Saturday, September 6, 2014

Polka Dot Outfits

Hi everyone. Just a quick post to show you my polka dot outfits. Polka dots, in addition to florals, are most definitely my favourite print and have been for as long as I can remember. I love the vintage element and am always drawn to this print. I even wore it for my university graduation last year. It can be fun to go through the archives of a blog every once in a while and create these posts.  

What are your most loved prints?


Kezzie said...

Oooh, how weird, I was just thinking about you and then you popped up in my feed!!! I'm with you on polka dot love. I love gingham and florals too, particularly daisies and poppies. My ultimate favourite polka dot dress is one I wore for a wedding 2 weeks ago, I'll post you the link because I remembered thinking it was a very Imogen dress!!!

Your collection if polka dot loveliest is beautiful!!!!! I like the rainbow spots!!! X

Kezzie said...

I don't think I've been your number 1 commenter before. La la la!!! Or no.2!

Kezzie said...

Or 3!!! Am I being annoying??? X :-)

Karolina Antosik said...

I like polka dots, they look so vintage, so fresh, so pin up :-)

Ivana Split said...

Well, I'm a print kind of girl so there are a lot of prints that I like but my favourite ones are classical: polka dots, stripes and tartan. Those three I always enjoy seeing. From modern prints ,I really like hearts and lips- I think they're super cute.

This post is amazing! Seriously, I love seeing complications like this one and I do like every single outfit. Some of them I haven't seen before and it was just as nice to see the ones I have.

I love how you have a signature style you're always true to:)


Marta Bartczak said...

Beautiful outfits. You look perfect on these photos :)


AVY said...

I love them too but I love florals even more.



monika berdnik said...

So cute and unique!
I adore your style :)


Jackie Harrison said...

You look stunning and pretty in all the style.

Bristol Petty said...

What nice outfits on you!! I especially love the purple HEll Bunny dress & rainbow polka dot skirt! I think I may have asked you before, but where is that skirt from?? I would love to have it :)


Estelle Watson said...

You seem like a little doll, lady :)
You look beautiful with everyone of this outfits. Have a nice weekend!


Shirley Tay said...

More polka dots, Tia! You look fab in all the outfits. Happy weekend, dear!
Luxury Haven

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

So many sweet looks! Stripes are my favorite and polka dots are a close second!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Launna said...

Imogen... I adore the polka dot print on you... very cute and feminine.. I love a pretty floral for myself <3

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Miharu Julie said...

i love the polkadot <3
would you like to follow each other? :)
i'll follow back after that

Adam said...

cute outfits

LoveT. said...

Fantastic Post ,love all the beautiful Dresses :)


Mª Pilar Domínguez said...

You have so many garments with this print!! You must adore it. I loved your yellow dress between the rest although they are all lovely. Kisses:)

Anett B said...

Wow, it's definitely your signature print then! I'm a huge fan of polka dots too and these outfits are all so pretty! ;)


Kati said...

Well, you simply look stunning in polka dots and I also love that heart jumper!


Sherin said...

Polka dots are one of my favourite prints. All these dresses are so pretty.

Rose said...

Ohhh Wonderful!
Chocolate Rose Style

Jo Abiog said...

Aww so cute! Polka dots are such a classic trend!!

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Natasha Hill said...

Awww Imogen, each of these is so lovely! I love the yellow dress with the Frozen umbrella! Polka dot is one of my favourites because it looks sophisticated whilst being playful. - Tasha xxx

Alyssa Marie said...

Hey pretty lady!

I love this little recap you did of all of your fun polka dot outfits, you just totally rock them!!! You look awesome in each and every outfit and it's amazing how you make them your own, adding little unique touches to each ensemble. You look amazing!!!! xoxo

Kim Alston said...

I'm a polka dot girl too! Your outfits are sweet Tia.

Couture Carrie said...

So many divine dots!
Love the colorful circle skirt!


Antonella c'est moi said...

beautiful outfits kisses

Paola Lauretano said...

Dots are my fav print... great looks, I love them all!!!!
Baci darling!!!

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Red Rose Alley said...

I LOVED your post today! I am a polka dot girl too! It was fun looking at all your polka dot dresses. I especially liked that you chose one for your graduation - I smiled when I saw that. And I finally got to see your profile picture up close because that's the one I see when you leave comments. Polka dots always say to me.....fun, cheerful, and pretty.

Have a great week, Imogen.


Emmylou said...

I do love your vintage-inspired outfits, Imogen:) Not a lot of peeps can rock them, but you wear this style so easily. I love polka dots too, and anything floral, really...:)


I really love polka dots, and think your outfits are lovely, My favourite was the one with the yellow.
Great inspiration.
The African Elephant

Carsla Peyton said...

You are adorably gorgeous! This style was meant for you & it shows! Well done. & So looking forward to more. ;D

♥ | www.connect-the-cloths.com | xoxo

Alexandra Zakharova said...

oh, wow! You are just a Guru of polka-do
ts)))) Each of those outfits is really special and chic, I love your femininity. There are not so many girls nowadays, who really like to wear ladylike things.
Such a great post turned out, I enjoyed it very much!

Panty Buns said...

Your wardrobe contains a lovely variety of colours and styles of polka-dotted dresses and skirts, and you style them beautifully in all the outfit photos above. The first outfit looks both colourful and conservative. I love the very feminine look of dress in the second photo - the lace around neckline, shoulders and hem is lovely. The yellow colour of your polka-dot dress in the fourth photo is cheery and I love that umbrella! The blue polka-dot dress in the fifth photo looks wonderfully swingy. The colourful embellishment on the top you wore with the blue polka-dot skirt in the eighth photo is beautiful. The pale pink colour polka-dot dress in the tenth photo is gorgeous. It looks very pretty accented with the lilac sash and your hair-flower is lovely too. Congratulations on your diploma! I love the shade of pink of your skirt n the second to last photo.


Midnight Cowgirl said...

So many cute outfits! Polka dots are so cheerful and fun :)

Jacqueline Stewart said...

such a great collection Imogen! Loving seeing your style evolve and all the perfect outfits you have. That pink berry pencil skirt in size 6 has finished it's walk from fashion week now. If you want it, let me know and I won't put it back up on the website. :) You have my email. :) :D

Feathers and Brushes said...

I love polka dots =D

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