Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 Outfits

Like many other bloggers I decided to post some of my favourite outfits from 2009. I feel that my personal style has only developed in the last few months so my outfits are certainly not evenly spread throughout the year. Enjoy!






In the last picture I am wearing the blue dress.


Rose said...

Very nice collection Imogen. My favourite is the bottom left in the red dress, I love your hair down too.
The back of the blue dress looks nice...it must have been one of your earlier posts because I didnt see that one.


Sher said...

How lovely! I think it's safe to say your style has gravitate to more cute skirts and dresses!! My fave outfit is the one with blue tights, love the pop of colour:)


Jennifer Fabulous said...

I remember most of these! It's cool to see how your style has matured, and yet stayed so lovely and elegant. Oh gosh and that red dress...I still die seeing it again. Lol. You were so GORGEOUS in that dress. And you should wear your hair long like that all the time. You seriously look like a movie star in that photo. :)

Georgie said...

Great oufits..love the first picture with the purple and red check!

Indy said...

Ooo, what a beautiful dress! I love it! And I love all of your sweet summery skirts!

Hanne said...

You have such a cute style, love it:) My favourite is the first outfit, really cool:)

Karen said...

Beautiful looks!! love specially the four first ;)


Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous variety of looks, darling! Loved this recap!


stephy said...

Lovely! You were classy and stylish throughout the year, and you looked fabulous all the time!
Hope your 2010 has been great so far! :)

Iva said...

love the blue tights!!

iheartvintagex said...

Ahh love all the outfits!! :) ♥

Claudia said...

all really cute

(always)alanna said...

super cute. love all the color- i have trouble straying from neutrals.. and all black
and gorgeouss blogg; will definitely be back visiting soon!

Nina said...

Love your style! And you rock prints which I sometimes have trouble with ... I'm going to stay logged on to your blogsite so I can learn more how to use print to my advantage!

And yes, let's exchange links. Yey! I'm often too shy to ask to do this ...

The Owl's Closet said...

u have such a cute style:) i just love all ur skirts!:D


Emily said...

I always enjoy your outfit posts. You have such a thoughtful, well put together style. I still love your little red jacket over that floral dress :)


I do love your skirt's looks!
Happy new year girl!

michelle_ said...

have a fashionable 2010 !
thanks for the inspiration darling !
keep posting up great stuff up .

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Margherita&Eleonora said...

lovely outfit!
love your style :)

Patty Ann said...

oooo so many pictures i like!!! also, i dont think i've seen the full outfit post for the last picture with your friends in blue. Is that prom?? or some type of formal??


JMay said...

Love the one of you on the tennis courts, so cute.

Glad I stumbled across you blog, now following :-)


Susi said...

Oh Imogen, each look is perfect. And you look so pretty with the red dress!!!

valncami said...

you look so pretty! my favorite is the third one, very cute! :) i just came across your blog and i really likke it :)

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