Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fitness Goals Update- May

Wow, what a busy month it was in May! 130km combined total for swimming and running which is the most I've ever done in a month. It was huge progress being able to run 75km for the month without getting injured, finally I'm getting past my long term ankle problems. There is no better feeling than achieving a personal  best and I love that there is almost no limit on the goals which can be set and attained. Some of the training is becoming harder given it's now winter (especially the 6am runs and 5.30am swims) but it's lucky we're having a milder season than usual. 

Here are my swimming stats for May: 

...and for running:

In terms of my goal to achieve the Million Metre award with Masters Swimming Australia, I'm now 27% of the way there. It's taking an incredibly long time but will be completely worth it once complete. 

Here's what else happened for the month:
-achieved a new personal best time at the Parkrun of 25 minutes and 44 seconds for 5km. I am so incredibly happy and surprised. My goal for this year was under 27, so under 26 was never even a consideration. Running has never been serious for me, just something I've done from time to time when having fitness from another sport...but now I am very motivated and interested to see where this could lead. I'm wondering if I can crack the 25 minute barrier by the end of the year. 
-attended two Parkruns this month and volunteered for the first time. I would have liked to go to all four for May but couldn't because of conflicting commitments with swimming. I'm enjoying the Parkrun more than ever right now.
-participated in another 4 swim club nights so getting closer to the 25 consecutive weeks award.
-continued working towards the million metres award with Masters Swimming Australia. I've completed almost 27% of the total distance required so far. 
-kept up with the routine of training 10 times a week (5 swimming training, 1 racing swimming, 1 bootcamp, 3 runs).
-continued working on the Endurance Program with Masters Swimming Australia which involves 62 long distance swims over the course of the year. By the end of May I'd completed 16/62. This is a tough program- especially the 400m fly, 800 individual medley and the 800 fly (haven't even attempted that one yet). 
-participated in two swim meets with Masters Swimming NSW- many personal best times.

The highlight of the month was our club presentation for the summer season where I won two trophies. Not bad for my first half season in the club- so happy!!

What have you achieved in May?


Emmylou MW said...

Congrats, Imogen, not only for the two trophies but all the things you've accomplished! WOW! You go, girl! You're an inspiration:)

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing, as always! Keep up the fabulous work!


Launna said...

Wow Imogen, this is amazing girl, you have done a wonderful job with all these work outs... come over her and kick my behind to get me going that well... It is so great what you can achieve when you put your mind to it xox

Beauty Unearthly said...

Congrats, dear! xx

Adam said...


Sarah Albertson said...

Wow what an exciting month! That's great to hear your ankle is better and you are able to get back to running. It's such a wonderful feeling when you can really see progress in your hard work. I used to have almost no muscle mass at all and was so weak, but I have been exercising almost every day for the past few months and I am finally seeing some great changes in myself. Keep up the awesome work!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Congratulations! It's so inspiring reading about your awesome achievements :)

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Go Imogen, I am so proud of you. Such Amazing results!!!!!

Maddie said...

That is so cool Imogen! Congrat's & I am super happy for you!
Challenging and pushing yourself definitely is hard, but, yeah, the taste of achievement is so worth it!


Closet Fashionista said...

I've actually been doing a BIT of fitness. AKA going for a 2.5 mile walk 3 mornings a week, haha. I really should do more, like ab workouts or something. But I'm so lazy.

Style For Mankind said...

Love it!!! Happy Monday.

Style For Mankind

Natasha Hill said...

Congratulations on winning those two trophies Imogen, that's great! Your fitness level puts me to shame, I must get out and start being more active this summer. - Tasha