Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I've been looking forward to showing you my Alannah Hill 'Her Diamond Love Coat' for quite some time now. With the colder weather at the moment, I'm wearing it frequently so I thought it was about time my wonderful and exciting coat was featured on my blog. This is undoubtedly my favourite coat I've ever owned which certainly makes the cold weather much more bearable; I can't believe I've actually enjoyed having a few colder days so I can wear my coats. One of the reasons I feel this way is because I waited so many months to wear this; I bought it out of season at the Alannah Hill factory outlet (my absolute favourite shop in the entire world for a bargain) for 65% off the original retail price. This was from the Alannah Hill Autumn/Winter collection of 2012. In accordance with my style, I'd definitely describe Alannah Hill as always girly, classic and chic, in comparison with many other labels where the style is more transient in nature and closely tied to the current trends. This means that Alannah Hill pieces can easily be worn from year to year and will never look out of place. This is why I love waiting a few months until my favourite pieces make it to the Alannah Hill factory outlet where I can acquire a bargain even if I am technically wearing pieces from previous seasons. There are a few specific aspects of this coat that I adore; namely the oversize buttons, the tiered hem and the plaid design. I love plaid; you may have noticed that I often comment on other blogs saying I wish there was more of it around, so this was quite a find for me. This coat also comes in pink but I went for blue since I already have way too much pink in my wardrobe and 'duck egg' blue is one of my favourite colours at the moment (I posted about it here and here). I like the way the matching shoes to the hair bow make this outfit pop.









These shoes are from Ruche, a website which I've been totally in love with ever since I discovered it here.I was very impressed with the price, quality and customer service. These are one of the most unique pairs of shoes I've seen and I simply adore the floral embellishments. The silver and turquoise combination is so pretty.

I hope you're all having a great week!  Life has been a lot better for me recently; I've kept busy and enjoyed some fun times with family and friends. I've finally managed to attain some employment which starts in two weeks time; it's only a three week contract but it's at a law firm and it's a start. As many of you know I've been unemployed for this entire year and prior to thatI was a full time student, so the workforce is a very foreign concept to me so I am extremely nervous. Even though full time work scares me more than anything, establishing a career for myself is what I want more than ever right now. I've struggled a lot with the concept of being unemployed and even getting myself to this point has been so difficult. As the months passed by, I felt like an outsider, watching the world go by while I sat at home alone almost all day everyday. The isolation was awful. I questioned the point of life every single day and felt completely worthless as though I was contributing absolutely nothing to life. I felt like nothing I ever did was good enough, I might as well give up and I was inferior to everyone else  who worked. I've never been a confident person but any small amount of confidence I had at the beginning of this year was completely eroded over my months of unemployment. I wasn't in a good place in my life. It felt so unfair; I'd spent five years at university to acquire two degrees yet I was the one unemployed. To make matters worse I knew I wasn't unemployed because I wasn't smart enough, it was because I didn't have the self belief  or motivation to put myself out there or give myself a chance. I felt trapped in a cycle; losing even more confidence to apply for jobs as every day passed. When I finally was successful at a job interview, I had to wait months and months for it to start, only to find out that my future employment prospects with that company may not be as secure as I'd initially thought. I was devastated after months of putting all my effort into preparing for that particular job. All my hopes for the future were pinned to this job; it was so much more than a job for me, it was about overcoming personal obstacles and proving to myself that I was worthy of using my law degree. I'd received false hope for months and simply couldn't face possibly returning to having no employment prospects again. Fortunately, I was successful at gaining my three week contract with a completely different firm very soon after which allowed me to remain positive. I'll try my absolute best at this temporary position and see where it takes me. Here's to moving forward and not looking back!

Alannah Hill 'Her Diamond Love' Coat
Collette Hair Bow
Lovisa Earrings
Ruche Fascination Embellished Heels

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the chilicool said...

This checked coat is beyond gorgeous and you look fab, dear! Love the lipstick too


Shybiker said...

OMG, this coat is amazing. Everything about it is superb. And the shoes are terrific, too.

Good luck with your temporary job -- which may lead to something longer. Getting one's foot in the door is hard but often the key to further success as your talent will shine when given the opportunity.

