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A Day at the Park with Sara and Tori from 'The Polished Edge'

chelseaI thought it would be appropriate to start today's post with this particular picture because it rather accurately describes my weekend. It was wonderful, the best I've had in an extremely long time. On Saturday I went to the park with my sisters in law from the Polished Edge. It was a  lovely warm and sunny day, just perfect for a picnic and taking blog pictures. I adore this particular park, I've featured it on my blog a number of times and; it's always very beautiful especially at this time of year with the autumn leaves. It's also great to take pictures somewhere other than my usual location. We have many fabulous pictures together for a blog collaboration. I LOVE these girls, they are my best friends ever! 

Firstly,  I'll focus on the outfit I wore on Saturday. I always say it's interesting the way outfits come together. I also believe it's very satisfying creating new outfits with pieces I've had in my wardrobe for a long time and maximising the versatility and potential of my wardrobe. Last week I was thinking of outfits that would possibly be appropriate for work during the winter. Even though I am yet to start full time work, it is always good to be prepared. While in the process it gave me many ideas for everyday outfits that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise.  To me, this outfit represents my usual girly and dressy style but in much darker colours. I don't think I've worn a pair of black tights since I was in high school and for once I actually felt dressed appropriately for the colder months. I actually felt quite classy and well put together dressed in this colour scheme; although don't get me wrong, I will always love excessively colourful outfits too and often one of my main objectives for winter dressing is to look as colourful as possible. I was thinking the other day about what a fantastic dress this has been over the years. It is so versatile; I've styled it here and here before (almost time for a remix post I think) and I like how it can look like both a skirt and a dress. I like how it is slightly more unique than many dot dresses; I remember Modcloth describing it as a bubble dress and I've always found that very sweet. I love how the collar and tie bow looks with a cardigan. Yet again I'm getting more use out of my 'From Pair with Love Bag' and black Alannah Hill cardigan. 
It was extremely fun to work on a blog collaboration together; a very welcomed change to always taking blog pictures on my own. I'm very happy with the way these photos turned out. I wasn't aware we were doing this until after I'd met up with Sara and Tori so I thought it was rather coincidental that our outfits were so well coordinated. I love how they both have their own individualistic style, as represented by the Polished Edge. It was fabulous to be able to share my greatest interest, which is obviously fashion, with my sisters and best friends. Our other sister in law kindly took photos for us all day; I hope my husband, who has taken about 90% of the photos I've posted on my blog, appreciated a break. She had some great ideas for photos that I probably wouldn't have come up with myself. I particularly  liked the concept of pairing my hair flower with the pretty flowers in the trees which appears further down. Thanks for a fun weekend girls, I hope to do it again soon. 

Another enjoyable aspect of the weekend was the opportunity to see and drive  the most incredibly pretty car in the whole entire world which my in laws recently purchased. I felt so cool. Sara is going to  learn how to drive in it very soon and I know she is very excited for the day when it officially becomes hers!  Head over to the Polished Edge for more on that. 

Lovely rainbow butterflies...yes, I have too much free time. 

rainbow butterflies


Autumn leaves are so great; they look cool and make fantastic photos. This was so much fun.


I went a little crazy with photoshop this time










I'm the only one without a Guess bag...I feel excluded LOL. There's a Guess bag that I really want to buy at the moment but I'll have to add it to the ever growing 'after I get a full time job' list. Whenever I walk past this particular bag at the shops and someone else is admiring it, the voice inside my head instructs them to "put it down, walk away, that's my bag' Then I daydream about the exciting pretty bag magically becoming mine.







I've rediscovered these shoes after having not worn them for quite awhile, anyone remember them from here and here? The small heel makes them very comfortable for daytime wear, I like the cut outs and I love how they can tie both black and navy blue into an outfit. My favourite part about these shoes is the vintage aspect; I just love how many times I've been asked whether these shoes are real vintage which is an ultimate compliment.  I also bought this amazing sparkly nail polish from Revlon late last week. It took many coats to get this effect. I wanted some variety since I only seem to use pink, red, purple and very occasionally gold nail polish. I wasn't sure if blue would suit my style but in a girly and sparkly shade I believe it does. Wow...I can't believe I just wrote so much about a few items of clothing...but clothes are exciting!

