Sunday, November 10, 2013


In recent times, one of my favourite colour combinations has been red and pink. I love pairing vibrant pink and red together since it creates such a feminine, romantic, fun and sweet look. I've worn red and pink together on numerous occassions but I felt especially happy when I spotted both this top and this pair of heels; what can be better than pink and red in the same piece? I regard my two tone red and pink heels as one of the best bargains I've ever found. I purchased them a number of months ago from Florsheim. They are unique, beautiful and wonderful quality. They were discounted from $170 to $30; I simply could not believe it. Florsheim, a store which I previously paid little attention to, has serviced me exceptionally well this year.My polka dot heels, featured here, and worn in my last post, are also from Florsheim. I've also admired a pair of duck egg blue heels in the store for most of the year; I'm still waiting for them to come on sale. I love this top. In addition to the beautiful colour scheme, I adore the pretty sparkles. It adds so much to an outfit and it's really warm to wear. My red skirt is another fabulous find. It's from the Alannah Hill factory outlet. Red skirts, along with black skirts, are one of the basic versatile items that I can never seem to find. I've spent years looking for the perfect red skirt. There are so many different ways I can style a red skirt. It's a little different from most of my other skirts; I don't have too many pencil skirts and I sure love that. Now all I need to complete the look is a red and pink bag; that would make it just right. I like the versatility of this outfit. I also like to wear it with my Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats and my wedding shoes (which are both covered in sparkles). I don't know why sequins are so often reserved for a limited array of occasions, sequins should be for all the time; they are for me anyway. 








Alannah Hill 'Everybody Knows Her' Sequin Top
Alannah Hill Red Pencil Skirt
Florsheim Two Tone Heels
Kmart Hair Flower

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Laura said...

Great look! Love the bright colors!!! ;)


Unknown said...

this outfit is Amazing :D i love your shoes! you are so elegant! I was wondering if you would like to follow me on gfc and bloglovin… I will surely follow you back…. Let me know! :D
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Jenniya said...

The shoes looks amazing. :)Love it so much. :)

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Bisma Rauf said...

Lovely shoes :)

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Alexandra Zakharova said...

Oh, I've got to say you look edgy and chic! Such a hot outfit, you've choice the most bright and radiant colors for that:) Those photographs are adorable!
Wish you a blessed day ahead!


Ivana Split said...

wonderful combo and when I saw those shoes it was like....pure perfection!

I agree about pink and red...I love how these two go together:) you look so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing outfit! So cute!

Pooja Mittal said...

I have never tried pink and red together , but I think now I have to.. It looks so chic.. Heels are just too cute..
Happy Sunday
Keep in touch,

Jackie Harrison said...

You look stunning like a little doll.

Putri Valentina said...

I'm falling in love with your heels! :D


Sam said...

Love this bold and striking colour mix, the heels are stunning!

Midwest Muse said...

Love these colors together!

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing look, darling!
Loooooove those shoes!


Unknown said...

I am in love with your heels and the look is special!!


ALLIE NYC said...

Oh my that top is soooo cool! Love it.

Allie of Dressing Ken

Miss Twiggy said...

who would say that red and pink look that good together? awesome outfit...

thehonorableMissDecaf said...

Oh goodness, so cute! I love how you look in pink and red. Classic. :D



daisychain said...

I am rather in love with those shoes! x

Ali Hval said...

You always make pink and red look SO GOOD together! I just seriously adore when you wear those two colors. I think they're your color combo, yep yep. Those heels are something fierce. :) Have an amazing start to your week, dear!

Sherin said...

Red and Pink are such a perfect combination. You've styled your look so well.

Selvaggia Capizzi said...

can I say that this is your best outfit so far?? I love that pencil skirt and I adore those pumps!

Caramella said...

You look really stunning, so adorable!

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I love your whole outfit, especially those shoes!

Shes Dressing Up said...

Ooh you pull off pink & red together so well!

June said...

Wow you do pair the colors so well and your shoes totally nail the look :) They're amazing

Shybiker said...

So cute! Those heels are adorb.

Unknown said...

I think red and pink is so cute together. I like to wear it around Valentine's day but it's good all year round too! I also can't believe what a deal those shoes were. They're awesome!

Kelsey Bang said...

such a cute look! love the all pink and red and even in the shoes! too cute!


Unknown said...

Those shoes are to die for. I need them in my closet right now. You made me fall in love with you more when I saw that you were wearing my favorite color: Pink! You look lovely and beautiful as always!:)

♥ Charms | my ∞ fashion confession

Chrisy said...

