Monday, February 8, 2010

Grammy Awards 2010

The Grammy Awards were on not too long ago so I decided to select some of the outfits that I like and some that I don't like. It was actually quite fun, I'd like to do it more often when these events occur. I didn't find many outstanding outfits but there were a few I liked. I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with my choices but thats ok, I have a fairly specific taste when it comes to outfits for the red carpet.


-Lea Michele often dresses well for red carpet events and her look for the Grammy Awards was extremely popular. The colour of the dress is classy but its the style and fit of it that makes a statement. It love the asymmetrical and tight fitting top which flairs out into a tutu style skirt with texture.
-I love Taylor Swift and I think she is extremely talented and very pretty. The colour of her dress is the most beautiful and stunning shade of blue and the sparkles make a statement. I also like the top of the dress and how it sits off the shoulders. My only slight suggestion is that it would have been nice to see her in a shorter dress to show more of her figure and to reflect her youthfulness but I'm sure there will be many more occassions for that and I appreciate the elegant look she achieved.
-Its a refreshing change to see Pink look so feminine in this outfit. The bodice of the dress is a stunning feature and I like how the colour transforms from top to bottom. The detailing on the dress and her jewellery are beautiful.

-Keri Hilson's dress is timeless, classic and classy. At first I wasn't sure about the flair at the bottom of the dress but after looking at it some more I am now convinced that I like it and it complements the style. I adore the colour of the dress and I think the sparkly belt really sets off the whole look.
-At first I wasn't sure about Miley Cyrus' outfit and I think I'd like it better if it were longer and had shorter sleeves but overall I would place it in the good category. I think it is a different, fresh look that accurately reflects her youthfulness. Its a lovely colour and the shoes complement the dress.
-India Arie's dress is simple but classy and stylish at the same time. The sparkles are gorgeous and add a touch of glamour to her look. I think the dress is flattering and her jewellery is beautiful.

-Lady Gaga. I know there are mixed opinions about this outfit but it is way too extreme and crazy for my liking.
-Kristen Bell. This dress is dull, boring and shapeless particularly for someone as pretty and attractive as Kristen. She has an amazing figure and I think she could have done a lot better than this.

-Katy Perry. I strongly dislike the colour of this dress and the pattern and the shape is completely wrong for her. I thought Katy was supposed to be a style icon so I expected a lot more from her.

-Malin Akerman. This futuristic inspired outfit is crazy and completely wrong. I can't believe that out of all possible outfits, Malin ended up wearing this. I really don't know what to say.
-Ciara. I personally think this is the worst outfit from the entire event. She looks like some sort of warrior. Seriously...no.
-Nicole Polizzi. This dress is extremely tacky and unflattering. The shape and the fit are completely wrong and it is way too short. I cannot believe that she would attend the Grammy Awards in this dress. I don't like the shoes either and I think that might have something to do with the shape of them.

So what do you think?


Rose said...

Hey Imogen
Deffinately agree with your 'bad' selection! You have to wonder what they were thinking when they choose those outfits.
Im not keen on Taylor, Miley or Indias outfits. I just think they can pretty much choose ANY dress they want and they probably could have found something to suit them a little better.
My favourite has to be Keri Hilsons dress, its so pretty! I guess its the type of thing I would wear.

Also, thankyou for your lovely comment. Im suprised other states have heard about the pandas in Adelaide! It would be sad if you decided to come all the way here to see them and then they were asleep :)

Great post anyways Imogen :) im interested to hear what other people think too.


Sher said...

Oh, I think I also agree with your good and bad selections. Definitely best dressed belongs to Lea Michelle, she's practically glowing and I just love that feathered skirt! Keri Hilson is another of my favourite, very feminine and elegant look:)


Karen said...

Taylor S. look beautiful!!! I'm agree with your bad selection ;)


JoJo said...

I like Taylor's dress probably the best, but I also think Pink's is cool. I don't like the ruffle on her chest though, because it looks like she is bursting out of her top!

Claudia said...

I really like the whole good section!

daisychain said...

Wow, I love Taylor Swifts dress.

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous post and analyses, darling! Loved Taylor too!


Anonymous said...

i totally agree with all your choices! I dont get celebs that dress bad, Its like youve got so much money you could afford a stylist yet you CHOOSE to wear that!

Sabine said...

I really loved Lea Michele's outfit. And Gaga's was a blast - mad genius!

nookie said...

Lea looks stunning!

Anonymous said...

Definently agree with you! Katy Perry officially has no fashion sense

Savvy Gal said...

I totally agree with you.

stephy said...

i completely agree on the bad section, your descirptions are very accurate - "soldier" describes it very well haha

thesydneygirl said...

arent their outfits just amazing! x

thesydneygirl said...

haha except for the weird ones :|

Anonymous said...

love the looks
great review, love it
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for the sweet comments, i appreciate it


Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

I agree with this all, but actually loved Lady Gaga! & Kristen Bell looked beautiful, as did Carrie Underwood who wore a similar gown



Jennifer Fabulous said...

I agree with all your "good" picks!! Lea's dress was simply stunning. And Taylor looked like such a princess! I also agree with all your "bad" picks, except Gaga. LOL! She could wear a paper bag and I would still think she was brilliant. Does that make me brainwashed? Perhaps. Oh well! Hahaha!

I hope you're having a great week! :)

betz said...

i really love lea michele's dress. it's so pretty!


xo, Alexi said...

i completely agree with you on a lot of points. when i posted katy perry's outfit n my blog, so many people were raving about it, and i didn't want to crush their opinions by screaming that i thought it looked HORRIBLE!!! haha.i've got mixed feelings about gaga's. part of me thinks it's too much, but the other part of me knows that she's crazy so she might as well do whatever the hell she wants, haha. i loved pink's outfit. i like swift's, but i'm kind of sick of her wearing glitter all the time, to be honest.

heart charlie said...

I actually really love Taylor Swift's dress1 I am not familiar with her music or anything, but she looks lovely ;) Great picture posts!

Fashion Court said...

i actually loved miley's look but agree with your comments!

Fashion Court said...

oh and i loved lea michele's!

Anonymous said...

lea michele's was my fave, but i agree with almost all your picks. i didn't love pink's dress but it was nice to see her try something more feminine!

Nina said...

Hi Imogen!

I sooooo love your review ... the bad were veeeery bad!

Elaine said...

I love Keri's dress the best!!! And I agree with the bad. I was so surprised with Kristen Bell.



Miley´s dress is BEYOND!

Cafe Fashionista said...

This is one of the best Grammy 2010 style recaps I have read! I personally adored Lea Michelle's frock - the short hemline made it less prom and more party, which I adored!! :)

Anonymous said...

these are great...i always love seeing the "bad" ones because there is something to be said about making a fashion statement and then it is a whole another thing to not even know what is fashionable or beautiful on your body. thanks for sharing!

HoneyBunny said...

I love that first black dress! It's just stunning<3

Andie said...



beckyxoxo said...

You know what , I agree with you ! I love Miley's and Taylor's dress . Beautiful . Thanks for sharing ! Have a nice weekend and happy val's day !

Susi said...

You are my Miss Sunshine ^^ I gave you an award on my blog!