Thursday, May 8, 2014

New In

I haven't done this style of post in awhile so I thought it was about time I showed you these two new exciting additions to my wardrobe. Love them both so much 

My favourite piece in the world at the moment is my new Chanel inspired pink handbag which my sister in law brought back all the way from Cambodia. It was such a sweet and beautiful gesture. It is well established that the Chanel quilted handbag in pink is my absolute dream item; I'm continually admiring it on the Internet. So she bought me my very own version. I'm very impressed with both the design and the quality. As I mentioned here, in relation to my Lady Dior look alike handbag, I'm often feel frustrated by replicas of designer bags for a variety of reasons; there are some very poor imitations out there. However, this particular bag passes all the tests in my opinion. I am so impressed by it and currently don't even feel the need to have the genuine Chanel bag (although I'm not refusing if anyone wants to buy me one!). The features I'm impressed by are the logo, the quilting, quality, chain, inside design and the beautiful colour. I've been taking it to work all week where I've received a number of compliments. I was even asked today if it was a real Chanel bag! It's a very small bag so is rather impractical for work but I love it so much that I don't let it out of my site at the moment. I understand some people say there's only one Chanel but lets be honest, how many of us have thousands of dollars to spend on a bag? Certainly not me.

These Marc by Marc Jacobs golden flats are one of the naughtiest purchases I've ever made; I've never spend so much on a pair of shoes before and it's the first designer piece I've purchased myself. In saying that I found them at an extremely reasonable price in the recent David Jones shoe sale. Ever since my mother in law bought me the Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats, which I posted here, I've been completely obsessed with this brand of flats. Not only are the designs adorable, they are incredibly comfortable I don't have many comfortable shoes so, in this situation, the purchase seemed justified. In addition, it's important to recognise that golden shoes are incredibly special. They are extremely regal and beautiful, sure to make a statement. I also adore both gold and silver shoes because they are extremely versatile but definitely not boring; it's the perfect combination. I also love the sweet little bow coupled with the signature Marc by Marc Jacobs logo. 

What are the latest additions to your wardrobe?


Emily A said...

Very cute bag, I've been looking for a Chanel quilted white lookalike purse just like that.. x

Jackie Harrison said...

beautiful handbag.

Mª Pilar Domínguez said...

Lovely both , the handbag and the flats. My lastest adiction is a bag too, my May by Loewe. I love bags. Kisses:)

Sam Cole said...

what a great inspired Chanel handbag and can't even tell by the pic. Pretty color too.


Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt said...

Chanel is always amazing and great statement color :o) Xx

Makeup by Candlelight

Pooja Mittal said...

OMG sweets, I am Thinkg if buying a channel lookalike for so long now but always push it away as I am not sure if it will be good wuality if nit. But yours look so good quality . No wonder you don't want to buy the genuine one.
Nice flats too, have a comfy pair of flats is so imp
Keep in touch

laura|daisychaindream said...

Love the colour of that bag! x

Eline said...

The flats are so lovely, they will definitely brighten up your outfit!

L A Chhay said...

Loving those shoes! I recently added two pairs of floral print jeans that I adore.
. RAVISHING on Bloglovin’ here.

Launna said...

Imogen... the bag is lovely and I like the color ... it looks pretty genuine :)

Also love the flats, I would wear the gold ones... you are right both gold and silver are versatile..

Have a wonderful day <3

Diana S.T. said...

beautiful and so you...

Kezzie said...

The bag is v cheerful and it is funny you talking about the good quality of the fake handbag as I bought my sister a Louis Vuitton back from Bali which she said was am Amazing imitation! The shoes are lovely! my recentish purchases were the London-print dress I wore in my previous blog post and some pewter coloured Melissa shoes with a pink sparkly bow, they are so so so comfy but I've yet to wear them in a post-not warm enough yet!! X

Emmylou said...

Those shoes are pretty rad, Imogen:) Worth every penny, I'm sure.
I'll be posting my newest wardrobe addition on tomorrow's post.:)

Sonia De Macedo said...

Well since you asked I actually haven't brought many exciting pieces lately, just investing here and there on winter staples since my wardrobe is severely lacking in that front! I do love your new MJ beauties. There is something special about MJ flats though, super comfy and always well made!


Kizzy Von Doll said...

These are wonderful pieces doll, I like them a lot. I haven't bought a lot recently as I'm on a shopping ban, hahaha!! But, as soon as it's over, I have some things I wish to buy :))) xx

Antonella c'est moi said...

Beautiful bag kisses

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous purchys, darling!
Love the flats!



I have not purchased too much lately for my wardrobe, but I did buy one dress last month, and few new yardages of fabric to make some accessories soon. The bag is beautiful!
/Madison xx

Red Rose Alley said...

I love that pink quilted handbag, Imogen, and the gold shoes are so cute too. What's new in my wardrobe? Well, I just bought a pretty purple top to wear on Mother's Day. I wanted to thank you for your comment on my "thoughts" post. Secret...(it was one of my favorites).

Have a beautiful day, BEAUTIFUL YOU!


Rebecca said...

I loved seeing your new additions to your closet! That pink quilted Chanel bag is just darling! I know what you mean about small bags being impractical but they are so darn cute it is hard to not want to wear them everyday! The shoes are so cute too! Love the metallic shade! They would make any outfit just a little bit better!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous purchases, I especially love your gold shoes! I bet they go with everything :) xx

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