Monday, October 17, 2016


1, 2. Halloween decorations I made for upcoming themed swimming carnival we are hosting. 3. Parkrun. 4. Selfie. 5, 6. Tennis, considering joining the tennis club in a couple of months. 7, 8. Juliette Princess Miracle. 9. Cupcakes for Juliette's 6th birthday. 10. Medals from Western Sydney Marathon (10km). 11. New best time for 10km (52:43). 12. Spring blossoms. 13, 14. Lunchtime walks in Sydney. 15. Swimming. 16. New phone- iphone 7 plus in rose gold. 17. Getting ready for State Short Course Championships. 18. Swimming meet at Maroubra

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Beauty Unearthly said...

Hi dear.. this post is so lovely and the pics are so mesmerizing...xx

Couture Carrie said...

So many fun pics! Your kitty is adorable :)


Adam said...

nice photos

Silver Cat Tea Party said...

Love the Halloween decorations you made and love your big fluffy kitty! Happy birthday Juliette! :D

laura said...

I love your halloween decorations! xx

Denise Sabs said...

New phone, sweet kitten, cupcakes, parkrun, so any amazing things! And the medals! Such a busy and nice time you are having, well done! I loved this post, with updates, so nice! Hope you have a nice week, dear Imogen!

Lindsey Puls said...

Oooh I love your Halloween decorations! And what a gorgeous kitty. Congratulations on your race medals as well - that's awesome! I hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday!


Emmylou MW said...

Those cupcakes....nomnom....and yay for the new best time! Way to go!

Anett B said...

So many cute shots!

Bella Pummarola