Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Whats in my Bag?

Yesterday I went to university and this is what I had in my bag. Very boring, I know. Probably If I'd gone somewhere better than university it would have been more exciting. Oh well, I think its a bit of fun.

My bag I bought from Billabong at the beginning of last year. It was a little expensive, but I liked it and it is good quality. Also, Billabong is a very popular brand here in Australia. On my bag I have a London keyring which my sister bought me from England last year:).

1. My folder. I should have taken a better picture of this because I covered it myself. It used to be plain red and it covered it in heart paper and clear contact and put velcro on the inside. A big improvement I think.

2. Pink, lined paper. I bought this from university last week. The university I go to seems to have an obsession with coloured paper because they sell paper in four different colours and almost all our exams are undertaken on coloured paper.

3. My pencil case.

4. Hair Comb.

5. Keys. I have my house keys and car keys as well as a small cat keyring.

6. Contract Law textbook. Very boring of course but understandable and a good textbook in comparison to others.

7. Small red makeup purse. Normally I keep my keys, Ipod and phone in here so they don't get lost or damage in my bag during the day.

8. Chanel wallet. My boyfriend's Mum bought me this about a year and a half ago. I think its from a different country but I can't really remember.

9. Phone. Nokia 6120.

10. Ipod.

11. Lipgloss. Normally I take more makeup with me but considering its university and I don't have any friends there anyway, I don't see any point. It normally stays on for most of the time I'm there anyway.

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