Friday, May 22, 2009

Steve Madden Shoes

I wish I had an endless supply of money to purchase all these Steve Madden shoes. Steve Madden is my favourite brand and I have a few different pairs that I've purchased over the last couple of years. I might post some on here later. These are my favourite shoes from the current Steve Madden range. I've seen them in various stores and I enjoy browsing the website. I'd love to buy a pair now but I've spent so much money lately that I probably shouldn't. Maybe a little later in the year.


This week has been boring. The weather has been terrible and its rained all week. I've completed some study but there is so much more ahead of me. Its unbelieveable how little I understood during the academic term, I'm basically starting to study the entire course again. I really don't know how I'm going to get through the next three weeks, my subjects are so hard. I know that a lot of people have exams around this time of year, I've seen reference to that on other blogs. I guess it helps to know that a lot of us are going through the same thing.


Claudia said...

ooo i like the studded flats

Jennifer said...

All those shoes are so fab...especially the red plaid ones. Too cute.
Good luck on your studies. :)

Ariella said...

I really like Steve Madden shoes - they come in so many cute styles :)

Good luck with your exams! I know how you feel, but it's actually amazing just how much you can learn in a matter of weeks! I myself have two weeks to go through 3000 pages of something I'm hardly familiar with.

Joezehh said...

ahhh steve madden shoes :)
good luck with exams, ive got a couple coming up soon.. :/
x x x

bookgeekandfashionchic said...

Hey Imogen :) You are this months lucky winner of the giveaway contest! Congratulations, the beautiful H&M heart necklace will be on it's way to you, just mail me your address to bookgeekandfashionchic@hotmail.com, and I'll get it shipped to you a.s.a.p!

Congrats again and keep reading.
Lots of love, x