Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Four Things Tag

A few weeks ago, Demi tagged everyone to do the 'Four Things' tag and since I've never done one of these before I thought it might be a bit of fun.

Four places I go over and over:
1) Local Shopping Centre- I love it there. I go at least once a week and enjoy seeing a movie at the complex too.
2) University- not by choice thats for sure. I hate university.
3) Rydog's house- I go there about two or three times a week. Unfortunately I usually don't have time to go during the week because I should be studying.
4) My room- For sleeping, studying and using my computer.

Four people who email me reguarly:
1). Facebook- informing me that someone has commented on my photo or written on my wall. Sometimes totally pointless things as well.
2). Rydog- but mainly we talk on the phone or via instant messengers.
3). Various shops that I have given my details too- fairly annyoing, I should delete some of my subscriptions to their newsletters.
4). I can't chose the last one- probably spam, totally random things.

Four favourite smells:
1) Freshly baked cakes.
2) Perfume.
3) Pizza.
4) Flowers.

Four places i'd rather be:
1). Shopping.
2). Sleeping
3). Away on a holiday
4). Rydog's house

Four tv shows I watch:
1). Eastenders
2). The Bill
3). Frasier
4). Wife Swap
(there are so many more than four)

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