Thirty years ago when I struggled mightily to get a law job, the market was glutted with graduates all vying for the same thing. I remember my anxiety and the blows to my confidence, so I totally empathize with your situation. Hang in there. You're achieve your goal: you just need to be persistent.

webofbutterflies said...

cool dress...............love those stripes...........and r we following each other yet?

www.janetteria.com said...

That coat is perfect choise - I really love its details!

Ivana Split said...

this is really fantastic...the tartan ...how I like it! and those shoes- divine..


Ali Hval said...

Oh, Imogen! I'm so sorry to hear about all your troubles with your job, especially with such an impressive degree and all those years of dedication and hard work. However, I'm really glad that you've seized a temporary job and I hope it can start you off on something amazing. I always worry what I'm going to do with my degree--an ART degree, haha--once I'm out of college, and it worries me when people like you with incredible law degrees and business degrees are worrying about finding jobs, too. I wish you the best of luck, Imogen! <3

On the upside, you're looking super darling. I love the bow in your hair and the print and ruffles on your jacket are just amazing.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

those heels and your coat are absolutely gorgeous! i love the color and details in both. you look so pretty :D

losaway said...

nice outfit!


Miss Twiggy said...

sweet outfit... and I absolutely love your heels... great color combination...
you're sweet as always!!!

Moonstyle said...

nice coat...i like tartan

Pooja Mittal said...

Hey Imogen,u look so pretty as always, i always notice that ur shoes and hair assesories are always matching to your dress... Im sure you have a really big collection...
Love your style..

Keep in touch

Monnie said...

I really love your unique style:) heels are so amazing x

Unknown said...

those shoes are just too cute! love the whole outfit!

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Unknown said...

so cool high heels !

+ do you want to follow each other?


ALLIE NYC said...

First I have to say I can not believe it is "June 18th" and we are talking about cooler weather. It finally got hot here. But that said, that coat is soooo cool!

I thought I was following you I was not, I am now via Bloglovin. : )

Ali of

Dressing Ken

Couture Carrie said...

Phenomenal coat, darling!
You look so fabulous!


Selvaggia Capizzi said...

Ok i want to steal that coat and those shoes from you, they're gorgeous!!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Unknown said...

The coat and the shoes are too cute!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice shoes :) I love this bow on your hair!

Anonymous said...

I feel how you've felt all year. This past year I was working as a school librarian and I just couldn't do it without an assistant and they wouldn't let me have an assistant, so I told them I won't be returning for the next school year. Now I don't have a job and I feel so isolated, like I'm not contributing to society. I have applied for about 15 jobs in the past month and I've had one interview. They're supposed to tell me this week if I got the job or not and I'm so anxious. I think you and I would be such good friends in real life! lol

Anyway, I'm dying over your coat and shoes!!!!! I would've gotten both colors of the coat :)

Life of Mabel

Kallie @ But First, Coffee said...

Another adorable post! Love the bow in the hair!
Kallie, But First Coffee Blog OR But First Coffee on Bloglovin

Unknown said...

it's a beautiful coat. sorry to hear about your job issues; that's the reason i left aus 7 years ago; i couldn't find a job after uni.
anyway, it sounds like it's starting to pick up now. :)

Unknown said...

Ma quando sei bella, troppo carini questi outfit! Un bacio

New post on the blog:

MrJeffery said...

keep on keeping on...

loving the dress!

Mouna said...

really great outfit! I love those shoes :)

Rainbow Gatherer said...

hiya dear, I loved this colour. And the loveliest thing is how you combined the shoes with the bow you put on your hair :)
I'll be happy if you check out my blog too =)

Chronically Vintage said...

I adore how the blue and red colour palette at work here feels at once both classic and modern, fun and refined - and just so very, very lovely (like the entire outfit itself).

♥ Jessica

Share a Secret said...

Great look!! U r so original girl! Tks 4 ur comment!!

New Post!! www.shareasecret.wordpress.com


michelle said...

love the whole outfit! can't wait for more posts :)

xx Michelle


Style Eyes said...

Fantastic coat and so perfect for the inbetweeny weather we are having!

