Monday, July 5, 2010

Rydog's 21st Party Part I

I am back from my weekend away for Rydog's 21st birthday party. I had a fabulous time and the night was eventful, fun and very exciting. It was definitely one of the most enjoyable nights that I have had in a long time. I cannot believe how fast the night went and I feel a sense of sadness and disappointment that it is over. I think this is always the case when looking forward to, preparing and planning an event for many months in advance. It's a shame that it was just one night because I wanted it to last for so much longer. As I said last week I also love dressing up for formal events. I have been lucky to attend two in the last couple of weeks but I know there will be a long time until the next one.

The theme of the party was casino so all the decorations incorporated poker chips, dice, cards, red, black and feathers and I thought they were all very effective. Casino equipment was hired for the night so guests could play roulette and black jack. I'm not really sure how the theme was chosen but I think it worked well and made the night more fun.





Rydog's mum made my dress for the party and I am extremely pleased with the way it turned out because it was everything that I had hoped for. We saw a stunning dress while out shopping one day but since it cost $800 she decided to make a version of it for me instead. I love the sparkly top section which I think makes the dress more of a statement and adds glam which fitted in with the theme of the night. The skirt part is tiered with different layers which is hard to see from the pictures and I love the sash which joins the two parts together. As a last minute detail I decided to add the flower that came with my pearl necklace which I received a few weeks ago. I love all the customisations and how it is unique so no one else will ever have exactly the same dress as me. The whole experience was fun and I wish I knew more about sewing so I could make something myself one day. I have wanted to learn how to sew for a long time but I need to become more proactive and actually make it happen. I also wore my sportsgirl shoes that were posted here.






So my friends...I have had a situation present in my personal life for a long time now and I am unsure on how to adequately deal with it so any advice would be much appreciated. I know this is difficult to explain and I cannot go into full details here but basically the closest people to me in my life ie. those that are important to me, I care about deeply and have significant impacts on my daily life are extremely different people and opposite in almost every possible way imaginable. These different groups of people who are all extremely important to me have opposing views about the important things in life and the paths that are right and desirerable for me. I feel as though I often have one set of people telling me to make one decision and another set advising me to take the opposite path. In most areas it is one of these groups of people that I agree with as opposed to the other and I feel as though there are some significant life decisions that I will make this year and in the next couple of years that will hurt the other group of people in my life. I know that the obvious answer to my situation would be to be true to myself but I'm not sure if its that simple. I feel that this doesn't work when the people that I could potentially hurt or disapoint believe I made my decision based on the unnecessary influence of the other group of people in my life. It doesn't work when one group of people does not think that I am making my decisions based on my own opinion or where the decision is so fundamentally against the life direction and principles that I have been taught. I don't know what to do when I wish to pursue a course of action that one group of people believe was not an independent choice (even thought it actually was) but rather a complete adaption of the other group's lifestyle and opinion. I feel so torn and I dislike that it is often the same group of people that I disapoint when I make a decision and that there is no way that I can chose my life path and satisfy everyone that is close to me. This quote which I found on the Internet appears to be interesting to me:

"The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another." James Matthew Barrie

I understand that there may have been a life direction and set of values and beliefs that I was brought up to to hold and demonstrate but in many ways that does not appear to be the life that I am leading now. I am personally happier with the way things are now rather than the way they used to be I know that appears hurtful to some of the people around me. There is a decision in my personal life that I will be making in the very near future that one important group of people in my life will believe is wrong and the other groups will believe is right. I don't know how to minimise the hurt to those people. I want to make the decision based on what I believe is right because it is my life but its not that simple when some people in my life refuse to accept that it actually was an independent life choice that I made myself since it deviates so substaintially from the beliefs that they personally expound and the beliefs which I used to hold myself but do no longer.

I hope that made some sense. I guess it is about life choices, the difficulty in satisfying all groups of people in life with the decisions that I make and the extreme opposite beliefs that the people closest to me actually hold. I don't know what to do alot of the time or how to demonstrate who I am and the person that I have become.

Wow! That was a long post. Thanks to everyone who stayed with me.


Baśka said...

my dear! you had the most fabolous sequined dress i've ever seen <3

Susi said...

Hi lovely, first of all, you look gorgeous!!! I love your dress, and wow, Rydog's mom did it for you??? She's so talented!!! Kodos to her, she did a great job!!!

Furthermore, phew, it's hard to give an convenient advice being at a loss of what's going on. Are you with me? I would def. say that if you want to live your own life it contains coming to unpleasant decisions sometimes. What I've learned in my 25 years of existence is that being "everybodys darling" is neighter a successful nor an exhilarating aim of life. This knowledge can make you feel very free. And this is my personal aim of life.

