Thursday, January 20, 2011

Golden Globes 2011

I have been posting about awards ceremonies and red carpet events for awhile now so I thought that I couldn't let the 2011 Golden Globes pass by without some sort of comment. I have noticed that this is a very popular topic for blog posts at the moment. I really enjoyed the fashion at the Golden Globes this year because there were many beautiful dresses. I ended up watching more of the event on television than I normally have in the past. I was so pleased to see Colin Firth win his award. In short, my favourite look was Natalie Portman and my least favourite look was Helena Bonham Carter. Here is my summary of the best and worst looks of the Golden Globes of 2011.

-Natalie Portman's look was classy, stylish and stunning. I adored the gorgeous strapless gown and the pretty pink material, it was the perfect shade. I loved the red detailing and accessories against the pink and the rose feature was so beautiful. I didn't think that red and pink would look so good together but they really worked. The cut and fit of the dress was just right. Her look is my absolute favourite of the event.
-I love nude tones for red carpet events and Dianna Agron's look stood out and impressed me. She looked so beautiful in this elegant and classic dress. I adore the length of the dress (without a train), the strapless style and the fit and shape and the shade against her skin tone and hair colour. Her hair is so incredibly beautiful with those loose curles and her makeup is so pretty.
-Hailee Steinfeld's look was chic, fresh and elegant and very age appropriate at the same time. White is a great colour on her and the hint of colour in the accessories was perfect. Her hair is so gorgeous and looks stunning in the long ponytail. I couldn't believe she is only fourteen because she is far more stylish here than many of those with red carpet experience.

-Scarlett Johansson certainly knew how to dress for this red carpet event. The colour of her dress is beautiful and being a neutral tone it stood out and impressed me. I loved the decorative material and the flowly skirt and pretty butterfly sleeves. The whole look is extremely classic and she looks gorgeous. I also loved her hair which compliemented her look although I overall preferred her lighter hair.
-Mila Kunis demonstrated the popular emerald green which stood out at this year's event. I adore the colour as it is different and very elegant and royal but I didn't like all of the green dresses since there was diversity in the styles. This dress was the right shade of green and I loved the one shoulder detailing and the back of the dress. I have liked Mila Kunis ever since I saw her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
-Lea Michele is usually on my best dressed list for red carpet events. I love the beautiful pink dress and it stood out again the myriad of black, green, red and nude tones. The detailing and ruffles were very pretty and contributed to a girly and fun look. I would have preferred if it was more symmetrical and didn't extend out to the side so much but it was gorgeous nevertheless.

-Olivia Wilde looked gorgeous in this sparkly, statement puffy dress. I love this style of dress and it is also the style I want for my wedding dress so naturally it appealed to me and I was very impressed. The colour change from top to bottom is lovely and everything about this princess dress was truly beautiful.
-My love for nude tones for the red carpet is also apparent by the choice to place Carrie Underwood on the best dressed list. She looked so beautiful, classic and elegant in this dress and I loved the strapless style and the fit. I adored the sparkly clutch which complements the look and I overall like her hairstyle apart from the front part which I'm not so sure about.
-Sarah Hyland looked so stylish in this beautiful decorative and flowy coffee coloured dress. I loved the detailing and decoration and the shape of the dress and the colour is a refreshing change from the popular nude, red, green and black of this year's event. I loved her hairstyle too since it was so elegant and pretty.

-Helena Bonham Carter...oh dear! This outfit is far too extreme, crazy, random and shocking for my liking. It was a mix of so many different styles and a total mess. I absolutely hated the mismatched shoes and in my opinion, it was taking things too far. The outfit would have been improved dramatically if she had worn shoes that were the same colour. I thought this look was so wrong.
- I hated placing Anne Hathaway on the worst dressed list because I usually loved her style and she is one of my favourite actresses but I didn't like this dress at all. I disliked the colour and the long sleeves but I did like the back and it could have been better if it was in a different colour. I didn't like her shape in this dress and I can't even fully explain what I mean, there is just something wrong about it in my opinion.
-Halle Berry looked like she was wearing underwear or sleepwear rather than a red carpet gown and I hated the short and long length combination. I'm not a fan of the shoes either and I just disliked this look in general.

-In my opinion Heidi Klum's outfit looked more like a beach dress rather than a red carpet look. I disliked the colour combination and the split at the front of the dress. I am not a fan of her shoes either.
-This colour is terrible and especially on Emma Stone as it seemed to wash her out. It was too plain and boring and reminded me of an extra long t-shirt which is certainly not dressy enough for a red carpet event. I know there has been a lot of popularity with this dress though but I am not a fan.
-Jennifer Love Hewitt's dress was just boring and a little dated in my opinion. I disliked the colour, shape and the top detailing part of the dress. I didn't like her hairstyle either.

-Catherine Zeta Jones's look has been extremely popular and I don't know anyone that has not liked it. I think she looks stunning and the dress is beautiful with the emerald green colour and the fitted and strapless style. The only issue holding me back from placing her in the best dressed list is the texture of the gown and dare I say there is something about it that reminds me of fake grass?
-Again Eva Longoria's look appears to be extremely popular but I actually didn't like it. A black dress is very chic and classy but I disliked the shape of the dress and the way it flowed into a huge round train at the bottom.
-I overall disliked January Jones's look because it was far too revealing and had cut outs in all the wrong places. I completely hated the top part of the dress. The only part of her look holding me back from placing her in the worst dressed list was the bottom of the dress and the beautiful fringed material. This dress could have been so gorgeous if the top was right. I also adored the vibrant red colour.

