Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I always have my eye on many fashion items, especially since Valleygirl and Forever New always have the most gorgeous clothes. Sometimes I avoid going into those shops because I know I'll always find something that I want to spend money on. I don't even have a job right now! I like Forever New because it is modern, young and girly. I especially love the printed skirts, attention to detail and feminine dresses. I've only ever bought shoes and accessories there because the clothes are out of my price range but I think I'll buy something soon. Valleygirl is definately my favourite shop because it is affordable but the clothes don't look cheap. I also like the variety and the fact that they have a fast turnover so I hardly ever see anyone in the same clothes as me.
1. Valleygirl jacket $69.95
2. Valleygirl dress $34.95
3. Valleygirl dress $34.95
4. Valleygirl skirt $29.95
5. Forever New dress (currently on ebay)
6. Coco Land bag $25.00 (similar to the one in the picture)
7. Forever New skirt $59.95
8. Forever New skirt $59.95
9. Forever New jacket $119.95
I can't find any pictures right now of items 6-8 so I'll add them here when I do.

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