Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Despite my best efforts over the last few weeks, I still have not been able to take any outfit pictures which makes me feel extremely sad because this is primarily a fashion blog and I make such an effort to dress up every single day and I am unable to show that as much as I would like to. A number of factors such as finding the time and the weather have prevented this from occuring. If anyone has any suggestions on how to minimise this problem then please let me know. The only positive aspect of the rain over the weekend was this beautiful rainbow, how lovely to see such colour among the otherwise grey sky:


This is just a quick post for now and I will make another post tonight when I finish university.


Rose said...

Aghh cant wait until the winter weather is completely gone. Weve been having a few spring days here in Adelaide lately which has been nice :)


Georgie said...

Lovely rainbow :) And I know what you mean, taking outfit posts can be a nightmare to get round to x

Sherin said...

It's been raining like mad here lately as well, but we got no rainbows :( That's such a pretty rainbow though.

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

I think rainbows always look their best against a stormy sky.

Belle Armed said...

amazing pics!