Corinne said...

Ohh, how cute is this! I love the cut and pattern. The shoes are WOW also =)

Corinne x

Annie said...

That plaid dress is SO fun!

The Other Side of Gray

Megan, TfDiaries.com said...

those shoes Xo, Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

mispapelicos said...

I love the print and fabulous fit.
The shoes are so amazing too.
I hope work goes well, Imogen

Unknown said...

Your shoes are gorgeous, and so is your jacket!


Unknown said...

Aw honey, I am sorry that the job search has been difficult and that you let your own doubts get in the way- it's OK. You are making so much progress- you have secured a job (even though it's just for a few weeks) that is surely a great start and it will give you the confidence you need to proceed! I have a job in a boutique which isn't where I thought I would be after college but I decided for now to focus on my art and to carry on with this position until I decide where I would like to go next. If nothing else- I've learned a lot of great managerial retail skills (but I went to school for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Entomology and Art, go figure). You have to start somewhere and you are just doing that. Congrats!! That aside- this coat is absolutely adorable. Everything about it is so flattering and gorgeous, and it fits you perfectly!!! Have a wonderful day and know that you are an amazing girl!

xo, Alyssa

Sam said...

Hi sweety, can I please borrow this stunning coat once you get bored of it ;) lol. I love this, its the perfect tartan print and the colours are sublime!Thanks for your kind visit doll, hope your week is going well :)

|åƱȩȠȡȅɍ ȶῢⱠⱡⱣž said...

Omg your hair is uhhmaazing! How'd you do that!!

Jem said...

You look fantastic and the coat itself is one of those things you could keep forever isn't it!?

Jem xXx

P.S Your hair is so very pretty! :-)

Dressed With Soul said...

I´m total in love with this checked coat and you matched it perfect with this wonderful shoes and the bow <3

xx from Bavaria, Rena


Sherin said...

That coat is so wonderful. Love the check print.
Glad to hear you've got a temporary work contract. I've been on the job hunt and know exactly how hard it is. It'll be worth it though, when you get that one perfect job - It was with me!

Kati said...

Thanks for your lovely words, it is much appreciated!
You always look so adorable! I love your outfit today, the coat is so, so lovely and I adore your shoes!

Have a great day,

Paola Lauretano said...

I love your coat and your shoes are wonderful!!!
Very cool darling!!!!

Denise said...

Your outfit is amazing! I really really love it! You look really beautiful! I know what you mean by being isolated in a flat. I know what it is to question life too. But I needed to do that for a certain reason and now I got my answers and I guess I am getting ready to reconnect to people I used to like, but I really needed time for myself. I hope you are Ok and find your path soon!!!!!

Elekon said...

Love this coat, it`s to die for!
Good luck with your temporary job too!

KatieLouise said...

I'm glad you shoose the blue color in this coat because it is just so stunning! And I wish I could wear shoes like that but knowing me I'd fall flat on ma face! And I know how you feel about the unemployment part- it's really hard. I have 6 years of collage and I still don't have a full time job. All you can do is hang in there :]

Ginny said...

This is such a fun coat, it's definitely cool and definitely you :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love plaid, this is so cute!!

Unknown said...

A real beauty! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) Hope to hear from you again soon!

♥ http://silentbustle.blogspot.com ♥

Vision By Mila said...

I like the pattern on the coat, also the colors!

Unknown said...

Me encanta este look, los zapatos preciosos!!

Paula said...

Oh wow - I love the tartan!!

<3 Paula Shoe fiend

Anonymous said...

This may just be my favorite outfit of you so far! I really like it!

Unknown said...

Hi Imogen, that's an adorable little coat....and who cares what 'season' it's from....it's pefect! Beautiful photography as always too :) I hope you have a positive experience at the law firm and that good things follow :) xo

The Dainty Dolls House said...

So stunning doll, love love this dress and the tartan is so wonderful xx

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooooh! That coat is gorgeous!!! I love all the little details! :D

Mica said...

Such a beautiful coat! I love the little ruffles at the bottom.

