Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today I was looking through some old photos, which I often enjoy doing. They always bring back so many memories and remind me how many things have changed, yet there are always some things that remain the same. I found this beautiful picture of me and Nana. It makes me miss her but its always nice to have. Sorry for the bad quality of some of the pictures.

I also found some pictures of my childhood. I'm always surprised how many we have, my parents must have been taking pictures almost non stop! I selected a few to share here. I think this post is quite relevant for me because lately I have been thinking about how fast the last few years have gone. It seems as though one moment I was a child and then I was not. Sometimes I wish that time would stand still for a while so I could reflect on things but life always continues.
As a child, I was so easily entertained. There were always fun things to do, which is quite a contrast to now since I get bored easily. In the first picture I am the one wearing the goggles. I loved playing in the pool and also I did competitive swimming until I was sixteen. I used to find it fun and I had some success from those many years of swimming competitions. In the second picture I am on the left. This picture represents me well because probably my favourite activity was to play with my dolls and soft toys. Even today I still have a large collection of them around my room. In the third picture I am on the right and I have so many memories of playing with my sister and my cousin. We were all so close but we are such different people now. In the fourth picture I am the one with the very nice long hair and it was my 8th birthday sleepover party. I went to numerous parties back then.

I liked to dress up and I went to so many costume parties. This first picture was from a mermaid party and Mum made me the costume. I was the only one with a red wig. The next picture is one of the many beach holidays I went on as a child. I always found that fun. In the third picture I was at a park and I can't believe how much fun children get from parks. They used to be the best. Even today, I enjoy an occassional turn on the swings. I wish I could turn those leggings in the last picture into a skirt. I have been looking for a polka dot skirt for sometime now, without any success.

I also remember having very lovely clothes as a child. Since I am interested in fashion and my blog is mainly about that, I thought it would be appropriate to make some sort of comment on fashion. I still love these dresses. With slight modifications and if they were in my size, I would probably still wear some of them today. They are better than a lot of the clothes that are in the shops now and I love the lace detailing. Its also surprising how light my hair was in the first picture, very different from how dark I have dyed it in the last few years.

I enjoying searching through these photos. I will probably do it again sometime since I didn't look at all the photos and there may be some better ones around. There are some things I miss about being a child. I miss being so easily entertained, not having to worry about anything and still being able to achieve so many things in life. Since a lot of bad things have happened this year, it is tempting to want to go back to an earlier time. But there are some things that I would never like to go back to, so in other ways its good that time has moved on.


Ariella said...

Oh, your school uniform is exactly like the ones they wear in Home and Away. Are they the same all over Australia?

The pictures are lovely... I love childhood pictures.

Hanne said...

It's so much fun to look at old photoalbums! You look really cute:)

Jennifer said...

How cute!! I love seeing childhood photos! You were such a doll, so obviously you haven't changed a bit! :P

stephy said...

Lovely photos! The thing is, if I was looking at mine, that would make me cry. I still hold onto the past too much!
And thank you loads for the comment! :)

C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

How much I missed your blog! It's always so sweet... I've been so busy lately that blogging was the last thing on my mind but I'm glad to be back around.
I love looking at old pictures as well.. So much memories and nostalgia! You were a totally adorable child!


ana b. said...

How cute! I love the Peter Pan collar of your dress. I think the older you get, the faster the years seem to go. It's a shame. I wish I could slow time done sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I love looking at old pictures... yours are soo cute.

Ariella said...

In response to your question; in northern Norway it does not get dark at all in the summer (for two months, mid may to mid july) because we are above the polar circle - which means that the winters on the other hand are very dark. However, in southern Norway it does get dark, but only for a few hours :)

Charmaine said...

the pictures are really cute!!! so colorful :D