Thursday, October 18, 2012

Outfit/ Wedding Hair

Hi everyone!
 I currently feel the need to rant about my hair:

My hair is ridiculously annoying at the moment and I hate it being this long. My hair is extremely thin and damaged and as soon as it gets to my shoulders it becomes impossible to style as a bob cut. I have resorted to putting my hair behind my ears with a headband or trying up upstyles such as buns and ponytails but I just don't feel as dressed up this way. I am concerned that my hair is letting me down and does not match the dressiness of my clothes and shoes. I am desperate to cut my hair but I am growing it for my wedding. This is not a course of action I was initially planning to take; I always thought I would just have short curly hair for my wedding. However, upon recent experimentation, I realised that my hair is just long enough for an up style. I prefer this for a wedding since it is more formal and makes my hair look long and thick. It is the last thing my friends and family will expect so I like that surprise element.  Here is a preview of my wedding hair style. Whenever I think my current daily struggles with my hair are not worth it I look at this photo to remind me how amazing and beautiful my hair could look at the wedding. 

Now onto the outfit. I purchased these amazing shoes in the Wittner sale the other day; admittedly I've gone a little crazy with spending on shoes lately but there have been some incredible deals. These shoes were $100 but they became $50 per pair when two were purchased in one transaction. I couldn't decide between the red pair and the black version so luckily I ended up with both for $100. I mean I was practically forced to own two pairs, right?! I love them so much; especially the strappy look and the patent material. In reality I'll probably wear them with dressier outfits than this one but I thought the pops of colour in this outit would be a good way to display the shoes for the first time. Eventually these shoes will probably recieve their own post too! I showed this dress once before here; it's been a staple in my wardrobe for some time now.


It was extremely challenging to stand on this log while wearing heels


Wittner Latanya Red Patent Heels
Forever New Aqua Swing Cap Sleeve Dress
Lovisa Bow Headband
Modcloth Bow Earrings


Kezzie said...

Wow, your hair will look lovely, don't worry about it now, I am sure you look lovely- your hair always looks so amazing in photos!
The dress and shoes are really nice and really suit you! When are you getting married?

Fashion Tales said...

I love the shoes and yes, they definitely deserve another post and wearing showcase. I love up-dos, and you look beautiful. xx

ronan said...

aww those heels are so cute, you'll look amazing x

Sherin said...

You look so amazing. The blue and black dress is so stunning.

Jamie Rose said...

Aw I'm sure your hair will look cute no matter what you do with it for the wedding! What's most important is just to keep it healthy for the big day!

Also, your new red shoes are adorable. I want red shoes so badly! They look really cute with your little dress. I always enjoy red and blue paired together.

Panty Buns said...

Your hair looks great and will be beautiful on your wedding day. I like the floral dress and tiara in the first photo and the pretty Forever New Aqua Swing Cap Sleeve Dress dress in the second photo. You continue to amaze me with the heels. That can't be easy standing on a tree trunk in stiletto heels - what kind of tree is that? Lovely setting. It's amazing that you look so relaxed, fashionable and attractive sitting on that walk. Love your smile.

Nicoleta_B said...

Thats so beauitful, my dear!




Mica said...

Love the red heels with the dress! :) I saw that Wittner sale - so far I have resisted, but it's such a bargain, I keep thinking I should go back and check it out again.

Your up-do looks beautiful, I'm sure it will be worth it for your wedding. I grew my hair really long for my wedding too, and cut it short again shortly after. Have never loved my hair as much as I did on my wedding day, it was perfect :)


Chymecindy** said...

Your hair is fine. You look pretty.

Couture Carrie said...

I think your hair is lovely, darling!
Gorgeous look ~ really loving those shoes!


Audrey Allure said...

Love your hair and shoes!

ChicStreetChoc Eriel said...