Sunday, December 27, 2015

Life Lately 003

If it wasn't for swimming, I would be mega depressed right now about my ankle injury. Swimming has helped me to remain in training, made me feel productive and provided me with a goal to work towards. I've mentioned a couple of times now that my background in competitive swimming means that so many memories come back to me every time I return to the pool. It's been over ten years since I walked away from the sport but I'm surprised how much of the technique I've retained. The feelings of success and purpose that I used to feel all those years ago from swimming are still there and make me feel good about myself whenever I train. I'm even thinking of joining a weekly swimming club again. I've been pushing myself . This afternoon I swam a 3km training session and now my arms hurt so much!! My husband came to the pool with me this afternoon. Its the first time he's ever seen me swim. He took some videos. 

Juliette Princess Miracle
My little kitty cat has made it onto this list again. It was amazing to spend time with her on Christmas Day and Boxing Day- I look forward to more time with her during these holidays. This is a picture of us together on the 25th.

The End of Work
We made it to the end of another working year! Usually I hate it when it's a break from work as I tend to get depressed when I'm unproductive and I over think things with too much time on my hands. I often get lonely. However, this time I don't mind the holidays. My husband has taken annual leave at the same time as the compulsory shut down period at my work and we have our trip at the coast to look forward to. I'm also very tired from working hard this year so I'm ready for a break. This is me in the lift at work in the last week- great for checking out a look. 

Christmas Presents
I'm not majorly into Christmas but I do enjoy the presents and always receive some amazing treats! I am sure you'll see some of my pretties in coming posts. This collection of presents were the ones which my husband and I bought for my parents- I just had to show you the amazing wrapping paper! My Mum received her gifts wrapped in Disney Princess paper and my Dad received his gifts wrapped in Frozen paper. It's the best paper ever. 

I've purchased a few new pieces recently but the best bargain was the Dolce Vita dress from Kitten D'Amour. I'm getting the hem taken up at the moment but once it's ready I can't wait to wear it. It's rather different for me to wear black but the lace cut out detail at the back makes it unique and a standout. I've wanted this dress for many months now but couldn't justify spending $250 on it especially given that I'd already purchased one of the other dresses from the same collection. However, I did the right thing and waited until it was on sale. It often pays to wait! I got it for less than half price- under $100!

New Collection at Kitten D'Amour
This pretty collection of pastel coloured day dresses was released at Kitten D'Amour early last week. I didn't expect a new collection this quickly so this was a lovely surprise. With the extended trading hours it was fun to go and check out the collection after work. The dresses are so beautiful and some spending did happen- more to come later. What I love about the release of a new collection is, not just the new pieces, but the discussions I have with other KDM fans over social media. I've met so many people over the Internet just from our mutual love of Kitten D'Amour clothes and it's been great. 

In other news, tomorrow the husband and I are going on our trip to the coast! 


Frilly Frenchie said...

Merry Christmas. You look elegant as ever. I'm impressed by your swimming abilities!

Mica T said...

It's great you can get back into and enjoy swimming! It's a great exercises, even if I don't get to do it as much as I like as it's hard to swim without someone watching the toddler - hubby and I have to take turns sitting in the shallows with a toddler or swimming laps haha!

Hope you had a merry Christmas! Enjoy your trip!

Away From The Blue Blog

Adam said...

pretty dress, I'm glad you had a good Christmas

Estelle Watson said...

One day, your wardrove will make BOOM! haha.


Beauty Unearthly said...

Gorgeous! You look lovely dear! Have a great week! xx

Style For Mankind said...

Awesome post and great images photos too. Hope you have a fun-filled holidays, friend! :)


Mimi Santa Cruz said...

Great post as always, hun. Enjoy swimming and keep huddling your beautiful kitty.... Have a happy 2016. XOXO Mimi


Caro * said...

Merry Christmas beauty ! Your post is very nice ;)

Launna said...

Merry Christmas Imogen, I'm so glad you have the trip to look forward to with your husband. Oh and congratulations on getting back to swimming... this would be wonderful exercise for me too. Maybe I can get a 10 day pass, I'll have to look into it xox ♡

Panty Buns said...

I just watched both of your Training at the Pool and Training at the Pool 2 videos on your YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/tiaxcherie/videos. Wow, you're an amazing swimmer! You swam those butterfly stroke laps really fast! 3 kilometres is a LOT of swimming! Wow. I'm glad you're getting that good exercise - it's inspirational too.
I hadn't realised how big Juliette Princess Miracle is. Pretty kitty. I love the dress you were wearing in the selfie photo - it's very pretty. So are the other 3 dresses ands the neatly wrapped Christmas presents. Even the Christmas wrapping paper has a wonderful fashion colour scheme. Love the duck egg blue and pink!


Sarah Albertson said...

I hope your injury heals up nice and fast! But it's great that you can work around it with swimming. It's lovely to have time to spend with your pets, I have enjoyed playing with my cats a lot of this Christmas break as well. Hope you have a wonderful last week of the year!

Kim Alston said...

Swimming is excellent exercise that's easy on the muscles and joints! So glad it's working for you. Happy you're enjoying the holidays. That's what they are meant for! To spend time with family and ENJOY :D

Silver Cat Tea Party said...

That's great about you getting back into swimming! It sounds like it's a really positive thing for you! Love the pic of you and your cat :) Also your new Kitten D'amour dress is so pretty and such a great bargain! I also like the pinafore style dress too! Too cute! Hope you are having a great time on vacation!

RyDog said...

You're amazing at swimming wife!