Love red and pink together...in the garden...in art...in clothing...you look gorgeous as always...that third photo is a real beauty!

Unknown said...

whenever i dye my hair pink, i feel that I can't wear red and get all sad, but, then, I crack it and decide "I can do what I want! RAHHH (in a kind of dinosaur noise) and i do really love those two together.
Looking sharp Imogen! xox

Milana - The Jottings said...

What a beautiful combination of colors - red and pink is really a good and unconventional combo! You look stunning! xx Milana

Unknown said...

you're so beautiful!!!kisses

Carolyn said...

It's so colorful and full of positive energy, like it!
♥ blog

Anonymous said...

Great colours, look good on you :)

Paola Lauretano said...

Wow.... fuchsia & red? I love this color combo!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!
Happy monday girl!

Carly said...

I love red and pink together too and it suits your fair skin tone so well! It always makes me think of Valentine's for some reason :) xxx

www.janetteria.com said...

Such a cute combo!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

So beautiful doll, I do love this combination of colours and I agree with you sparkles should be every day not just for parties and things!! You look marvellous, I hope you have a great week xx

Unknown said...

The combination is so nice and those heels are just awesome. But the most I love is that touch of flower :)
You are looking adorable darling :)


Mica said...

Love the sequin top, and that red pencil skirt is stunning on you! :)

Away From The Blue

Emmylou said...

You Alannah Hill pieces are too awesome, Imogen! And those shoes....I die!

Mrs C said...

Wow, you look stunning! With a frame like that you'd look great even in potato sack!

MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

Silvia Negretti said...

Pretty in pink!^^
You look very cute with these bright colors!
Great shoes!


megcasson said...

You look so gorgeous, I love that skirt!!!


tr3ndygirl influencer e fashion blogger said...

looking so amazing i really love this post
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Johanna said...

I really love red and pink - it's very Kate Spade inspired. Such a great ensemble...you nailed it.

Jessica said...

You look absolutely beautiful. Pink and red is my all time favorite color combination.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

Keys of Anouk said...

You look beautiful as always! I really love your skirt :) xo

Katie Frank said...

you look fantastic, i haven't seen such good outfit for such long time here <3

The Equinox Fashion by Paweerata said...

love the color!!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

This is definitely one of my favorite color combos. You rock this look!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Larissa said...

Wonderful! Pencil skirts look great on you! They make you look so chic! I love this outfit!
Have a good start in the week :)

Sandra Leiva said...

Love the shoes <333



Rachel said...

Oh, you look adorable!! I've loved wearing red and pink together ever since as a little girl my mom told me it was against the fashion "rules" to wear those colors together! :) I'm a rebel, I guess.

Cee said...

You look so lovely and happy in these photos, Imogen - and your red and pink heels are just too sweet!

Jessica said...

You look cute!! =D



Sabrina said...

Wow, that pink is so fun and pretty!


Red Rose Alley said...

You know, a lot of people don't like the red and pink combination, but I like it. I think this outfit looks fabulous! The shoes are so stylish and looks like they are made for this outfit. How lovely you look in this, dear.

Have a great week.


Francesca said...

What an adorable outfit, so pretty and colorful! Love those heels!


KatieLouise said...

Love the pink and red combination! I should pair these colors together more often! I would love to wear this esp on valentines day. It just reminds me of a big heart :D so stylish and chic. You and the outfit look amazing! I can't wait to see your next post :]


Imogen, I think here you have proven marvellously how well pink and red go together. you look amazing. That pencil skirt fits so nice. xx/Madison

bridechic said...

So lovely!

Glam up your Lifestyle said...

Red and pink looks very special,i love these dress.

Anonymous said...

This top is so nice :)

Debbie Poh said...

The colour combos of your outfits are always so amazing! I adore that skirt and those heels! As well, love your makeup!

xx Debbie


Unknown said...

Lovely heels!
Kisses from Spain, Kela

The Fashion Panda said...

You look pretty ;)


Unknown said...

Look amazing! I never thought before that red and pink combine so well, it looks feminine and delicate ... really, I would describe you as a red and pink girl, yay! sweet and feminine! Happy week dear Imogen.

Rakel said...

lovely combination!

Sarah said...


Amazing look, great pics ! :D

Sarah, http://sarahmodee.wordpress.com/

get carried away said...

great colors sweety, and i'm in love with your shoes!
happy day!


Sharon (Style-Chameleon) said...

Awesome heels!



Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

OMG Imogen you look so exquisite! I LOVE this mix of colors. And those heels...gorgeous!!


Unknown said...

What a fun outfit! I love the colors together and that skirt is the best.


effiesdress said...

I love how you matched red and pink!


Marisa Noelle said...

I love how vintage and modernly chic your outfit is at the same time! The pink and red are gorgeous together!

Unknown said...

love your shoeeees <3
amazing look!



Kat said...

wow stunning look! so fabulous and chic :)


Sam said...

Thanks for stopping by sweety!

Maddie said...

Wow this is such a striking and bold combination! If I would have seen you on the street I would have definitely looked back as the color combination is so vibrant!
My favorite piece must be those shoes, they look awesome! :)


Vision By Mila said...

Pink looks horrible on me, so the only pink I usually wear is a lipstick now and then.. I couldn't be as brave as you! Thumbs up!

Marisa Silva said...

Nice outfit :)

Marisa Silva

jess said...

Those shoes are fantastic!

ChristelPaola said...

Lovely color combination!


Sybil said...

so vibrant!!! love the red & pink together!! :D

Animated Confessions

Melina said...

Love this color combination and the detailing at the waist of that skirt is just perfect!

Pale Shadow

Ann said...

Love that color combo too
so feminine and chic.

Love the heels too.


Patricia G. said...

I love red and pink too, dear!

Evi said...

You look so stylish once again!
Thank you for stopping by!

Come back soon to visit me on The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

Evi xoxo

Unknown said...

Love this color combo!

The Fashion Heels

Anonymous said...

This is quite sexy! That skirt looks great on you.

Unknown said...

love this shine colors


Lizzy said...

great combo red and pink! i love your pencil skirt!

Kati said...

This is so bright and daring and it looks awesome on you!

Have a nice day,

P.S.: Thanks for commenting on my last post!

modanastrychu said...

You look great!
I follow your blog

Sarah-M. said...

Great colours!

Adriana Alfaro said...

pretty outfit!
I loove red!

AVY said...

Sounds like a good idea to me. You really shine, as a person.



Imke said...

Red and pink are a fabulous combo that you totally rock! GOrgeous!

XO Imke

Tia said...

Gorgeous! You have a really lovely yet unique sense of style xxx



Alex said...

Those shoes are perfection! So pretty!

Mindy Fan said...

i love all the bright colors in this outfit and the red on pink is beautiful! I love the sparkly top!

You asked a question on my blog and I wanted to answer it here as well so you will see it-
The box isn't as big as assumed. (well the camera box) The box for the camera is about the size of a textbook (it really isn't that big) but the bigger box that everything came in is huge! It's about half my height. I think it is that big because I ordered a monopod which is quite long so in order to fit that, the box needed to be bigger as well

sonia // daring coco said...

I never think to combine those two colours but they do look gorgeous together, especially on you! Loving those pumps, very lovely!


Josie said...

I like red and pink too, such an interesting combo! Love your shoes xxx

Elisa Zanetti said...

thumbs up for this outfit!
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Laura said...

Red and Pink look great together
and I love your outfit and the way you've combined
these two colours, you look amazing. :)


Vita said...

Amazing, the top and skirt actually look like a one-piece, especially from behind, and the shoes look like they were made for this outfit!

Alissa said...

I love these colors together! I need to put red and pink together more often.

Mery Arbi said...



Sharon said...

I am in love with your shoes and I want to marry them! They are so pretty!

Samantha said...

Cute!! You are so pretty! This is such a beautiful look!

LoveT. said...

Amazing Outfit ,love the Colours :)


Viola said...

Amazing dress!! You look great!


Rebecca said...

I love red and pink together and wear it often! This outfit is amazing and I love those heels! So awesome that they were such a great deal!


Halie said...

Beautiful color on you.

Anonymous said...

I love this shoes!

margaret cruzemark said...

You are so elegant here. A true fashionista!!
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Madame Chic Bcn said...

OMG!! I LOVE THAT LOOK!!! It's just perfect and you look beautiful!!


The Fashion Stir Fry said...

I love, love, love this. So bright, beautiful and colorful. You are wearing colors i personally adore. Your shoes..... You are stunning.


Danielle said...

great look!

xx fameliquorlove

Unknown said...


Love Nilu Yuleena,
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The Rubber Doll by Pepa said...

cute and chic ! love it! ❤ ✰

Speaking Prada said...

You always look like a sweet doll :)

Unknown said...

great post! would you like to follow eachother?