Saturday, August 9, 2014

Makeup Look

Hi everyone! Lately I've taken more of an interest in makeup in addition to my love for clothes. Although I wear a lot of makeup, I've never been particularly interested in it because I'm not very good and I don't use a great variety of products. However, my love is starting to grow given that I've purchased a couple of amazing products recently. In particular the discovery of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo gel eye shadow has made make up increasingly enjoyable. for me I've wanted to write about this product for awhile now and now seems like the right opportunity given that this is a post about makeup. I've always loved eyeshadow but have very limited skills when it comes to its application. I've been so frustrated with powder eye shadows due to their limited durability; I hate it how I have to apply so much to get a vibrant colour and I'm always annoyed how its practically disappeared by lunch time. As a result I decided to try gel eye shadow and it is perfect. I never want to return to the powder variety. This particular Maybelline product stays on so well. It claims to last for 24 hours and I can definitely say that's true. I was very bad and slept in it (I was so tired one night after work I fell asleep before taking it off) and the next morning it still looked as intense as the day before. It's very easy to apply with a good consistency. I have this product in six different colours now but so far it's only the gold and silver I use frequently. 


I'm sure I'll grow to like the others after experimenting a little more. It's interesting because the purple and blue (which is a really fun and vibrant shade) appear to have a different consistency and don't stay on as well.  They appear creamier and lighter, if that makes sense. I went a little crazy purchasing these products. I often find myself in Priceline during lunch time on a work day so that's how all the damage was done. After years and years of eye shadow disasters my new product is amazing. I can happily say that this product, in combination with  the new lip products which I posted here, give me so many more makeup opinion. For years I used to wear random assortments of eye shadow and red lip stick each day. While red lip stick is certainly still my absolute favourite, I'm having such fun combining my new eye shadows with my new lip colours. Apart from that I like to keep my mascara, blush and face powder consistent. I like to break some of the traditional makeup rules and wear eyeshadow, vibrant lips and blush all at the same time because that's just me!


The products I've used are:
-Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eye Shadow in Bold Gold
-Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black
-Savvy DB Ultra Matte Lip Colour in Icon
-By Terry Growth Booster Mascara
-Clinique Almost Powder Makeup in Fair
-Clinique Blushing Powder Blush in Precious Posy

I'm wearing:
-Hello Sailor Spot Top from Kitten D'Amour


AVY said...

You're so pretty.

/ Avy

Unknown said...

Lovely, very pretty :)
I like the eyes especially, they just pop :)


Jeeda said...

Flawless makeup


Launna said...

I love the gold eye shadow... I've always had issues with powder eye shadow... a primer really helps the color to be vibrant as well as lasting longer. You are so cute Imogen ♡

Tania Franco said...

Oh wow! The eye shadow is so vibrant, looks so pretty.


Unknown said...

I am following you, hope you want to follow back :)

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Jessica said...

Lovely makeup look! =)



Kezzie said...

I like it! My favourite eye-shadows are by Urban Decay- Midnight cowboy rides again is AWESOME- I had it in a palette but bought a single one of it 2 weeks ago because I love it so much and want to be able able to travel better with it!x

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

This is such a pretty look! I love that lipstick color.

Rowena @ rolala loves

Anett said...

Beautiful look, your lashes look gorgeous!


Pooja Mittal said...

so true , maybelline color tattoo is an amazing product
i realy like your makeup , sprcially rosy cheeks in the pic
keep in touch

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

That colour is amazing, I will be keeping my eyes open for this product.

Lostvestige said...

Love the eyeshadow, it's so pretty!

Unknown said...

I might have to invest in some of this eye shadow... I rarely wear the stuff, but it looks really interesting and if it is long lasting - i'm all about that :D

Shybiker said...

Nice. I love makeup, too, but have trouble applying it.

Tanya said...

Such a pretty make up look:). I love the shades you've used.


Selvaggia Capizzi said...

Beautiful make uo!

Fashion babel said...

you have an amazing eyes! And much courage to try out pueple, suits you great!

If you want to follow each other, just let me know!


Sonya Thaniya said...

so pretty ^^


IN & OUT said...

so cute this make up would u like follow each other ,i ll be happy please let me know ,kisses from italy

Unknown said...

Very pretty! :)


shine of style said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I’m follow you on GFC. I'm wait your follow back.
Have a nice day.
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Sherin said...

