Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Current Loves

Review 'Gelati Check Dress' 
I walked past the Review store a couple of weeks ago and absolutely fell in love with this beautiful dress. I desperately wanted to buy it then and there but I simply didn't have the money. For now I will admire it from afar but one day I hope to add it to my collection. I love the combination of pink and blue. I have always liked tartan and, although I adore the more traditional colour combinations, it is often lovely to see more unique tartan combinations too. I'm sure it goes without saying that I love the vintage style silhouette, the timeless nature of the impressive quality of Review dresses; a potentially very justifiable purchase given all these factors. 
Marc by Marc Jabobs Mouse Flats 
I love Marc by Marc Jacobs flats; not only do they look amazing but they are extremely comfortable too. I wish I could own hundred of pairs of these shoes. I have the mouse flats in silver and now I want them in this beautifully vibrant shade of blue; they would add so much to an outfit. Mouse flats, kitty  cats flats and all adorable shoes like that are just the best. 

Pinup Girl Clothing Disney Princess Tote Bags
My favourite here is the Ariel version but I was very sad to see that it's been sold out for some time now. I have joined the wait list but who knows if it will ever come back into stock. The Belle version is a pretty great alternative. At the moment I love fashion items that are Disney Princess related; I am continually searching the Internet but frequently feel frustrated that there's never much out there for adults. I truly regret not getting an Ariel printed dress when I had the opportunity to have clothes made in Hong Kong; I intended to but ran out of time to find the material. Ariel brings back the most special childhood memories for me; my mum made me the most amazing Ariel costume with the red hair included. 

The Little Mermaid Pencil Case
As above. This would satisfy my desire for Disney Princess merchandise at a very affordable price; at only $10 there is no reason why this shouldn't join my collection.  It would like to use this as a makeup bag. 

Review Cardigans
At the moment one of my favourite activities in my free time is to customise cardigans with beads, embellishment and sequins etc. I have written about this many times before. I am very fussy about the types of cardigans I buy; they must be good quality, of a certain material and are preferably of the cropped variety (the last point being particularly difficult to accommodate). So I have taken to using Review cardigans for my sewing projects. Even though they retail at $99.99 there is always a sale. I bought one for $38 the other week. They are also half to a third cheaper than Alannah Hill which are the only other cardigans I generally buy. I have so many ideas for these cardigans at the moment. 

Kitten D'Amour Lace Peekaboo Dress
This dress is from the same collection, The Scarlet Collection, as the dress from my last outfit post. It's so elegant, classy and beautiful. A number of months ago I was browsing the Kitten D'Amour instagram page and saw a very similar dress to this; I absolutely fell in love with the red lace combination. Shortly after I read that Kitten D'Amour decided to bring out a very similar range due to the popularity of that previous collection; within a couple of weeks of admiring the one instagram picture, pretty scarlet dresses kept showing up in store and online. It was amazing. I thought I'd obviously better limit myself to one dress from the new beautiful red collection. It was a difficult decision but I went for the piece in my previous outfit post because it is much more versatile and wearable. I feared that if I bought this dress it would far too often be sitting in my wardrobe reserved for only special occasions. But I will continue to admire and wish for it. 

Kate Spade Handbag
I really want to save up for a designer item and I definitely believe a bag would be the best choice. This all started when I borrowed a real Chanel bag (well documented here, here and here) and I wondered whether it would be at all possible for me to buy one of my own. My spending is out of control at the moment and I'm soon to implement a budget for clothes spending which has failed countless times in the past. Based on that calculation I worked out it would take about three or four years to save up for a Chanel bag. I felt sad about that length of time and the possibility that I wouldn't buy any other clothes, shoes or bags during the time I was saving. So I thought a Kate Spade bag would be a great alternative. Although it's not quite as exciting, in many ways it will have the same impact on me.   

Forever New Brianna Prom Skirt
Although I own a number floral skirts I am particularly drawn to this one. The colour scheme is very pretty and reminds me of a water colour painting. I tried it on in Forever New a couple of weeks ago but just didn't have the money to buy it. I liked it a lot more on than in comparison with just the pictures. Skirts from Forever New are often ridiculously short to the point where I'm turned off buying them and, even outside FN, it can be difficult to find skirts which elegantly sit just above the knee. The classy length was the main selling point of this skirt for me. I, like many other people, love them with crop tops; I am still looking out for the perfect crop tops to buy. 
What are your current loves?

Also I just started using Lookbook (yes, just a bit behind the rest of the world). It would mean so much if you showed me some love on there; I'm so unpopular right now.. It has been lovely to randomly come across a few of you on Lookbook. My link is in the sidebar.


Vanessa Billie-Jill-Jean said...

So pretty pieces. ;-)
Lovely greets Nessa

Kezzie said...

I love your choices!!! The cardies are particularly beautiful and I too live them cropped. The designer handbag sounds an epic project!! X

Jackie Harrison said...

Beautiful selection

Estelle Watson said...

OMG, i can't say what of these cute things I love much... You have a very very very good taste :D


Snoskred said...

Are you a Costco member? I saw a Kate Spade bag or two there last trip.. that is certainly the cheapest they'll be anywhere in Australia, I suspect. ;)

annick tamoto said...

you've picked cute items :)


Adam said...

cute disney stuff

Niki Lee said...

I especially love the disney totes! I hope you have enough money for your dress one day :)


Shybiker said...

