Thursday, May 28, 2009


Its raining again, after only three days of sunny weather. Today I went to university, I hate attending in the rain. It was my last day there for the next week because I am taking a few days off to study for exams. I received the results from my legal ethics report today and I passed, so thats a relief. Although I still have a lot ahead of me for the rest of the term.

Today I have decided to post some pictures that were taken a couple of months ago. They are nice to look at and since study is boring and the weather is so gloomy, they put me in a better mood. It was so sunny that day.








I'd love to be at this place today. Hopefully I can go back sometime reasonably soon.


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous photos. I want to be there too now. It looks so peaceful.

Claudia said...

nice pictures and cute outfit!

Annie said...

Wow, it's beautiful there!

Morena Doll said...

Oh my goodness these pictures are so beautiful.

It's so pretty! Thanks for all your sweet comments lately. :) You're one of my favourite readers. :)

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Emily said...

Lovely photos. This looks like such a beautiful and peaceful place to visit :)

Joezehh said...

i love that jumper! and the weather looks gorgeous :)
x x x x

She's Dressing Up said...

Lovely photos, so much greenery yay =]

Baśka said...

all your skirts are so lovely! envy you so much :)