Saturday, May 7, 2016

Fitness Goals Update- April

When I look back on my fitness goals post which I wrote at the start of the year (here) they all seem so basic. It's only May and I've achieved all but one goal; I didn't know what to expect at the beginning of the year so I set my goals relatively low. I never thought I'd be where I am now but there is still so much I want to achieve. I like that sports are all about personal bests. There is no better feeling than achieving a new best time and I love that there is almost no limit on the goals which can be set and attained. I also like how sport makes me a stronger person; the 5.30am starts, the cold weather, pushing through difficult sections of training, it all makes for a better person overall. 

114km combined total for swimming and running this month and just over 30 hours spent at sport. I'm very happy with that. This is the most running I've been able to do for a number of months after injury. I'm still struggling a little with plantar fasciitis which is frustrating but able to run through it within guidelines. 

Here are my swimming stats for April: 

...and for running:

As I've mentioned a few times, one of my goals is to achieve the Million Metre award with Masters Swimming Australia. I do A LOT of swimming and even that is only enough to reach about 5% of the total distance per month. However, as I'm now over the 200km mark it feels as though I'm finally getting somewhere. It will be so worth it once I get there.

Here's what else happened for the month:

-attended three Saturday morning Parkruns. This is significant because I'd only been to one this year and had three months off due to injury. 
-achieved a new personal best time at the Parkrun of 26 minutes and 36 seconds. I am so happy because it is my first time under 27 minutes for the 5km. I didn't think I'd reach this goal for a few more months so I can't believe it. 
-participated in another 4 swim club nights (seventeen in a row now. I'm aiming for the 25 consecutive weeks award).
-continued working towards the million metres award with Masters Swimming Australia. I've completed almost 21% of the total distance required so far. 
-bought a Fitbit and having so much fun with it!
-added extra training into my routine with my swimming friends 
-decided to attempt the Endurance Program with Masters Swimming Australia. This involves 62 long distance swims before the end of the year and so far I've completed 8. I've done the 400m freestyle, 800m freestyle, 400m backstroke, 400m breastroke, 800m breastroke, 400m fly, 400m individual medley and 800m individual medley so far.  
-participated in the Masters Swimming NSW State Long Course Championships at Sydney Olympic Park.I won gold medals in the 50m breastroke, 50m backstroke and 200m breastroke, as well as silver medals in the 50m butterfly and 200m backstroke.

What have you achieved in April?


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I have wanted to do a parkrun in under 30 minutes for over a year and it has been one injury after another for me, so I am very happy for you.

Blogoratti said...

Well done, and best wishes with everything!

Adam said...

I was always a better runner than a swimmer. I don't go in the deep end or lakes without a lifejacket

laura said...

Oh man, I live such a sedentary life compared to you! xx

Beauty Unearthly said...

Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

Launna said...

Wow Imogen, I am so proud of you.. I need to get re motivated again... I have been walking but no where near where I did before, it is taking time to build up the endurance... plus the added weight. I will get there though... I think I will do what you have done here and make a plan, I will do mine monthly and remember to aim high xox

Mica T said...

Wow you have done so well with your goals Imogen! So impressed with all your medals, well done! :) It's awesome you can track everything so you can look back month by month and see all of your great achievements.

Away From The Blue Blog

Ivana Split said...

you're an inspiration! It is amazing how much you have accomplished and you're always pushing yourself harder. I remember reading about your Park runs...and you're doing a lot of swimming too. That's fantastic! Swimming is great because the changes of getting an injury are really low...plus it is a work out for the whole body. I plan to take up swimmimg again soon. Wish me luck!

Couture Carrie said...

You are an inspiration, darling! Keep up the amazing work!


Laura Jones said...

well done on achieving almost all of your goals already, that's amazing! i wish this started to inspire me to get back to sportier habits, hehe! xx

Style For Mankind said...

Great post! Love the images as well. Hope you have an awesome new week.

Style For Mankind

Wynne Prasetyo said...

whoa i envy you serious runners. i always wanted to pick up running but can never commit to it (not blaming anyone or anything but myself). trying to compensate through yoga tho.

Elle said...

Wow, I am so impressed! I think I want a Fitbit!
I am proud of you!
xx, Elle

Beauty Editer said...

Thank you for this wonderful post!

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Silver Cat Tea Party said...

Congrats Imogen! :D

Ivana Split said...

congrats on your medals!!!


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