Saturday, July 25, 2009


On Wednesday I went to the Aquarium. It was extremely busy and we had to wait about 40 minutes to get in. I haven't been to the Aquarium in a very long time so I thought it would be interesting and the chance to do something different. The main attractions were stingrays, dugongs, platypus and various types of fish. I wanted to find the catfish but I think we missed them.








The aquarium wasn't as exciting as I expected. I thought there would be more animals and it was too busy to fully enjoy it. After the Aquarium we went shopping and I bought a floral dress. I probably won't be able to wear it until spring and I really should stop spending money. It was fun to look at some different shops but I could tell that Rydog was quite bored towards the end.


Baśka said...

i'm in love with your skirt! <33

Emily said...

Ooh, its nice to see your new purchases in action.

Aquariums are always fun to visit :)

stephy said...

your outfit from the day you went to the aquarium is lovely!

i think i should go to the zoo again. no aquarium here, sadly. but the zoo is a good alternative :)

Winnie said...

I love the aquarium...especially taking little kids!

C.Elizabeth & Natalia said...

I really love aquariums though I much much prefer scubba diving!

I really like that outfit of yours. It's so cute and feminine! And the bow... I love the bow! =)

I found that black skirt at Top Shop last January! And the good thing about it is that it was on sale for only £10!


C.Elizabeth & Natalia said...

I just realized I forgot to asnwer your question! I live in the UK at the moment... but hoping to move back home next year as I miss it badly!


Couture Carrie said...

So fun! Gorgeous pics and outfit!


Claudia said...

ooooo i love the aquarium and your outfit is so so cute!!

Anonymous said...

one of the things i have visited, i love sydneys aquarium!
especially love the alligator:))
love your top..xx

Ariella said...

I like aquariums - they can be very calming! Nice top :)

fashionista said...

The pictures are so cool, and your outfit is lovely!

Annie Spandex said...

Loving the bow!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Your photos are gorgeous! It looks like you had a great time, even though it wasn't as exciting as you had hoped. But sometimes those simple, slightly boring days can be very pleasant. Especially if they are spent with your boyfriend! :)

nookie said...

beautiful pics,love your outfit the bow tee is so cute

Anonymous said...

I love aquariums - and I also love your look: so so nice. What a great shirt.

ana b. said...

Awww you look gorgeous, love! Casual, comfy and stylish. I especially like your bow top. I love going to aquariums. Watching fish swim around is so hypnotic and mesmerising.

OH and this is quite late since I've been reading your blog for a while now, but you've been linked ;)