Sunday, January 24, 2016


This has been my most worn outfit for the last couple of months so it's very fitting that it makes an appearance here. It's from one of my favourite ever Kitten D'Amour collections called Forget Me Not. You may remember that I posted the dress version here and here.  I loved it so much that I also decided to buy the shirt and the skirt. That just shows how much I love the collection because I try my best to minimise most collections to one piece. I even have to show some self control to refrain from buying even more! There's another two dresses in the collection which are almost identical which I could easily add to my wardrobe (but luckily I'm not going to spend the money). The outfit I am wearing here is actually not a dress but matching separates. That's another reason I wanted the two pieces because I don't have any other matching separates. The advantage of the shirt is that, unlike the dresses, it has a peter pan collar- what is there not to love about a peter pan collar!?! I've had so many compliments on this look and, based on this, it seems to be my most vintage outfit ever. The skirt is also amazing to wear with a variety of different tops. I haven't worn the top separately but hopefully I will at some point. The shirt has a pale blue undertop and I'm looking forward to substituting this with different coloured undertops soon. Tonight I went to kmart and purchased undertops in grey, peach, pale green and yellow (wish they had the pink and the purple in my size) so I can't wait to experiment with them. This is going to be a good test of who actually reads my posts because my outfit is not a dress. My pink accessories are also from Kitten D'Amour. The bag is a recent purchase and the hair flowers were a Christmas gift. The shoes are quickly becoming a most worn candidate too. As with all B.A.I.T Footwears I have, they are very comfortable. Unfortunately I've been very much restricted to flats in recent months due to my ankle injury. However, it's not too bad when I have these adorable flats.  

What else has been happening in my life? I've fallen into a routine of going to the pool most days after work and then watching tennis late in to the night. I'm so incredibly tired all the time but, given that the tennis is only for another week, I must make the most of it. Swimming has been a positive influence in my life. It's kept me distracted from a couple of issues at work which I don't want to think about. It's been a sense of community and achievement. I was even talked into a 5.30am swimming training session last Friday which I said I'd never do, not in a million years. But finally having people to do swimming with, after almost a lifetime of having no friends who are into sport, it's worth it. Still haven't recovered from the early wake up though and it was three days ago!









Kitten D'Amour Forget Me Not Skirt
Kitten D'Amour Forget Me Not Blouse
Kitten D'Amour Miss Kitten Pink Handbag
Kitten D'Amour Petite Bow Belt in Black
Kitten D'Amour Orchid Clip (similar)
B.A.I.T Footwear Sindy Flats in Black

Kitten D'Amour much?  

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Estelle Watson said...

This is divine...


Adam said...

it is a very lovely dress

Sonya Thaniya said...

Really love your blue dress :) you look so gorgeous :)

Sonya Thaniya
A Little Color
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Thankyou ^o^

Sarah Albertson said...

Oh I just love peter pan collars! And I definitely would have thought this was a dress. That's wonderful you have been finding such joy in swimming. It definitely makes a difference when you have buddies that enjoy the same activities as you do :)

Kezzie said...

That is lovely! I do so love a Peter Pan collar- not surprised you went for this- so many remix possibilities!

Isabelle Geeraerts said...

What a cute, light blue dress.

x Isabelle | Outfit Van De Dag
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Beauty Unearthly said...

Very chic, the dress is so cute. You look fab. :)

Lorna Sharp said...

Lovely blue dress xxx


Couture Carrie said...

Amazing dress!
You look gorgeous, darling!


Kathleen Harper said...

You look amazing - I love this color on you. You styled a stunning outfit!

Emmylou MW said...

Hahaha...everyone thinks it's a dress! :D They're lovely together, and I bet they would look great as separates too:)
Anyhoo, so awesome to read about your swimming. That's a great way to start the day, even though it is super early:)

Jamie Rose D. said...

Holy crap I love that these are separate pieces! Makes them so much more versatile than just a dress. You look gorgeous in this light blue color. The floral hair clip is super pretty too.

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Nerline Germain said...

Such a lovely dress. You look stunning!!

Carol Díaz said...

sweet dress


Neha Gupta said...

Wow! You are glowing :)

Beauty Editer said...

This is truly wonderful dear!

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Maddie said...

That is such a sweet dress Tia! :) I am waiting for the weather to get warmer in order to wear more light color clothing as well as lot of pastels!
Such a lovely and romantic look! <3


Red Rose Alley said...

Blue is such a pretty color, Imogen. This dress looks feminine and very nice on you. You can check out the wedding dress that Jess DIDN'T CHOOSE on my post today if you'd like. I know how much you love fashion. I think it's great that you are going to the pool after work. Swimming can be so therapeutic. I miss swimming. :)

Have a sweet afternoon.


Jessica Cangiano said...

So fabulously pretty! I would absolutely live in a dress like that, too. From the romantic lace to the cheerful colour, it's a knockout frock all around!

Big hugs & happy last week of January wishes,
♥ Jessica

Cassandra Dotzel said...

So fab, you always use such happy colors! Love your vintage, romantic feel!


Silver Cat Tea Party said...

This has got to my favorite dress of yours! That lace is the most beautiful ever! So pretty!!!!

Lauren Blair said...

Blue is so awesome on you, especially with your hair color! I love how classic this dress is! XO

Arinda Puspitasari said...

Why so cuteeeee :D

Natasha Hill said...

I love that shade of blue Imogen, it suits you so well! You look lovely. - Tasha

Andrea said...

Great skirt and blouse! Beautiful color on your! And the bag is gorgeous, too!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

5:30 is early, but it sounds like you're having fun! The dress is so pretty :)

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Your blue serenity dress is gorgeous and so are the Mary Jane flats. Love love the bow belt with this. Great look, Imogen. =)

Darcy said...

You look adorable in this dress!

vanity andme said...

This outfit looks lovely, beautiful lace design. I like that you can wear it as a whole outfit or mix it up (I did read your post!) Beautiful hair design at the back too! Hope everything at work goes well for you, and your not too overtired from all that late night tennis!
Laurie x

Anita Anota said...

Pretty and beauty style! Kiss kiss
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Jackie Harrison said...

Stunning dress

Kathrine Eldridge said...

What an exquisite dress! The color is so pretty and I love all your accessories.


tr3ndygirl fashion blog said...

so very chic dress my darling
have an happy day
fashion blogger

Launna said...

This was funny as you called it about who would actually read your post :-)... I like how your skirt and shirt look like a dress, it's very pretty ♡

I love watching tennis too... I get addicted so easily... lol. I'm happy you have someone to swim with, that's awesome xox ♡

Isa Machado said...

Amazing outfit dear! :)

Isa M., Tic Tac Living

Anonymous said...

Beautiful feminine dress! Color is fantastic!
Greetings from MissGrey.ro Romania!