Sunday, March 20, 2016


Hi all. It's been awhile since I've posted here. The unintentional break has been a result of my extremely busy schedule as pretty much all my spare time is been taken up with sport. A typical week lately has involved five swimming training sessions, one night of racing and two runs. Since some of this is in the mornings and I have great difficulty getting to sleep, I often feel like I'm about to fall asleep at work. I seriously wish I could quit work and alternate between sport and sleeping all day. I cannot wait until the Easter break at the end of the week so I can have a rest. I'm taking my first ever annual leave. In saying all this, the benefits I've received from swimming far outweigh the continual tiredness. It's been amazing. I'm made some wonderful friends too. The return to swimming this year has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. 

It was my birthday on Wednesday and I'm planning to write a post on the gifts I received. For now, my cardigan is one of the purchases I made for my birthday. The embroidery, the beading and the velvet buttons are very pretty. I love the classy colour scheme too. I'm definitely enjoying wearing it. This outfit reminds me very much of the one I posted here








Wheels and Dollbaby Dinner With Him Beaded Cardigan
Wittner Reece Heels
Forever 21 Skirt
Swarovski Eminence Long Earrings

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Pooja Mittal said...

thats such an adorable outfit
Keep in touch



Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous look, darling!
Fab f21 find!


Emmylou MW said...

Belated happy birthday, Imogen! I hope you had a fantastic one:) And yay for the swimming. My kids love swimming as well, so I understand where you're coming from. But it's definitely good you're taking a break to re-charge. We all need that:)

Estelle Watson said...

Lovely, adorable and pretty outfit :)


RaeAbigael said...

i love your top! :)

xoxo, rae

Adam said...

looks wonderful

Launna said...

Imogen, I am so sorry I missed your birthday... I hope it was a happy one... your cardigan is really cute... it looks great on you xox

It's awesome that you are swimming so much and feeling so good about it... it's the way I felt about walking... I am hoping I heal quickly so I can get back into it again... xox

Kezzie said...

Happy birthday dear Imogen! I hope you had a super day. Your cardie is very beautiful and classy! I'm glad the sport is doing you good.x

laura said...

The print on that skirt is incredible! xo

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Happy birthday dear Imogen! Your cardigan is gorgeous and lovely gift to yourself :)

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday! That cardigan is darling :)

Harlynn said...

The cardigan is gorgeous!! Especially with that style skirt. I haven't been swimming in a few years, I almost had the chance last summer! Keep at it, and enjoy your Easter break. Also happy belated/un-birthday!

Beauty Unearthly said...

Lovely outfit dear! Have a great week! xx

Rupa said...

That is such a pretty skirt!

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Nerline Germain said...

Happy birthday doll! Not being able to sleep is not good. If only we could have it all in life. I'm happy you are taking a break from it all! I love the cardigan.

Kizzy Von Doll said...

Happy be-lated birthday to you doll!! You look amazing, love the skirt. Not being able to sleep is the worst. I have pregnancy insomnia at the moment, so I can understand how you feel with not sleeping, it can drive you mad. I hope you get some sleep soon :) xx

charmeuse said...

pretty ;)

Beauty Editer said...

Such a beautiful post dear! I like this a lot.

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Sakuranko said...

Oh very cute blouse darling

Red Rose Alley said...

Happy Birthday, Imogen! I look forward to seeing all the goodies you got for your birthday. It sounds like you are so tired lately, dear. Jess has been sick all week with a cold and cough. I love this pretty black cardigan. The embroidery and velvet is so elegant.

I hope you get some rest, my sweet friend.

love, ~Sheri

Laura Mitbrodt said...

What a cute look, love the mix of prints

Style For Mankind said...

I love this so much! Have a great day dear. :)

Style For Mankind

Ania Zarzycka said...

Wow! you look so cute <33 lovely skirt :)
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Silvia Negretti said...

So cute and original look! Love especially your top and shoes!
You look very lovely!

crafty-zone said...

Can't wait for the Easter too;) What's more, I love your skirt :)


enrica sciarretta said...

I love your skirt!

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Lauren Blair said...

Happy belated bday!! I LOVE this skirt and I love the black top with it!! XO


Easter is such a happy time, so I'm with you on that one and looking forward to being off. Great for you about swimming, it's such a wonderful exercise all around. /Madison
Easter Inspiration

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Absolutely beautiful...you look like a movie star!!!!

Deborah D said...

That skirt is so cool,love it!


Karolina Antosik said...

so lovely look dear, I like the blouse

Silver Cat Tea Party said...

Happy birthday Imogen! <3 And wow! I really love the print on that skirt! :D

Rach DiMare said...

Love the print of the skirt!


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Happy Birthday Lovely,hope you had a fantastic day. I am loving your cardi!

Sarah Albertson said...

Wow you certainly have been busy! But that's great you are finding so much joy in your sports. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Kati said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying getting back to swimming! Your week sounds pretty full, it's just normal then to have less time for the blog...


Leonora said...

Very classy & stylish!Lovely, adorable and pretty outfit girl!
Greetings from MissGrey.ro Romania!

Adela Acanski said...

Love it!

kisses Adela Acanski

Natasha Hill said...

Another lovely outfit, the detail on the cardigan is gorgeous! Glad you had a lovely birthday too, and you're inspiring me to get back out to the pool with all of your swimming updates! - Tasha

Pilar Bernal Maya said...

I love your top dear!
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Dawn Lucy - Fashion Should Be Fun said...

So sweet and feminine.

Thanks for linking up & happy Friday!

Dawn Lucy

Jessica Cangiano said...

You are the queen of marrying chic + cute in my books and this glam outfit personifies that fact to no end. Tres lovely!

Big hugs,
♥ Jessica

Beauty Follower said...

Gorgeous top & heels!