cardigan because I've wanted a mustard piece for years but haven't been able to find the right one. This cardigan is certainly the right one as it's very beautiful. I also adore the pretty shade of pink here. Surprisingly I don't actually have too many pink cardigans so it would be great to add this one to my collection. I'm waiting for them to come on sale because these cardigans often do eventually. 

I recently noticed these adorable flats on both the .B.A.I.T Footwear website and Modcloth; I'm not sure if they are  a new style. They are the sweetest ever and remind me of shoes I used to wear as a small child especially because of the cut outs. This style also comes in both white and black, in addition to this red patent version. I can't decide which pair I like the most. 

What's on your wishlist at the moment?  

Monday, May 11, 2015


As I mentioned in my post here, I had the best weekend ever when my sister came to stay over recently. I wished it didn't end so quickly. Well...the good news is that we enjoyed that weekend so much that we decided to do it again on the weekend that just passed. I was so happy when I found out! We went shopping again, enjoyed some drinks and watched Netflix! Two weekends in a row was amazing. I wouldn't have coped so well with my husband being away for the past couple of weeks if I didn't have these fun weekends with my sister. My husband will be back next Sunday morning. I was worried about being lonely while he was away but so far I've been incredibly busy and haven't had a spare moment to feel lonely. It was also Mother's Day yesterday. I had a lovely time with the family including my kitty cat Juliette Princess Miracle. We made sushi which turned out well and had the tastiest lunch ever with all our favourites. 

This is one of my favourite skirts ever; I don't see too many skirts like this. The rainbow and polka dot design is totally my style. I've had it for a couple of years now and I posted it on my blog previously here. It's extremely fun because it can obviously be paired with pretty much any colour top. I could make so many outfits involving this piece. The cardigan is also a favourite as the lace is very pretty and the piece is versatile. I also have the blue version of this cardigan and I was able to acquire it for 75% off the original retail price. What a great find. I've been getting a lot of use from my umbrella which I received for my birthday (video here) in the last month as the weather has been crazy and much more rainy than usual. It's much more elegant than most umbrellas and really forms part of an outfit. It's also great quality; in the wild weather in Sydney a couple of weeks ago, everyone else's umbrellas were turning inside out and mine stood the test of the weather and remained perfectly in shape- always a bonus. The ba g is my namesake piece; I bought it because it is called the 'Imogen Bag.'

 photo P1170262_zpsrgiw5bey.jpg

 photo P1170243_zpsbk7fspcl.jpg

 photo P1170251_zpsv3smvnmr.jpg

 photo P1170250_zpsnrmsipua.jpg

 photo P1170257_zpsrjbm1sre.jpg

 photo P1170264_zpshj07ztgs.jpg

 photo P1170245_zpsdkomaxg6.jpg

Forever New Imogen Scalloped Small Bag
Dangerfield Rainbow Polka Dot Skirt
Alannah Hill Lace Cardigan
Forever New Daisy Print Flats
Umbrella via Kitten D'Amour

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rosa Novias

Recently I came across Rosa Novias, a company which sells a beautiful, vibrant and extensive range of special occasion pieces. I love discovering new stores and this one certainly met my expectations and was consistent with my personal style. I just adore getting ready for special events and wearing princess dresses. I have selected a number of my favourite dresses from Rosa Novias for this post. The absolute best, in my opinion, is the first one; I've always wanted a dress like that. I love the sparkle, the strapless design, the full skirt and the mix of colours. The full length gowns are also very glamorous. The pale pink is the perfect girly colour. I'm also drawn to the yellow and orange pieces as these are shades which I've come to love in recent times. The fishtail design of the blue gown is also such a standout. It's actually been my dream to own a dress like that as I never have before. It is the ultimate elegance and class. I definitely recommend you check out Rosa Novias; the website is located here. They also have dresses for a range of occasions such as weddings, communions, proms, parties and evening events. 

Which is your favourite?

Monday, May 4, 2015


I had the best weekend with my sister and I wish it could have lasted for more than two days. We had the most fun time shopping and bought so many little pieces between the two of us. We went to my local shopping centre but I enjoyed it much more than usual because my sister took me to many shops that I wouldn't normally visit. Also, when I go shopping by myself I tend to send all my money on one item as my taste has become increasingly expensive over the years. This means that solo shopping trips are over quickly and have become quite boring. However, yesterday we spent the whole afternoon at the shops and I purchased many inexpensive items. This gave me the satisfaction of coming away with many new bits and pieces which is of course more exciting than just one. I don't have many friends or opportunities like yesterday so it really was amazing. It took my mind off my husband and his family being away as I know I'll struggle with that when I'm less busy. On Saturday night, instead of going out and enjoying a few drinks as usual, we decided to stay in and dye our hair.







 Forever New Single Breasted Coat
Dangerfield Skater Skirt
Guess Neoden in Floral
Modcloth Charter School Cardigan in Rainbow Stripes

My hair is no longer brown. I've dyed it red. I've wanted to dye my hair red from a few months now. I've fallen in love with the vibrant pink and purple hair colours that seem to be in style at the moment but don't want to get into bleaching my hair so red seemed like a good alternative option. The only thing holding me back for many months was the fact that I actually like my natural hair colour very much. I used to dye my hair black for many years when I was a teenager and I eventually decided I wanted my natural colour back. I then realised I liked it and haven't dyed my hair in seven years. In many ways I'm sad to see it go. However, hair is supposed to be fun and it's great that we can experiment without it being as permanent solution as it will grow back. It was time for a change and, since I'm not willing to change my hair style, it had to be a change in terms of my hair colour. I would have liked the red to have been even brighter. However, I know that is not realistic. My hair is natural dark and to get it as vibrant as I ideally desire, I would have had to bleach it which I don't want to get into. Given the circumstances, I'm surprise it didn't turn out less bright. Here is a previous, I know not everyone likes it...Kind of scary to turn up to work for the first time with this hair...


More of this outfit later...