Saturday, November 7, 2009


Last week I was lucky enough to meet my favourite radio presenter- Jason Morrison from 2GB. I know that most of you will be unaware as to who he is because he is a Sydney radio presenter and the radio station also generally attracts an older audience than people my age. It was very exciting for me and he is nice and friendly in person. I was so happy that Rydog and I were able to take a picture with him and that he signed a picture for me.


I decided to wear this dress again since its one of my favourites.

Also, I recently bought these accessories from Diva.

I hope everyone is well. I'm starting to feel very nervous because my wrist is hurting again and it is clear that I have not fully recovered from the RSI I had a couple of months ago. I have final exams starting in ten days which involves a lot of writing and I really, really want to complete them. I'm hoping for a fast recovery and I will rest my wrist as much as possible over the coming week.


Jennifer Fabulous said...

I remember that dress! I love it. The colors in the skirt are so beautiful. And it looks great on you. Ryan is lucky to have such a pretty girlfriend! :)
I think that's really cool you got to meet a local celebrity.
Oh, and I am totally in love with that owl necklace you just purchased. It is adorable!
I'm sorry about your wrist. I hope it feels better soon and the pain is just part of the healing process...
And good luck on your exams!! I'm crossing my fingers that you will do great on them.

michelle_ said...

love your 3 colored skirts :D

Emily said...

It's always fun to meet someone that you admire. I'd be wearing that dress all the time if I owned it! The colors are gorgeous :)

I really like the new bow hair clip you bought. I hope your wrist heals and doesn't hinder your performance on your upcoming exams.

Hanne said...

I really love the colors in your dress:) And that owl is really cute.
I'm going to London the last weekend of November:) I almost can't wait, I'm really looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

love the look darling totally cute!
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments

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Fashion Court said...

that dress is so nice! that's awesome that you got to meet him, i don't know who he is lol but it's always fun meeting famous people :o)

Maria G. said...

Hello!!! you're looking so pretty!! love this dress!! Im so happy that you met your radio idol! I want to meet too my singer idol, I really hope so!! Im happy you had a wonderful day!! Have a nice day tomorrow, kisses!!

ana b. said...

I didn't know you had RSI! You should be careful with that, lovely. That sucks if you have exams and RSI. But you do look lovely in that dress and the white lace hair bow! I might need to get down to Diva ;)

nookie said...

lucky you sweetie!looking great,love the owl pendant!

Emily said...

Imogen! I've passed along an award to you :)

I hope you're doing well!

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

Hey sweetie, thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog :)

Love that gorgeous hair bow & adorable owl pendant!

♥ Hannah



Patty Ann said...

awwww you're so cute!


Rose said...

Goodluck with your exams. Surely they could give you extra time so you could have breaks inbetween, they sometimes make allowances like that dont they?
I love your new hair bow from Diva!