Who else watched Eurovision this weekend? Is it just me or does Emmelie de Forest look incredibly similar to Isla Fisher? (AKA Rebecca Bloomwood!) I thought both Denmark and Russia were very beautiful performances. When I said earlier that the top picture in this post represents my weekend very accurately, I was also referring to Eurovision; my facial expression pretty much represents just how entertaining I found Romania's performance. It was epic. Just wow. I've watched it so many times since. We love it here in Australia. The next time I feel sad, I'm going to listen to it on repeat; I'm sure it would be capable of lifting my mood. 

Don't forget to check out The Polished Edge for more about our exciting weekend.  

Alannah Hill I'm a Little Fusspot Cardigan
Modcloth Serene Bubble Dress
Kmart Hair Flower
Diva Earrings
Prouds Pearls 
Sachi Heels
Forever New 'From Paris With Love' Bag

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Delia. said...

lovely girls <3
have a wonderful day

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Lovely feature, you all look so pretty!

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What lovely picks!

fabulouspetite said...

looks like a fun day and the pictures looks fantastic. You ladies all look lovely.


Mica said...

So many lovely photos, looks like a great , fun day! I like how all of your outfits contained blue and black and tights as well - a very happy coincidence like you said :)

Away From Blue

Couture Carrie said...

What a joyous post, darling!
Love these photos so much.
You all look so chic!


daisychain said...

What a happy smiley post! x

Shybiker said...

What a great post! Smiling faces, cute outfits. The tights and shoes on everyone look terrific. This is a special post worth celebrating.

Marie a la Mode said...

Cute dress! I love how you paired it with that cardigan : )

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awesome photos. love the polka dots!

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these are such cute photos! adorable set of ladies!!

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you ladies looked so nice! loving the shoe pic! great dress and cardigan. i even like the egg shell blue car.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Aaaww, sounds like such a fun weekend!! And all of you look so chic!!


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Fabulous looks! Just perfect!

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Looks like it was so much fun. The pictures came out amazingly!

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Great pics and really great Vintage outfit!!
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I love kitties too! You and your friend are so adorable dear! I love how you guys synchronize your outfits with polkadots and grayscale hue! The three pair of shoes are adorable. LOVE love love your carefree spirited poses

Im totally smitten with your style and blog. Want to follow each other ?


Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

Glad to hear you had such a fun weekend, it looks like y'all had a blast! Your outfit is too cute and I adore your purse.


Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

This dress is so pretty on you and you all look so happy. Love these pictures!



Southern (California) Belle

Closet Fashionista said...

It definitely sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I love that polka dot dress on you, so cute :D

Unknown said...

Love your dress! And I love the picture of all your shoes next to each other.


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Wow! It looks like you had a really lovely day! Great photos :) I love your dress - you look gorgeous :)

MILEX said...

I am wowed!

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cute outfits and lovely shots.


Ginny said...

These are so fun! You girls look great!


I'm so happy that you had such a great time. I love these photos, they really turned out wonderful. You look beautiful! xx/Madison

Brittney said...

At first I thought that tree had neon leaves! I love the vintage feel of this dress---all three of you look so cute!



The Dragonfruit said...

How awesome to have a blogger meetup! You girls look amazing :)

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Amazing pics..... Lovely girls!!!!

Style Eyes said...

Looks like such a fun way to spend a day and love the photographs of you all. I watched Eurovision and definitely loved Denmarks song!

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You all ladies look lovely and look like a fun time there at the Park.



Anonymous said...

What a fun day! That park looks gorgeous. The photo of the three of you on the staircase is super cute!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Where to begin? Well, number one: my favourite car could well be the Fiat 500. That is the blue car, yes? Love the colour!

And, you three are all adorable. the photos are so much fun; it really makes me want to be able to collaborate with some fashionable gals. The creativity with the photography is so cool! I love the shots with the shoes and the leaves, oh and walking to the lake.

Okay, this is such a fun post. Thanks for sharing!

Sue xo

Patricia G. said...

Nice pictures!!!! Seems you have a funny day!! Love your bag so much!!

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What a wonderful post! I love your shoes and those picutres are so wonderful!


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you look amazing girl!! love your style!