Congrats on scoring a temp job - will give you a great leg up even if it's not extended any! :) Hope it goes brilliantly - you will definitely dress and look confident enough to be able to handle it with a smile! :)

Away From Blue

Silvia Negretti said...

Such pretty trenchcoat!!!
Looks so good on you!
beautiful heels as well!

Catherine said...

Wow your heels are wonderful, &I love this outfit! The bow is so pretty ♥

charmeuse said...

You look amazing ;)

Putri Valentina said...

Lovely heels! adorable color :D


Emmylou said...

(((Hugs)))) Congrats on the contract, Imogen. This is only the beginning. Here's to moving forward indeed:)
And on a lighter note, love love love that coat! Good choice picking the blue. It suits you:D

Unknown said...

Amazing shoes :)
This color really fit on you :)
Rose Bonbon

Coco said...

You are a doll Imogen!
Coco et La vie en rose
Coco et La vie en rose on Bloglovin
Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook

Cafe Fashionista said...

That coat is INCREDIBLE, Imogen - as are your shoes! You look stunning! :)

Carly said...

Good luck with everything! I'm sure you will do really well! xxx

Trudy Danso said...

this is very preppy and chic!! xoxo

Arleene said...

thanks for the comment. im already following. thanks for the follow back :)


Camila Faria said...

That is a really lovely coat, it looks like a pretty dress!

Filipa said...

I love the shoes! :D
You look very pretty ;)


Unknown said...

That cute is sooooo cute! I love the ruffles.

Sara said...

Love the coat! I hope the job goes well for you! Then you will have some experience to add to the next job you apply for!

MILEX said...

I just adore you

Wynne Prasetyo said...

cute and preppy!


Anonymous said...

You are adorable!!! I love your blog and love your hair too!!


Unknown said...

You look so cute, the shoes are really nice!


Lady parisienne said...

OMG I love this wonderfull outfit you look so lovely!! I want all this outfit and the shoes too!!

Adriana Alfaro said...

amaaazing outfit!
so lovely!

l said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog!

You look cute today! Love your shoes!

xx lovelycherrycheeks xx

Lavies Circus Style said...

Where is the dress from ? I would like to have it !!!
You look amazing

Xx Lavie

Diana said...

Your outfit is very cute! I like it! :)

BERRIES said...

WOW I love your coat! ♥

Paige Rhianne said...

Cute photographs! Love the bow! Thank you for my comment! x


bianca said...

the coat is so lovely! your whole outfit is just too cute


Jessi said...

This coat is darling!! Lucky you! :) I absolutely love the shoes too, they're gorgeous! Ruche is one of my fave online shopping sites. They always have the cutest stuff!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Your coat is so pretty!

Sam said...

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Happy Friday doll!

Anonymous said...

looking fab xx

Diana S.T. said...

I love your coat, the design is totally vintage... I´m in love with it...

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

I LOOOOVE this coat! The ruffles are perfect! I too am obsessed with Ruche. I could seriously buy everything from them :)



Southern (California) Belle

fabulouspetite said...

Oh that coat is super pretty. I love that is is girly and the plaid print contrast the girliness. The shoes also looks fabulous with the coat. Goodluck on your temp job, i am sure somewhere along the way, something good will turn out.


The Dragonfruit said...

I thought it was a dress! Haha, love this adorable plaid coat :)

Trendy Teal

Lauren @ Style of Ones Own said...

Loving the plaid with those adorable heels. Ruche is a fantastic site! Best of luck with the new job. Thinking good thoughts for you. :)

Style of One's Own

Anonymous said...

Fun outfit! Best of luck to your on your new position! :)

Paola Lauretano said...

Enjoy your WE darling!!!!

Keys of Anouk said...

Wow, what an amazing coat! It suits you perfect :)

xo Anouk

Larissa said...

The coat is really great. I understand why you've been looking forward to show it :) I know that feeling when you love something really much and you can't wait to show it on your blog :)


Fabrizia Spinelli said...

I adore this dress, so nice and feminine!
Come back soon to visit me on Cosa Mi Metto???
Win your favorite bikini!!

kobiecymagazyn said...

cool !
follow each other on google and bloglovin ?:)

Chezka Cenon Li said...