So what do you think? I'm sure many of you will have differing opinions, probably with Anne Hathaway I predict. What are your favourite and least favourite looks?

On another note, I need your fashion advice. I recently bought my first playsuit and I am planning to wear it to a party on Saturday. It is plain black and I am wondering which accessories and shoes I should wear with it. I am thinking of either silver or black sparkly ballet flats but if you have other suggestions then please tell me. I also need ideas for accessories especially jewellery.


Nathalia said...

I really liked the post! very good! : D


Bonnie said...

I lovelovelovelovelove you for agreeing with me about Anne Hathaway's dress. I could have sworn that I was the only female not peeing herself over that Armane Prive monstrosity.


Sweet said...

yey!!! we love the same style....love love Anne Hathaway's dress


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I love how back and forth people are about Anne Hathaway's dress. I haven't decided what I think about it.

Panty Buns said...

I too watched the show. In addition to being impressed by how stunning most people looked in those formal and very expensive looking well tailored floor length formal dresses. I was impressed by how ell everyone negotiated the stairs in them. I've never worn a floor length dress myself - only knee length or higher. I agree that Scarlet Johansson's dress was beautiful (and beautifully feminine).

I have to admit that despite feeling a little guilty about it i found myself cracking up with laughter at the jokes and roasting done by Ricky Gervais who was hosting the Golden Globes (see YouTube video).

In response to your recent comment on my blog; Of course you may have the Thank You award, and you may have the Cherished Commenter award as well! (sorry I missed putting your name on that list before - it's in there now). I really loved the beautiful photographs from Alannah Hill you posted back on April 2, 2010. It was after that post that I started following your blog. :-)

Kristin said...

I think your playsuit would look fabulous with gold accessories! And I loooooooove Olivia Wilde's sparkly confection of a gown!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I don't know how I let Sarah Hyland slip past my radar! That dress is STUNNING. :)

Great choices! Of course, I disagree with you on Anne but it is such an unusual dress, I think it really is a love it or hate it style. I liked it because it was a little strange. Hehe.

I agree with you on the others though. I am glad someone else found Eva's dress odd. Everyone keeps raving about it and I always felt strange for disagreeing. :P

Alena said...

thank you! great dresses;)

Sherin said...

Natalie Portman looked amazing with her bump. I really liked the dress. And Carrie Underwood's dress was stunning as well.
Olivia's dress was by far my favourite. She looked like a princess.

Michelle said...

i didnt watch the awards, but your post summed it all up! i love the nude colored dresses so much!

ZANAH said...

I think a black playsuit can be treated like a LBD so it really depends on your style. Since you want to wear it with flats, you can also wear a statement necklace, belt or jewelry.

Mon Mode Blog

Anonymous said...

the golden globes was where ricki gervais said all those lame jokes wasn't it? :S

I love catherine zita jones' dress but i'm not keen on the green. However, the shape and design is GORGEOUS!


Couture Carrie said...

Lovely assessments, darling!
I agree with you on all but January Jones ... love that Versace dress!


janettaylor said...

I love Olivia's dress!


Karen said...

I love Scarlett Johansson dress and Olivia's of course !


Krystal said...

I realllly liked the emerald greens, those were my fave :)

Nathalia said...

Hi, again! I received an award That I Have to choose 10 of my favorite blogs, so I chose this blog as one of my favorites :)
Give a look there! *-*


Taj Acosta said...

Gold accessories! Go bold since you are wearing black! I loved Olivia Wilde's dress!! xo

She is Sara said...

I love Mila and Anne's looks the best!

Hope Adela said...

i love the long emerald green one shoulder dress. i actually like helena bonham carter's look...i've always appreciated her individualistic style =)


jess said...

I love Olivia's dress so much.

Georgie said...

I love Mila Kunis dress and I think Diana Agron could pull anything off she's so pretty! Agree about Emma Stone too, the dress is practically the same colour as her skin :S

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Olivia Wilde looked amazing, as did Natalie Portman and Scarlett. I agree with you about Anne Hathaway, except that I think she usually looks terrible. And increasingly anorexic. But the worst for me had to be January Jones. It kind of pains me to say it because I think she's beautiful and a good actress but seriously? Slutty!

P.S. I like your short new hair!

Fashion Profiles said...

I love how you pointed out the lovely dresses from the ugly ones... I think that was really brilliant... I hope their stylist gets to read this so they'll have an idea on what and what not to wear... =)

Nice post... Well-thought of... =)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous post!

Susann said...

I couldn't agree more :)

Really nice blog, I'm going to follow you!

Audrey Allure said...

Haha, well you know I loved Anne's, Olivia's, Emma's, and Leighton's dresses.

As for your playsuit, well since it's black it can go with almost anything! I'd say wear the black sparkly ballet flats with some gold or bright accessories :)

Missy said...

ah so many fab dresses!

Blending Style, Celebs and Fashion

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