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What a lovely and fun photo's!
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Your outfits always look so put together and coordinated - I feel scruffy in comparison! It looks like you ladies had a wonderful day :) xxx

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Great style :) Love all of the pictures !

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aaww this photoshoot with your friends is so cute! can feel the happiness through this blog <3

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Following you back! So happy we stay in touch!

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You girls are too cute! Love the photos :)

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What an adorable post and I love the pics of all of you. The ones in front of the Fiat are so cute too, love the blue color


Sandra Leiva said...

You all look great!!



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Aaaaawww...all you ladies looked great, and the outfits did go well together. I don't think I've ever checked out Guess for the bags...will do so now:)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love love love these pictures {especially the one focusing on the shoes all of you are wearing}. I'm so glad that you had an incredible time, Imogen! :)

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How fun! I love the photo of all your shoes lined up :) Speaking of which, your shoes are awesome!

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Cute Outfit!

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Your bag is super cute!

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These pictures are great! You guys look awesome! ;)



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You obviously are having a great time...
Those pics are gorgeous.

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I love how you ladies look! Looking fabulous.


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Looooving it doll!

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So many perfect pics and I like that bag and dress. Have a nice day.


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love the outfit so very pretty...!! u look nice!

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Glad you had a fab weekend, these photos are lovely! xxx

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Lovely looks! Love your heels :) x


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These are my favorite blog pictures of you ever! So pretty! I am jealous that it is fall there, I love fall! The three of you look so pretty!

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love these outfits!

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So nice that you got to spend the weekend with these girls! You all dress similarly too, so the photos look extra cute. :)

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Beautiful day to be in the park with friends! You all look gorgeous! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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Well, seems like you gorgeous ladies had the best time!

Have a great week,

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Wonderful pics of friendship and joy.
I love autumn much rather than our exteme hot summers.

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Great pictures and lovely dress!

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Really lovelies photos!

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All you girls look so pretty!

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Awww sounds like you had a fun weekend :) You three look so happy!

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Funny pictures haha :)
You look adorable :D

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Looks like you had a great time with your friends, glad you got to take lovely photos!

The outfit looks adorable on you! I can't believe you don't wear black tights mine, they are defiantly a staple for me!

Corinne x

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what a pretty look!
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This looks like so much fun! I love everyone's looks!

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what a fun pictures! you ladies look great!

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polka dots are just PERFECT for any occasion and any season. I love how you guys are almost matching. thanks for stopping by my blog!

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Looove those shoes! That seems like a lot of fun to shoot <3

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Such fun pictures! You guys all look lovely :-)

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Inspired! Great post!

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Such gorgeous girls, all of you :)) xx

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Such a cute look, you are adorable! Fun to see you and your friends having fun.

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Aww so much fun. What a fashionable family you are! I have been thinking of collaborating in one of my posts too, very inspiring :) I love how you all have your own individual style, but you sort of coordinated together too, lovely! And of course you look amazing!


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With this wonderful dress a weekend can only be perfect <3 You look so pretty and each pic is absolutely beautiful!

xx from Bavaria, Rena


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love your outfit much! and all of you look gorgeous
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Obviously, I agree with all the comments here. But I just had to say that these photos just appear so happy :) LOVE the photo of the three pairs of shoes...totally creative.
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oh you 3 girls are all sooo darling and beautiful;) i looove your hair and that polka dotted fabulousness;)

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You look great the 3 of you! and I'm crazy about your bag!

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lovely pictures! :)


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I love your dress! It looks so versatile not to mention cute! Great pictures! Looks like a fun day :D :D Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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The pop of color from your lipstick makes the outfit! Love it! I just mentioned my confusion of colored lipstick on my recent post... any tips:)
Hugs & Kisses,

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You ladies look just lovely! And those shoes are gorgeous, don't you just love rediscovering shoes that you've forgotten about?

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it`s always interesting to see how thing going on the other side of the world,while we`ve got Spring you`ve got Autumn leaves:)
Love your dress and styling, beautiful pictures!
P.S. and yes I loved Romanian perfomance too, so unique, very Dracula like, but something special:)

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what a great meeting!!! you all look fab!!!
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Looks like your weekend was filled with so much fun! I adore your sweet outfit and the tights really do make it perfect for the cooler weather! Wonderful collaboration everyone has there own personal touch but you all look so fantastic together!


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