Monday, June 11, 2012

Item of the Week 021

It's been a long time since I've posted Item of the Week; I must get back into this feature. Today I am featuring this beautiful and amazing dress that I received as a gift on Saturday. My mother in law bought it for me in the Portmans sale. I love it so much. It reminds me very much of Alannah Hill style. I adore the sweet little detailing, the colour and the fit. I like the wool component especially because I don't have dresses with this material. I'm looking forward to wearing it for the first time; hopefully I can wear it to a birthday lunch today but it's supposed to only be fifteen degrees celcius. It was such a wonderful surprise to receive this dress especially at a time when my life is very boring; I've had so many essays to write for university lately that nothing fun or exciting has happened for weeks. It brightened my day so much.
I'm part way through university exam period at the moment. I have all take home exams and final essays rather than formal sit down exams which, in general, I find much more stressful. A total of 11 000 words is not very fun. But I am slowly getting through it. I am proud of myself for getting this far especially since I never expected to make it to fifth year of a law degree. I am currently working on my third assignment out of four. It's going to be a busy week but the holidays are only a week away.




Portmans Dress


daisychain said...

Love love love this xo

Panty Buns said...

Cute Portman's dress! Your mother in law has good taste.

So you're over halfway through your home exams and essays for your fifth year of law school? 11,000 words is quite lengthy. Quite the opposite of having a 140 character limit on Twitter. Good luck with your week. and have great holidays thereafter. : )

Natasha said...

This is a really cute dress Imogen. Just think of your holidays, they'll be here soon enough! xxx

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

That dress is stunning I am going to check out Portmans tommorow to see if they have any left. Good luck with your essays :)

Sherin said...

I love that dress. It's such a pretty colour. Can't wait to see it on you.
And good luck with the rest of your exams.

Bonnie said...

This is gorgeous, and it is totally your style. I love the color. I can't wait to see your beautiful self model it!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Bad Joan said...

Lovely dress!

Bad Joan

mispapelicos said...

I am so looking forward to see you wearing it, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Thank you, my dear Imogen for your lovely comment.

Couture Carrie said...

Beautiful dress!
Good luck with the rest of your exams, darling!


NaNa said...

Omg that is the cutest dress! Can't belive I never saw it in Portmans. It would have definitely caught my eye.

Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

Unknown said...

I love it!!!!



Sara said...

Pretty dres! I cannot wait to see you style it up! Good luck on all of those exams girl!

Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

Oh my word, this is so delightfully retro and '60s fab!
Can't wait to see your outfit post wearing it!

Gems x

Fashion, Well Done

Kezzie said...

That's very a cute dress! And I remember 11,000 word pain!! Our dissertation was 14,000-but at least I only had 3 years,not 5- eeek!!!

perfumehk said...

So lovely dress. amazing color.

Audrey Allure said...

Such a cute dress!

Unknown said...

Aw it's so cute! I love the little pocket details at the waist.

Kelinha said...

So nice pictures. Im a new follower, because i like your blog so much. Hope you follow me back ;)*

Angela said...

i like the color and the shape.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

That is SO cute.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Good luck with EVERYTHING. I've been seeing your frustration via facebook and I do not envy you a bit, you poor thing. :S

On a happier note, this dress is AMAZING. I can't wait to see you in it. xoxo

Georgie said...

The dress is gorgeous, reminds me of the 60s! Also good luck with your exams, keep looking forward to that end of exams feeling! xx

Amira Rasool said...

I actually love this dress
the button detail is so cute


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