Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1950s Fashion

Tonight I discovered the website My Vintage Vogue, a collection of vintage fashion photos and designers from various decades. I like this website and it really enhances a love of vintage fashion. I've selected some pictures I like from the 1950s range. Its one of the best decades for fashion, if not the best, in my opinion. Photobucket



I enjoyed compiling these photos. I'll probably do it again sometime.


Baśka said...

hi dear, i gave you 2 awards, because i think your blog is very inspiring :) more info on my blog :)

fashionista said...

These photos are gorgeous! I love the last one with the long sleeved striped dress- so pretty!

C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

This is probably my favorite decade. The fashion was so wonderful then! Very inspiring! Thanks for another awesome post! What would we do without your lovely blog? ;)


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Oooh I adore 1950s fashion! I also think it is one of the best decades for fashion. It was so feminine and sweet and stylish and glamorous.

I love the photos. Thanks for sharing the web site! :)

muchlove said...

Great selection! I can literally spend hours browsing photos in that website.

Anonymous said...

50s style skirts are the best
so much volume! beautiful!

check out my blog @

Fashion Court said...

aw thank you :D

vintage vogue is so pretttty. haha ;p

Couture Carrie said...

Loooove this photo collage! It reminds me a bit of the style on Mad Men, which takes place in the very early 60s... Do you watch that show?


Winnie said...

So gorgeous. It's a great website!

Ariella said...

Lovely! I really like the femininity and the silhouettes of the fashion from the 50s. Thanks for sharing :)

Hanne said...

Beautiful pictures, fashion was so stylish back then!

About the price of the jacket on my blog, it's 400 Norweigan Kroner, that's about 70 USD. So it's actually quiet cheap:)

She's Dressing Up said...

The 2nd image is fantastic! The 50s was an amazing decade for fashion =]

ana b. said...

Look at all those teeny tiny waists and big puffy skirts. I loved the colours during the 50s. Not a spot of black unless they could help it.

Emily said...

I've never visited My Vintage Vogue. I think I know where I'll be spending some of my free time! Thank you for sharing :)