Tuesday, February 24, 2009

American Apparel Skirt

Today was my first day back at university after a three month break! Its very difficult to comprehend how fast the time has gone, holidays were amazing. It so depressing to be back! Today was a very frustrating day because it took me ages to find parking, the line at the textbook shop was about an hour long, I had to spend the most ridiculous amount of money of textbooks, I got stuck in traffic and I didn't get home until 6.00pm. Surprisingly though, I actually met some people in class and I went to the bookshop with them. Since the line was so long I spent quite awhile talking to them and I know a fair bit about them. It probably won't develop into anything, but it would be good if I had someone to talk to in class each week. Tomorrow I have the day off but I'll be studying for most of it so it won't exactly be fun. Agggh...I just can't be bothered to do all the work, I just want to lie around all day! I need motivation.

When I arrived home, I decided to purchase an American Apparel skirt. Thanks for all the comments on my last post, encouragement to do it! lol It was very difficult to decided which one to buy but in the end I decided on the red, tulip, high waisted skirt. I'm a bit concerned about the material because I ordered the fleece skirt. I'm worried it will be too hot because it doesn't get that cold in Australia and I would have preferred an all year round skirt rather than one I can't wear in the middle of summer. I read heaps of reviews and some other people said the fabric was too thick but it seems better than the polyester version. A lot of reviews of that said that polyester was way too short and the material was too plastic looking and prone to ripping. This is the skirt I bought:

I also fell in love with the royal blue skirt since I've been looking for a skirt that colour as well. But one is expensive enough and I will see if I like these skirts before I buy anymore. I also like the Jersey pocket skirt. I'm very excited about my skirt coming. I just hope the material is ok and it fits. That was a good end to a long, boring day.


Lauren said...

Cute skirts, I like american apparel too.

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

loveeee this skirt! it'd look so cute with a plain white tank top - simple & stylish.
♥ Hannah

Imogen said...

I was thinking white with red too:) I'm pleased to know you think so, I trust your fashion advice.