Hope this helps a little ... :)

Michelle said...

beautiful dress. it is really nice to have hand-made clothing because it is unique to you.

about your situation:

i know you said that it is difficult to make a decision independently because it will affect how your loved ones will think of you and that they don't agree with your decision- i understand this. BUT if they are people who truly care about you, all they should do is support your decision, even if they do not agree with it. it is ultimately your life, as you stated, and therefore they should be a part of it, but they need to know they can not control it. these are your choices that you believe will make YOU happy. you need to live your life for yourself and can not your loved ones to live through you. darling, in short, go for it.

Rose said...

Wow your dress is really hand made? how amazing! My mum can sew too, she use to sew all my clothes when I was a kid. Now days she doesnt have time to sew at all.
Happy to hear Rydogs party was a blast, dont you hate when nights like that have to end.
Can I ask, do your friends and family not want to have their faces seen 0n your blog?
You will always have people in your life that think one thing is better for you than the other. I guess in the end its up to you, weigh up the benefits and negatives. I know it can be hard to make life changing decisions, and really those people should, and probably will be happy for you either way you choose to go.
Hope things are looking up for you Imogen, have a nice week :)


Leah said...

Whatever will make you happy... go for it.

I love your dress... you are so gorgeous. And I love seeing you with your hair that way.

The cake is awesome. Happy birthday Rydog! xoxo

Stéphanie said...

Fabulous pictures ! You're beautiful !

Couture Carrie said...

So fun, gorgeous!
That cake is amazing!


Anonymous said...

looks really great!

Karen said...

So pretty dress, hair style and photos!! the cake look so yummy!!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

You are so GORGEOUS!!! Your hair looks fantastic, your makeup is so glamorous, and that dress is amazing. Ryan's mom is such a sweetheart and a very talented designer. That dress looks stunning on you. You are so lucky that your boyfriend's mom is so awesome and obviously adores you. :)

I'm glad you had a wonderful time at the party. It looks like it was a very elegant event. His birthday cake was beautiful and looked delicious! :P

PS. I am e-mailing you about everything else underneath.

Style, She Wrote said...

Looks like an awesome party. Love your dress! You look fabulous. xo style, she wrote


It really seems to be a great party and you look stunning! love your dress and your great hair, so modern!!



Nina said...

Hi Imogen!

I can only give one advise which I've followed for myself. When in doubt, follow your instincts; they're never wrong. Hope that helps?

PS You look soooo gorgeous!

PPS Rydog's Mom is the absolute best!

{ I V Y } said...

looks fun! your dress is amazing!

Audrey Allure said...

Such a great cake, and you look beautiful! Great pictures :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

My gosh you look gorgeous lady! And that cake is awesome!

Leia said...

All the ladies' dresses are stunning!

I wish I could help you with the situation but all I can say is follow your heart!

Leia's Delights

stephy said...

first of all thank you as usual for staying with me when i was apparently NOT focused on my blog at all!

now onto your post, as usual you look lovely, but I really notived that your hair looked so incredibly great! and what a nice present to get a dress like this. it truly makes you shine.

the issues you talk about always seem to somehow reflect what happens to me as well or what makes me worried/thoughtful. now I really find it incredibly hard to maintain two groups of friends without ever seemingly "prefering" one over the other. and when it comes to making decisions I still think that it is the best to follow the principles you were taught and that have been helpful in your life for years. i believe that true friends will accept if you have a different opinion or if you choose to make a decision based on your principles, and they should accept that you do not do this because of the other group. seriously, I think they should accept you and your choices and not try to make you feel bad and accuse you of making decisions to be opposed to them.
i dont really know if that makes sense but basically, true friends will accept your choices. and they should. but meanwhile, dont let yourself get down because of this. everything will work out, it always does.

hope you are alright!

Pop Champagne said...

Cute dress and awesome that it's handmade! I say as long as you're happy right now it's all good. People only say to stay true to themselves because in the end they would be happier, but in your case it seems to be the other way around. Anyways we all put up a front for something, I mean, how I act at work is different than how I act at home. so.

SabinePsynopsis said...

A casino party... Great idea! You are looking so lovely; and this cake... amazing! xoxo

Elle said...

The dress turned out beautifully! How lovely that its one of a kind :) As for the other part of the post - I hope everything works out. Do what makes you happy because ultimately you have to live with your decisions!

MarchMusings said...

The dress looks so good -as good as any store-bought dress.

Kristin said...

I say go with your gut!

Emily said...

Happy belated Birthday to Rydog! His party looks like it was tons of fun. And your dress? Gorgeous!

Oh dear, I truly wish you the best with the predicament you find yourself in. Sometimes we just can't worry over whether we're hurting someone or not if we feel we're doing what's best for ourselves. I'm sure with time your loved ones will come to terms with your decision and accept it as part of who you are. Love has the power to do that. It doesn't make it any less difficult to go through now, but it's like that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Also, the Barrie quote you shared is quite apt. I like it. Sending lots of good wishes and hugs your way.

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