Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hunter Valley Part 1/Outfit

I recently returned from a weekend away in the Hunter Valley. The Hunter Valley is known as the wine country and is a rural area north of Sydney. I have been there once before many years ago but this time I enjoyed it a lot more than that time I visited as a child. I am definitely a city girl so often I don't like visiting the country but this time was totally different. I enjoyed being away from city life and temporarily escaping my life in Sydney. All issues seemed so far away. It's interesting because I think the pictures in this post are representative of the stereotypical image of Australia.

This honestly seemed like the fastest few days of my life and I would have done anything to have stayed in the Hunter Valley for longer. I wish I could be there now. While there we visited some vineyards, attended a new years eve dinner, went swimming, visited the Hunter Valley gardens and Christmas light display and played tennis. I loved playing tennis because up until a few years ago I was a competitive tennis player so I think it will always remain my interest. The weather was insanely hot because the Hunter Valley is more inland than Sydney. It reached 40 degrees on all the days and it was the warmest weather I had felt in almost a year. On our last night there we lay under the stars for a few hours. I have never done that before but it was definitely one of the most enjoyable experiences ever. It was so relaxing and beautiful. On the way home my mother in law took us to visit the chapel in the Hunter Valley gardens as a destination for Rydog's and my wedding. It is a real possibility. I will post some pictures soon so you can tell me what you think.





















Here is a short video I made of the Hunter Valley scenery.


Baśka said...

one of my favourite dresses of yours. red and black together - always stunning and chic :)

www.janetteria.com said...

What a beautiful place! Love Ur dress, btw!


daisychain said...

Please be sending me that dress, gorgeous!

Frock Around the Clock said...

Ahhh you seem to go on the best trips to the prettiest of places! I swear I can feel the heat from the sun through my screen! Happy New Year to you dear! :) x

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

lovely dress! red and navy blue is such a great and classic color combination =)


daywalker said...

Happy New Year :) I've said it before but I love that black and red dress - something about the piping and buttons.
Also I tried to comment on several of your posts late last year but my internet connection kept stuffing up. What I wanted to say is that I can relate to what you said especially about anxiety and about your studies. I love reading your posts and I wish I could just write nice big succinct posts like yours, I always think of good stuff that I should have written later on!!!

ching said...

what an amazing place. and that black and red dress is amazing!

Fivyolen Qiu said...


and your photos is amazing


Kyki said...

Thanks for the comment! :) I wish the scenery at this time of year in Canada was like it is for you! Jealous.

Cute dress!

- kyki xx


Stéphanie said...

You're just ADORABLE !

Couture Carrie said...

Such a gorgeous dress, darling!


Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...

WOW I had to check the location of these photos 3 times! It looks soooo much like Napa Valley that it's incredible!
I absolutely love your dress. So pretty!


Josie said...

You look great! I love the pop of red in that dress.
xo Josie

Leia said...

Your dress is so pretty! Love the location too.


Yerma said...

Love the lace in the hair, so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

oh it looks so beautiful! as do you!

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

Oh, it looks so beautiful there! And possibly the wedding venue? Exciting!

I really like how you did your hair :)

Ariella said...

The scenery looks lovely! And I really like your dress. Navy and red looks great together, I think :)

Style, She Wrote said...

Great dress and wonderful landscape! What beautiful scenery! Hope you had a lovely time. xo style, she wrote

Fashion Court said...

adore this look - you're making me want to travel too! lol ;p

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Oh my gosh that place is GORGEOUS!! The scenery and landscape is so beautiful and surreal. I think it would be a perfect place for a wedding!! And I really enjoyed the video because to appreciate the landscape even more, a panned view was needed. It shows how breathtaking it must be in person. :)

And I remember that dress! One of my faves of yours! xoxo

Giovanna&Roberta said...

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Unknown said...

I lvoe that dress - and the cute matching shoes! I am so jealous of that beautiful scenery and sunshine! Oh to be in the southern hemisphere right now!

V. said...

I adore your dress!! And I like your girlie and cute style, especially taken in this wonderful and natural scenery!
I follow you and I hope you do the same afetr visit my blog.
I hope you like it!
kisses, v


ZANAH said...

Gorgeous weather there !!

Mon Mode Blog

Georgie said...

I agree this does look like the stereotypical picture of Australia, Hunter Valley looks lovely and so jealous of what looks like the amazing heat!!

Sweet said...

wow...breath taking scenery...I love the dress and the touch of red in it...and your shoes are beautiful too...


yiqin; said...

the dress is so chic <3

Unknown said...

i adore that dress!

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