Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today- American Apparel

You may remember my post about American Apparel skirts about a month ago and my attempt to order one online. I ordered a Californian Tulip skirt in red and February 23, 2009 and I was told that my order had been backlisted but new stock would come in two weeks. Now, a month after the order, I still haven't heard anything from American Apparel. When I tried to view my order status on the website, my order number could not be found. Also, there is no customer service set up in Australia, so that makes it hard to know what is going on. So yesterday I decided to give up on online ordering and go to the American Apparel shop. I felt so annoyed at the process that I decided to skip university and go today. I know thats extremely silly and I should have waited until I had a day off. I'm always doing stupid things, I can't believe the things I do sometimes lol. It took me a few hours to get to the store and back and it was extremely inconvenient. I was waiting around at stations for ages because the connections weren't the best. But I wanted to get my visit to American Apparel out of the way and to create certainty as to what the skirts were like.

I bought two California Tulip skirts from the store, one in red, and the other in purple. The material is fairly thick, but not too bad. It feels like the inside of a tracksuit and I couldn't wear it in really hot weather, but its fine. I like the length of the skirt. I considered purchasing the jersey skirt with pockets but I couldn't believe how thin the material was. The website doesn't show this. I was totally shocked and it was not worth the price. I didn't like the fabric of the polyester microfibre skirt since it was too shiny and a little cheap looking. Overall, I think the Californian Fleece Skirt is the best item in the shop and better value than other items. The skirts were expensive, considerably more than I would normally spend on clothes. But I decided to purchase two skirts anyway because I probably won't ever be going back there, given that its far away.

Here are the pictures of what I bought. Sorry for the 'in the mirror' shots. I just thought they showed the skirts better than the photos that I normally take. I also had a lot of trouble getting a good photo tonight lol.


La Femme Chic said...

I love American Apparel! I need to get a few dresses from there.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

I love the red skirt!!

Morena Doll said...

That's so cute.
I love the red a lot.