Wow, that first dress is gorgeous. Great colors.

Daphnee StVal said...

The Kate Spade bag is gorgeous! So is the blue floral midi skirt in the end!


Style-Delights said...

Beautiful pieces! The check dress is so perfect for fall with boots! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
Style Delights Blog

Beauty said...

That first check (plaid) dress and the red dress are so, so beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Lauren Michelle Major said...

Awesome favorites! I really like that Tartan dress an the mouse shoes!


Busola Coutts said...

The pink and blue dress will look so dreamy on you. Very gorgeous! I do think you have a really refined and delicately sweet taste. These are nice!


Bisma Rauf said...

Love that 1st dress!

Check out my new post Here!!!

Tina Phan said...

The flats are too adorable!


Launna said...

Imogen the checked dress is really sweet with the little bit of pink and wow to the red lace dress, it is so pretty. It is good to have a few wish list items xox

Have a great day I hope you are having a fun week xox

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous picks!
Love the red lace dress!


Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

love the dress so bad


Chrissie aus der edelfabrik said...

Adore the checkered dress!

Greets from the EDELFABRIK

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Those Mouse Flats are the cutest!


Silver Cat Tea Party said...

I love those Marc Jacobs mouse flats!! I've been wanting a pair for the longest time <3 I couldn't afford the Marc Jacobs ones so I settled on some other brand. I'm sure these ones are worth their weight in the gold though! <3

Here are my mouse flats :) http://silvercatteaparty.blogspot.com/2014/03/outfit-of-day-cat-and-mouse-kinda-day.html

Beauty Unearthly said...

These are all so gorgeous!

Tallia said...

That red dress is so perfect!

Trending In Fashion

Jo Abiog said...

The plaid and lace dress looks absolutely divine! Love these photos!

Fashion | Travel | Food
Jo from http://www.Styleat30.com

You can find me on Facebook for more regular updates:


love love love those shoes! xoxo


Aisling said...

I really love and recommend Kate Spade bags. The one you posted is such a classic silhouette of hers, so it will always look fresh, I think. I have a similar one in black that is my go-to for winter events. :)

Aisling | aisybee.com

Sherin said...

That kate spade bag is amazing. I'm such a fan of the brand.

monika berdnik said...

Really love your taste,
all this items are great :)


Lostvestige said...

such pretty things! I really like the red dress!

Kizzy Von Doll said...

These are all amazing, love the colours :)) xx

Vita said...

Oooh, I wish I could see the Ariel costume! You sure seem to love the mermaid. :) I really like the mouse flats too, I have bunny ones from Korea and I'm really sad they don't llok very nice anymore (apparently not constructed for actual walking long distances in them).

Mica T said...

You have great taste - a lovely wishlist! Completely agree with you on the Marc Jacobs flats - I could easily have too many of them!

It's funny too, just yesterday my sister and I were complaining to each other that the little mermaid Havaianas only came in kid's sizes - grownup girls still want to be princesses too right?! I think you should get that cute little pencil case to use for makeup - such a good price! :)

Away From The Blue

miss b said...

Very pretty cardigans in a style which is so versatile.

Anett B said...

I seriously need the lace dress and the fuchsia bag!

Bella Pummarola

Lorna mai ltd said...

I love the modern tartan, more so I think than the classic tartan. Gorgeous dress and the Kate Spade handbag is gorgeous. I'm not on Lookbook but more than happy to exchange links etc on other platforms. Thanks for visiting my blog a few days ago. Are you from a linky?

Red Rose Alley said...

I want that BELLE handbag, it's darling! Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies. And that red lace dress is soooo lovely. I can see why you are admiring these items.

Have a good rest of the week, Imogen.


Shireen L. Platt said...

I have a Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs bag but have yet to get myself a Kate Spade. I do love Kate Spade bags, they are always colourful and fun!

Reflection of Sanity

Molly Mac said...

The flats are so adorable! I also really like the red dress. It'd be perfect for the holidays! Lovely finds! :)


Am2Pm Chic said...

So cute.


La x sacha said...

Super cute items!
Pop colors!


Isa Machado said...

I love the red dress girl! :)

Isa M., Tic Tac Living
Oasap Cape - Giveaway

Ina R. said...

Aw you always find the cutest pieces! I love the blue checjered dress and the red lace one too! So beautiful! <3

Darcy said...

Love that Kate Spade bag!

Anonymous said...

Loving the flowery skirt!

Monica Harmony's Blog

Emmylou said...

Those MBMJ mouse flats really are adorable.

Crissy (Dainty Fawn) said...

That dress is just so cute! It's awesome that you were able to get cardigan for a lower price. You must share what you end up doing to it!! :D

Chelsea Borgerding said...

I am right there with you with all these loves! SO cute!



Rebecca said...

Wow you sure have some fabulous wants! I have so many wants right now too! Love that tartan dress! The colors are just so lovely and it is nice to see some fun colors in this pattern! I absolutely adore Kate Spade and own a few bags myself. The bright pink color of this one is amazing!


Sandra Kozłowska said...

red dress is perfect!

Couture Carrie said...

Such a sweet dress!
You look lovely, darling!


Ivana Split said...

such a lovely selection<3


Alicia Mackin said...

WOWZIE that Kate Spade bag is killer! And I love the Kate Spade stores, I could live in one! So well designed and a feast for the eyes.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

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