Love this make up look. Your eyes look so lovely.

Paola Lauretano said...

The gold eye shadow is amazing... great job!!!!
Kisses bellissima!!!

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Kiss & Make-up said...

I like that gold on you!

Unknown said...

I love how you did your make-up! I am curious to the maybelline colour tattoo eye shadow, maybe I will try it as well!


AnnaKos said...

Love it!
Follow you!
Follow me back?

Sam said...

You look beautiful hun, love how you did up your eyes, so glam!

Jackie Harrison said...

The makeup looks amazing on you.

Debbie Stinedurf said...

Aren't the Maybelline Color Tattoos fabulous! I have found if you use one of the beige/nude shades on your lid as a base it helps powder eye shadows last much longer. :)

Style and Paper said...

Nice makeup look!!

Style and Paper

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous look!
Especially loving the vibrant lip!


Georgie said...

The maybelline colour tattoo shadows are so good! I have one in purple and it's super long lasting. Definitely need to try their gel liner too xx

☾ Liquorice Pearls ☾

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I absolutely adore that blush - gorgeous color!!


Jenny said...

Amazing look hun :) x
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Unknown said...

Hi Imogen! Thank you for your lovely comment in my blog!
I am now following you in GFC and bloglovin. Please feel free to follow back, thank you so much!


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Luana Carvalho Isidoro said...

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Doused In Pink said...

The colors are so vibrant and your eyes look amazing! I'll definitely have to try this shadow.


Emmylou said...

I need to get some of that Maybelline Tattoo shadows for sure.:)

Olivai said...

You are so gorgeous! I feel the same way and have been interested in makeup too! I love doing fierce wings with liquid liner or a subtle smokey eye. And always love to add a pop of color to my lips:) Anyway...I think I've tried color tattoo also and it is great!
xo Olivia

Bellezzefelici said...

You look really pretty with this golden eyeshadow :)
I wish you a happy weekend!


Lilu's voyage said...

thanks a lot for your comment on my blog!! :)
of cousre, I would like us to follow each other!!
I already follow :)
hope you will too..


Pilar Domínguez said...

You are so pretty, and you´ve got a lovely skin, maybe you don´t need makeup but you are awsome with it. I loved your dress too. Kisses:)

Silvia Negretti said...

Great done, sweetie!
You look so pretty! :D

Unknown said...

I am always looking for that eyeshadow that stays, thank you for sharing. I love your make up,you look very pretty.


Red Rose Alley said...

You look lovely, Imogen. You have pretty tones of eye make-up on which enhances the eyes. I have a wedding to go to today, and you have inspired me with make-up ideas.


Dainté said...

Really cool makeup ! I love it :))

LoveT. said...

Amazing Look ,love the gold Eye Shadow :)
Great Work!

Have a wonderful Weekend ,kisses

Caro * said...

Very pretty ;)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! Love the gold eyeshadow with the sparkles!

Unknown said...

Beautiful makeup! Thanks for the visit

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Colour tattoos are so pretty!

Alexandra Zakharova said...

Hi, Imogen! Hope you are doing fine. I've got to say I like that make up which you've created, it's so refreshing and artistic at the same time. You look like a pretty doll made of porcelain:)
That product is worth trying, ineed.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! I am definitely going to try it out as it looks like it stays on forever throughout the day.

Thrifting Diva

Melissa said...

It's always fun to play around with make up, I'm really like the look. The eyes especially, they just pop beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Very cute dress and make-up!

Anonymous said...

Well done on experimenting further with your makeup.. I'm like a stick in the mud when it comes to makeup haha! Thanks heaps for dropping in at my blog by the way.. and sure, I'd love if we could follow each other on Bloglovin?! :)



Paola Buonacara said...

Love the dress and your makeup!
Kisses Paola


minnja said...

So lovely


Amanda said...

I have heard a lot of really great things about the Maybelline color tattoo I will have to give it a try. Your makeup is beautiful!

Sarah-M. said...

Love the eye shadow!

Corinne said...

I might have to give that eye gel a go, I love shimmery golds like that!

Corinne x

Claudia C. said...

Such a cute makeup dear.
Have a great day :)

Winnie said...

Your eye make up is really pretty!

Shes Dressing Up said...

I love the eyeshadow, so much fun!

BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

Lovely, as always. Have an amazing brand new week!:D


Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

I love that gold lid color! There is a gold color in my Naked 2 palette that I'm absolutely obsessed with. It stays on all day too :)

Unknown said...

Gosh! You look like a doll! Love it! Great makeup.

♘ www.sugarpopfashion.com ♘

María Pilar Bernal Maya said...

I love your eyes makeup
do we follow each other?
let me know and I'll follow you back
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Shannon Jenkins said...

So pretty! In love with that lip shade!

<3 Shannon

Midnight Cowgirl said...

I really like the gold eyeshadow!

Christina Lau said...

I love the makeup! You look gorgeous!!



Unknown said...

Great look! Xx


Vita said...

Judging by the photos I always assumed you were really good at make-up, I would have never thought you felt insecure about it! I really like your eye make-up actually. As for the eyeshadows, are you using eyeshadow base? It makes powder shadows last much longer and the colours are a lot more vibrant too. And you can make your own gel eyeshadow by mixing a your powder eyeshadows with eye gel. :) I've been making my own eyeliner like this for some time now and it stays on perfectly. ;)

Tina Bradley said...

I adore that fab pink lip color! Lovely pics! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

Kristyn Assise said...

I am in absolute awe of your makeup! I need to try some of your tips very soon. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog if yes!


Kat said...

wow stunning makeup look! i love your lip color! :D


Debbie Poh said...

Gorgeous look! I love the golden eyelids, such a lovely summertime look!

xx Debbie



The lip colour here looks nice, and I also like the eyeliner on you the best. I've tried the colour tattoo, and agree, it definitely worked for me. :) /Madison
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Shopping Lady said...

Love this make up, compliments!

My last post: Summer travel kit


The Dainty Dolls House said...

So gorgeous doll, love the look :))) xx

Anonymous said...
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Sam said...

Thanks for your fashion input…Have a great start to the week!

Alissa said...

I am sooooo awful with blush you look great!

Sara said...

You are making me want to go makeup shopping! I LOVE the gold eye shadow, so pretty!

Beauty Editer said...

So great! I love your makeup. xx


Arien said...

Hi sweetie!
OMG you look so beautiful!!
Love the eyeshadow

Imke said...

Love your eye look!


Kati said...

The golden eye make up looks so pretty - definitely something I want to try, too!


June said...

Beautiful makeup Imogen! Looking lovely!

Blackswan said...

Love that make-up tips! I'm following you now at GFC, BlogLovin & Twitter (blackswan) & would love to have you follow me too :)
Luxury Haven

awhite said...

Blush can be tricky- but it's one of my favorite beauty products to buy! Happy Tuesday!


Panty Buns said...

You chose pretty colours of lipstick and eye-shadow and applied it. Your eyeliner and mascara also look pretty as do your eyes. I've never used gel eyeshadow but remember getting the powdered shadow on my mascara, so factoring in lasting longer as well as the gel sounds worth a try.Your Hello Sailor pot Top from Kitten D'Amour looks pretty as well. It must be fun coordinating your different new lipstick colours with your outfit of the day.


Unknown said...

you look great! <3


Unknown said...

It definitely looks like you know what you are doing when it comes to makeup! You are rocking this look! Your eyes are gorgeous and piercing...and those cheeks. So pretty!

Unknown said...

i don't wear much eyeshadow but i can definitely appreciate staying power :) love the colour! x

steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

Sybil said...

love the lipstick!! :D

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Sophie Sierra said...

Beautiful make-up! I love how you've combined the pretty colours together <3

Sophie | soinspo xo

Simona Dubravova said...

Hi sweetie, thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I am so glad and of course, we can follow each other. I follow you via bloglovin and gfc. I follow you on instagram (@sdubravova), too. Hope you do the same, hun. <3 Let me know. Have a nice day.



yaudy's style said...

beautiful makeup! must try :)

SprinklesofStyle said...

Such a lovely look!!! :)

Layla xx


Unknown said...

Nice post! And yes sure, following you! Follow me too!
Thanks for stopping by! New post on my blog! Stop by me soon again!

With love ❤

Izzy said...

yay love how you are venturing into makeup posts as well! :) I love the lipstick colour. berry shades are one of my favourites to wear! :)

Metallic Paws

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yulio said...

Lovely, very pretty :)
I like the eyes especially, Im yuli from Indonesia :) Nice to meet you