So cute outfit! The coat is so cute - but the highlight are those shoes, I love those shoes =)

- Che


Bego Hudgens said...

love the shoes!! xo

c said...

your shoes are amazing!


Megan said...

You always look put-together and polished! Love that your hair bow and heels match :)

Isabel said...

love the coat. it looks great on you!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Andrea said...

wow 65% off for that gorgeous coat?? what a steal! and since you're wearing it like all the time, it pretty much cost nothing! I really love your heels though, like LOVE


TheTinyHeart said...

What an adorable plaid coat!

The Tiny Heart
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Emmett Katherine said...

that is the cutest coat!

Elisa Zanetti said...

u are able to make special every outfit!
Nameless Fashion Blog
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Accrochable said...

Love the coat!

XO Zoë

Natasha said...

That is a gorgeous coat and I really like the way you've done your hair and the shoes are so pretty! I'm glad you've found a job and I understand that worthless feeling completely. I'm on my Summer holidays and nowhere is hiring students for a few months while I'm back so I feel the same way. It's tough, but I am glad you're feeling happier now :) - Tasha xxx

Unknown said...


Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!!!



The Garage Starlets said...

Lovely outfit!


Monsterchen said...

oh my god i totally love this look! checks and blue, and ruffles, i think it could´t be any more fabulous! and gosh that shoes, i think my heart skipped a beat looking at them!
i hope you have a great weekend!

Hanz said...

totallu love that color and its amazing...!! thanks for ur visit, new post is up..do drop by :D

Lara said...

Lovely shoes!

Denisa said...

Really so nice. Have a great weekend.


hannah said...

Good luck in your new job, fingers crossed that they keep you on after the 3 weeks :) I love the way you wear your hair bow underneath your bun - so sweet! Getting a bargain is the best feeling, especially if it's something you've waited and waited for :) xx

Elizabeth Valchar said...

so cute bow:)

Brittney said...

I've never quite seen plaid done like this before. Wishing you luck with your job--I'm also going to be a law student so I hope that I can find work as well!



Chidiogo Maxwell said...

WOW...this look is absolutely stunning!
So elegantly executed
Love it.
Great post love.

Unknown said...

So cute and the shoes are darlings!



Maddie said...

You look super sweet Imogen! A really lovely outfit! :)


Patricia G. said...

Perfect coat!! You look so beatiful with it!!!

BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

Love the whole outfit. It's one of the best look I've seen so far today.

Into The Blush, a Beauty Blog by Kenny.

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

I love your shoes. The color is so beautiful. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Urszula Makowska said...

Lovely jacket! I want it!


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

So lovely ya are

Danny said...

always looking adorable!

Wendy said...

You look beautiful!!


Unknown said...

You know to be so elegant and chic, love this look :)


Yulia Rahmawati said...

you look lovely and I love the place :D

Sakuranko said...

Beautiful dress!
Lovely shoes!


Anna and Klaudia said...

you look adorable! :)

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Panty Buns said...

The tiered hem of your Alannah Hill 'Her Diamond Love Coat' is very pretty. It's hard for me to imagine how a wardrobe could have too much pink in it. Pink and duck egg blue is a wonderful colour combination. That coat will look beautiful over every one of your pink blouses, skirts and dresses. The little ruffles at the shoulders of your Alannah Hill coat add to the lovely feminine appearance.

Congratulations on your temporary three week work contract, and best of luck for building confidence and experience now that you're about to break the ice and put your legal prowess to work. :)

Dascha said...

Amazing <3


Unknown said...

Love this outfit, it really suits you! Those blue shoes are gorgeous :)

A Day In The Life Of Mel: http://missmel7.blogspot.com.au/

Unknown said...

those heels are amazing!! You look so good in blue :)


Katie Aman said...

You always have some of the most stunning and unique pieces I've seen! I never tire of visiting your blog for new ideas and inspiration. this coat is absolutely fun and what wonderful details. Not to mention, those heels are so chic! I also have to say that your incredibly sweet and charming personality always shines through as well-you have the loveliest smile!

Ms. Falcon said...

love the plaid! great coat!

Halie said...

Gorgeous heels.